Say Hello to max, a sweet senior dog full of love for everyone he meets!
Max- Greetings Foster Parents! 

BHS is looking for a Foster Parent for Max. Max is a pint sized American Pitbull Terrier mix who came to the shelter as a surrender.

He has been struggling with the shelter environment and needs a quiet home so he can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the shelter site. Max is actually quite affectionate! He loves a soft blanket to curl up on and enjoys being around people.

Other dogs make Max nervous so we’d love to find a place without other animals. Max enjoys toys, playing fetch and walks in calm environments.

Max has been at the shelter for 50 days and he really could use a break while we continue the search for his new home. Please consider fostering Max!
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Butte Humane Society just wouldn't be the same without our volunteers! When you donate your time to Butte Humane Society you are helping to provide the extra love and support our animals need to prepare them for their forever homes.

We are especially looking for:
  • Laundry & Dishes
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Koda's surgery was successful! She had a mammary mass removal, she had a dental cleaning, nine teeth extractions, and had two foxtails removed. Koda's post-surgical recovery looks bright and promising! 

Thank you to everyone who donated to Koda's Second Chance Fund! Because of your contributions we've reached 80% of our 1,000 goal!
Sweet Koda needed a quiet place to recover after surgery. Hear what Koda's foster has to say!

"I call her "Kora." She sleeps a lot. But is becoming much more social with me and even has managed a few tail wags.... She loves to sleep up in the recliner with Rocky and I. And of course, she loves sleeping under the covers on my bed!

For me, Fostering a senior dog is magical.The Senior pet (has) seen some things. They’ve had a life, and you have no idea how great or terrible it was.They know, the difference between their home and the shelter. They understand what love feels like, and unfortunately what lack of love feels like.

They appreciate you in a different way. And to see that light, shining in their eyes, once again, is magic for me."

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We want to make sure your pet is protected, and make sure you as their pet-parent, are educated on which vaccines your pet needs based on their age and lifestyle! In this article we will touch on core vaccines and lifestyle vaccines - each play a vital role in your pets overall health!

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Volunteer Spotlight: Jess & Chloe A.
There is so much to be said about the dynamic mom and daughter duo Jess and Chloe A!

They first began volunteering with BHS in 2017. Their love of cats brought them to begin their volunteer journey at Cat Adoptions. Seeing the need we had for help within our Warehouse assisting with dishes and laundry, they began volunteering there as well.

Since then, Jess has become one of our Mentors at Cats, and also helps lead Shadow Shifts within that department.

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Sweet Success Story! Looking for an underdog story? Get ready for two times the sweetness!
Josh, their new owner says, “Paige and Dash are settling in and becoming more comfortable in their new home everyday. I was so happy the first time I saw them really play...It seemed to click for Paige that she could run around however she likes and get Dash to play chase, who was so happy too!

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