The Sun has Set on 2021,
And We Are Ready to Welcome in the New Year!
We did it! This year Butte Humane Society celebrates its 110th year of helping our community, four paws at a time. We also celebrate the opening of our long-awaited new 25,000-square-foot facility that will become an animal welfare hub for animals, humans and our animal welfare agency partners. You (and people like you) have supported us in our mission of saving lives, finding homes and inspiring compassion for over a century! Since BHS does not receive any state, federal or municipal funding, it is through this continued support and generosity that we have been able to provide superior services to our community for so many years. 

On behalf of all the animals that are saved, rescued, and given a chance to live a
healthy and loving life, our hearts are filled with gratitude and we thank you!
Sweet Success Adoption Story: Cruz
Crus has made his way home!

Crus is fitting right into the family, and couldn't be happier to be where he is loved. For Cruz's new adopter they are happy to keep the name Cruz, and feel that it fits his personality.

Hear what Cruz's new adopter has to say about Cruz! He is more relaxed & cuddly now. He has a lot of personality & he talks back. I have 2 large dogs & he loves playing with his big brothers.

Welcome home, Cruz!

Top Wish List: Doggy Poop Bags
We make it our business to always clean up after their business!

It's every BHS staff members "duty" to the animals to make sure their walking and play are as safe, clean, and as fun to play in, as the first day we opened!

Help us keep our new facility clean by donating doggy bags.

We are open for donation drop offs Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm at our new location on 13391 Garner Lane, Chico, CA 95973.
Have a Green Thumb?
The new facility could use assistance with keeping the grounds clean! If you have a passion for landscaping we could use your skill set!

Sign up to volunteer at
We Need Warehouse Volunteers!
We hope to also find more volunteers to help with general maintenance around the shelter. Who knew saving a life could include laundry and dishes?

Sign up to volunteer at
Join us January 17th to Honor Betty White's Legacy

Betty White once said “you’re never too old for anything”. At 99, Betty, for nearly a century, has been trailblazing as a devoted animal welfare advocate. Betty White’s genuine love of animals was no act. She was a deeply compassionate animal supporter, who fiercely spent a greater portion of her life dedicated to the betterment of animals everywhere. 

Throughout her life she made human friends and furry friends alike. It was once said Betty had 26 dogs over her lifetime. She proudly supported animal shelters, seeing eye dog centers, and wildlife conservation efforts to name just a few. Betty has left behind a legacy of laughter, and a tireless love for animals. 

After her recent passing, and in celebration of her upcoming 100th birthday; let’s honor her legacy together, by taking part in January 17th’s new social media challenge, the #BettyWhiteChallenge. 

Animals lovers are encouraged to donate in her honor to continue the work she started years ago. We can’t say how grateful we are for Betty’s caring heart that openly included so many! Thank you Betty White!

On January 17th, please consider making a $5 donation or more to an animal advocacy group of your choice. You can make a donation online at
Welcome! After 110 years, Butte Humane Society finally has our own "forever home" and we want to share it with you!

Every Monday, we will be giving tours of our facility so that you can see firsthand the programs and services of BHS - and of course, all of our wonderful animals. Tours are limited to 8 participants.

We can accommodate larger groups, but special arrangements must be made by contacting Pick a date, sign up and we will see you SOON!
Thank You to Our Sponsors!