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Headmaster's Honor Roll

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SAIS Survey Information

Dear Parents,
We are conducting a brief survey that will take approximately eight minutes of your time to complete.  Your participation in this survey will yield meaningful results about our school's values and performance.  It is very important that you respond.  The survey is being conducted through a third party,  SAIS (our independent school accrediting agency) and you will receive a link to the survey via email on February 26, 2018. The subject line will be "An invitation from St. Luke's Episcopal School" and it will come from  surveys@sais.org as the sender.  
*Please add  surveys@sais.org to your email contacts to avoid having the message go to your spam folder.
The survey is being sent to ONE email per household. Be sure to check your email to see which parent has received this survey. *If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam folder. Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.
Best Regards,
Mike Notaro
St. Luke's &

zSpace is changing interactive learning! Our faculty, students, parents and board members had the opportunity to try out this new technology. St. Luke's is going to be the 1st school in Mobile County to introduce this interactive technology 
into the classroom. 

WKRG news 5 and Fox10 News were on the University campus promoting our school!


 zSpace provides experiences and the medium to support instruction and students' learning and curiosity. Students learn by asking questions, gathering information, developing models, testing ideas, analyzing data, and developing conclusions. Teachers facilitate learning by setting up tools and resources that help students through the lesson.

Middle School Parents:  Mark your calendars!!

Middle School Trip/Exams/End of Year Schedule

6th Grade:
Trip leaves April 8th, returns late April 11th (no classes Thurs.12th)
Miss classes due to trip:  April 9- 12. (M-TH)
Return to school Friday, 13th
            Exams: May 22, 23, 24 ( Like Upper School)

7/8th Grade:
Trips leave Sunday, May 20.
7th Grades returns Friday, 5/25;
8th Grade returns Saturday, 5/26
EXAMS are EARLY, May 16, 17, 18. (Wed, Thurs, Friday)
Last day of school May 18th for grades 7 and 8
Archery Tournament

Congratulations to St. Luke's Elementary archery team for placing 3rd place out of 9 teams at the Phillips archery tournament with a team score of 2762 points. 

The top 12 scorers for St. Luke's Elementary team were:
     3.  SOPHIA LIN-----241
     4.  MAC BOONE-----239
     5.  ANFISA FRASENYAK-----239
     6.  MADELYN AUDIA-----239
     7.  MURRAY GOODMAN-----234
     8.  DANIEL NEWMAN-----228
     9.  SHELBY STEVENS-----221
     10.  ARIANNA ORI-----211
     11.  WILLIAM MCDONOUGH-----211
     12.  DEAN CHASTAIN-----209

  • The MIDDLE SCHOOL team placed 6th with a team score of 2953.
  • Daniel also won an individual medal by placing 3rd over-all in the male middle school division.  Congratulations Daniel!
  • The HIGH SCHOOL team placed 4th with a team score of 3012.  
  • ALLI KANGAL WAS THE TOP SLES SCORER WITH 278 POINTS. Alli also won an individual medal by placing 1st over-all in the female high school division. Congrats Alli!
  • COLLIN BRYANT WAS THE TOP MALE SLES SCORER WITH 277 POINTS.  Collin missed out on an individual medal by one point, placing 4th over-all in the male high school division.  Great job Collin!


Lights are up!!

No, it's not a UFO...  It's one of the field lights. And our girls soccer team played the first NIGHT game against St. Paul's. Boys played Hillcrest. It was a great night!

Thank you to all who have contributed to The Game Changer Campaign and helped get us this far. 

But we aren't finished...
 We need you to help us get bleachers and a press box to meet AHSAA requirements to play football in the fall.

Give today:
League of Creative Kindness (L.O.C.K.)

The Middle and High school students of St.Luke's Episcopal School wanted to show their love and support for the Parkland Florida survivors by sitting outside during lunch, as a group.
These students also wanted to honor the girls and boys who lost their lives during this terrible shooting. The students encourage the survivors and are saying, "Be strong!".

"A lot of people were afraid to speak up and take a stand for what they believe in. I thought that since the parkland survivors  were brave and bold enough to voice their opinions then we should be able to as well. I figured that they are going through a tough time and they should have people who support them. 
The goal of this was to not advocate or disapprove of gun control but just to show that we care for them not just 
support  their reform ideas."

--Rush Watson, 8th grade

Chess-nuts Spotlight                

Shubh Patel:  8th grade
How long at SLS: 8 yrs.
Favorite subject: History
Favorite snack: 
Peanut butter & Jelly
Has played Chess for 1 yr.
What do you like best about Chess? 
(A) Losing to Mathew

Matthew Knotts: 8th grade
How long at SLS: 10 yrs. 
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite snack: Hamburgers
Has played Chess for 6 months
What  do you like best about Chess? 
(A) Winning against Shubh!

Ryan Knotts: 6th grade
How long at SLS: 9 yrs. 
Favorite Subject: History
Favorite snack: BBQ Chips
Has played Chess for 1 yr. 
What do you like best about Chess? 
(A) Making strategies and winning the game.

Kitty Lullaby

This was composed by a second grade student. She recited it, by memory, in Ms. Dana Thompson's music class. 

YDL Announcements:
  • YDL soccer season kicks off this Saturday at Sage Park. We will have 5 teams playing in grades 3-6. Come out from 8am-Noon and support the Wildcats. 
  • YDL Track will be looking to continue their domination of the youth Mobile County Track scene in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for times and dates. 
  • We wrapped up the YDL Basketball season recently. All the teams had a great season. We have eight 6th grade boys and nine 6th Grade girls ready to move up next year and compete with the older students.
  • Kiddie Cat (K3/K4, K5) T-Ball registration 2/28-3/12.
In the track meet on 2/22 we had several students 
win their individual events !

800 meter
Emily Miles 

Shot Put
Cammie Waite

400 meters
Garrett Dolbear 

800 meters
Garrett Dolbear 

Long Jump
Tyree Durgin 

Shot Put 
Brody Hale 

Both teams did very well and had several top 5 finishes. 
Way to go Wildcats!

If you have any questions you may contact Steven Waite at   swaite@stlukesmobile.com or 251-533-2510 .  

ATTENTION ALUMNI...We want to brag on you!

We are hearing great success stories through the grapevine and want to share your news with everyone. We are planning to distribute an alumni newsletter to our alumni, alumni parents, current students and parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, Board of Trustees, etc. this spring. Please send us information and photos!

We are looking for:   
  • Academic awards or honors you received for this past semester at the collegiate level including:  Dean's List, Academic Distinction, Graduation with Academic Distinction (Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude or Cum Laude), Graduation with Honors, etc... (and remember to let us know which college or university). 
  • Employment information (new job, occupational awards and promotions, etc)
  • Personal Information including moves, marriages, children, etc.

Be sure to send us your contact info as well so that you can add you to the distribution list.

ATTENTION ALUMNI PARENTS...YOU can send us any information you have regarding your SLES graduate too!
Give us your feedback! 

We have rolled out new styles of communication since the beginning of the school year. We would like to hear from you regarding Next Week at a Glance, Paw Prints, social media, and the St. Luke's website. 

Please email us your feed back.


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