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Dear parents,

How fortunate we are that we rarely have to discipline a student for making a wrong choice.  Please know that if and when this does occur, a team of Administrators will always investigate and do our due diligence before determining if disciplinary action is necessary. As usual, we will always do everything possible to maintain the culture expected at St. Luke's.  It is absolutely important that the St. Luke's family trusts that their school is normally aware of most situations and are quickly taking action when needed.  Remember, rumor and gossip is the number one obstacle we face in schools today. These two poor habits undermine much of what we are trying to accomplish. It makes it very difficult to know what to believe.

Also, it is with the most deepest regret that I tell you Coach Kantonio Davis will be leaving St. Luke's at the conclusion of this academic year.  Coach Davis's wife has accepted a job in Chattanooga, Tennessee with Blue Cross and Blue Shield and he will be joining her there at the end of the year.  He informed his team this past Tuesday. This is a very large loss for our school and he will be sorely missed. We will begin a search immediately.

Please be aware that we are continuing to assess our emergency procedures, including lockdown and securing our campuses throughout the day. We have had a number of professionals walk both campuses to offer suggestions for improvement. We are still collecting their reports to see how we can best implement them. We will keep you as informed as possible based off what we are allowed to share.

The 2018-2019 academic calendar is attached. As I explained during the State of the School meeting in January, this year's calendar is unique. We will have an earlier start date (August 9th and 10th, half days) which will allow for an extended Christmas break. We also have a late Mardi Gras holiday and a late Spring Break. You can find a copy of the calendar on our website.

As we return to school on Monday, we will begin the last quarter of the year. Be prepared as it will go by faster than you can imagine. As always, thank you for your support.
Academic Calendar 2018-2019

Academic Calendar
Middle School Parent Information 

St. Luke's is proud to promote one of our longest standing teachers !

2018 National Honor Society Inductees:

Lauren Bailey
Winter Bragg
Suzie Dixon
Hannah Ellison
Bailey Fisher
Michaela Holt
Caroline Humphrey
Alli Kangal
Parker McPhail
Hannah Parker
Cayla Seelhorst
Hunter Tyon

We are so proud of our students.
Go Wildcats!
St. Luke's Annual BioMedical Health Science
Blood Drive

The need for  blood  is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and most of us will need  blood  in our lifetime.

Please come and donate blood - Help us reach our goal.
Remember - one pint can save three lives!

Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Where: 1400 University Blvd South, Mobile, AL, 36609
Room: Library
Time: 12:00pm - 6:30pm
Coordinators: Michele Hamilton and Monica Cotton

*For more information follow the link below: 

Go Wildcats!

We are excited to tell you about a new AmazonSmile promotion that will launch soon. Amazon is tripling the donation amount to 1.5% when customers make their first eligible purchase from March 12th - 31st. This is a great opportunity to increase St. Luke's AmazonSmile donations! 

Please shop at,
from March 12th -31st, for 3x the impact! 

Go to and help Amazon donate to St. Luke's Episcopal School.

Go Wildcats!!
Soccer Announcement!

 Our Soccer teams are playing Cottage Hill Christian Academy at HOME,
Tuesday night 3/13.

Varsity girls play at 5:30pm and
Varsity boys at 7:30pm. 
Please come out and support our athletes!! 

Go Wildcats!
Chess-nuts Spotlight                

Joshua Green:   6th grade
How long at SLS: 6 months
Favorite subject: Science
Favorite snack: Tacos
Has played Chess for 1 yr.
What do you like best about Chess? 
(A) The fact that the Queen is the best chess piece and the King is the worst. 

Rush Watson:  8th grade
How long at SLS: 1 yr.
Favorite subject: Spanish
Favorite snack: Asian Lo Mein
Has played Chess for 2.5 yrs.
What do you like best about Chess? 
(A) The challenge of outwitting the opponent.

Marco Williams: 8th grade
How long at SLS: 11 yrs. 
Favorite subject: Science
Favorite snack: Pizza
Has played Chess for 2 yr.
What do you like best about Chess? 
(A) How playing chess improves mental strength.

Cash Bash is almost upon us and someone is going to win A LOT of money! 

Join us for the fun on April 21st at the newly renovated gym on the Japonica Campus.  Once again this year it is super easy to purchase tickets, either fill out the order form and return it with your payment to either Mrs. Sandy on the Lower Campus or to Student Services on the Upper Campus.

You can also purchase online via Smart Tuition,
just click on this link:

*Feel free to share the link, you don't have to be a Smart Tuition
user to buy, it is open to anyone!*
Remember tickets are very limited this year, and this without a doubt is going to be the best Cash Bash yet...

As we did last year the classroom, on the lower campus, that sells the most tickets receives a PIZZA PARTY and the teacher of that class will win a SPA Day! For every ticket you purchase or that is purchased through you (for yourself, family, friends, coworkers, etc). ALL of your Japonica Campus students will get credit (please make sure that the students name is one the order form). For example, if you have 2 students and you buy a ticket, grandparents purchase one ticket and a co-worker buys a ticket, both of your children will get credit for 3 tickets sold.
Likewise for the upper campus students, those who are involved in the sale of a ticket will receive an out of uniform day!  
Remember, your ticket not only enters you into the Draw Down, but it provides admission for 2 to the Cash adult evening of food, fun, and friendship.  Information will be coming home on a regular basis....but be sure to put the date on your calendar and help us spread the word.


All proceeds benefit St. Luke's! 

Archery Tournament 2018


Congratulations to St. Luke's Elementary archery team for placing 3rd place out of 9 teams at the Southwest Regionals held at Alma Bryant High School.  It went down to the wire with the Elementary team pulling out 3rd place by only 4 points. Their team score was 2859, which is the highest that they have scored all year.  Hopefully it will be enough to get invited to State! The top 12 shooters on the Elementary team that made up the team score for St. Luke's were:

  1. MADELYN AUDIA--------------------------259
  2. CHRISTOPHER CRAWLEY----------------251
  3. KATHRYN HAMILTON--------------------242
  4. DEAN CHASTAIN-------------------------- 238
  5. ZANE WEST--------------------------------- 238
  6. SHELBY STEVENS--------------------------237
  7. MURRAY GOODMAN----------------------236
  8. ANFISA FRASENYAK----------------------236
  9. MEGAN MCDONOUGH-------------------235
  10. SOPHIE BITZER----------------------------232
  11. EMMA TRAMMELL------------------------229
  12. SOPHIA LIN---------------------------------226    

The Middle School team placed 6th with at team score of 2956 points.
Top shooter for St. Luke's Middle School team was CONNOR FERGUSON with 268 points.

Top female shooter for St. Luke's Middle was AUDREY SMITH
with 241 points.

The High School team placed 4th with a team score of 3030 points.
Top shooter for St. Luke's High School team was ALLI KANGAL with 287 points.  Alli also won an individual medal by placing 2nd place overall in the high school female division.  Alli missed 1st place by one point. Congrats to you Alli for a job well done.
The top male shooter for St. Luke's High School team was COLLIN BRYANT with 271 points.  


Connor Ferguson has qualified for the State Geography Bee which will be held in Birmingham in April.

We are so excited to have Connor 
represent St. Luke's. 

Go Wildcats!!

Yellowhammer Coffee is returning to St. Luke's!
Friday, March 23rd

The "coffee caboose" will be set up in the front drive on the University campus. Be on the lookout for more information, as the date gets closer. 

Start your Friday morning off right with some of Mobile's best coffee!
Spring Festival t-shirt order forms are now available. This form  MUST  be printed and
turned in.

*All orders are due March 28, 2018* 

Visit our website to make an online purchase today!

YDL Announcements:

The following are details regarding the last seasons of the school year for Kiddie Cats and CUBS:
  • We currently have (10) K5 registered - enough for only 2 teams, and only (4) K3/K4 registered - we need more players or will be unable to form teams. 
Please note registration cannot be extended. ABSOLUTE DEADLINE is Monday, March 12, 11:59PM.


Practice and games are on Sundays on Japonica athletic field. Teams are co-ed and will be divided into two groups - K3 / K4 teams, and K5 (only) teams. Due to time/registration time frame between KC Basketball and T-ball this year, players will not receive uniform shirts until possibly 2nd practice date. Parent volunteers are needed to coach. 

Practice Only - 3/18 and 3/25 (play clothes)
OFF Spring Break - 3/30-4/9
Games - 4/15, 4/22, 4/29, 5/6 
Picture day TBA

Practice once per week, determined by coach. Teams are co-ed.
Games are played Thursdays at  5:30 on Japonica athletic field. Due to down time/registration time frame between CUBS basketball and soccer this year, participants will not receive uniform shirts until possibly the 2nd game. Parent volunteers are needed to coach.
Games - 3/22, 3/29, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3
OFF Spring Break - 3/30-4/8
Picture day TBA.

If you have any questions you may contact Steven Waite at or 251-533-2510 .  

Give us your feedback! 

We have rolled out new styles of communication since the beginning of the school year. We would like to hear from you regarding Next Week at a Glance, Paw Prints, social media, and the St. Luke's website. 

Please email us your feed back.

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