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Letter from the Headmaster

As I normally do at this time of the year, I look back at letters I have written in previous years that pertain to Christmas and our school community.  I found that in each instance, I made a very special point to let parents and faculty know how much we appreciate their commitment to St. Luke's.  As you may know, I close assemblies on Friday mornings requesting our students to "find some time this weekend to let your mom and dad know how much you appreciate and love them."

I would very much like to sing the praises of some other individuals whom we may not say "thank you" to nearly as often as we should...our sons and daughters, those, that around here, we call "students."

Fact is, if not for our students, we would not be here.
Our student culture here at St. Luke's is that of academic desire and respect of core values.  I see these ideals on a regular basis from Kindergarten to Senior students listening, studying, or respecting others.  We do not have to "ride herd" as some of my colleagues tell me goes on at their so-called institutions of learning.  I know we all will make a special effort to thank our students, sons and daughters alike, who truly try to uphold and live those values. 

This Christmas season, while many of us celebrate the birth of Christ and other faiths celebrate their traditions, we can also celebrate the gifts that our students have given us as they show they are living the values we teach.  During this time of the year, we take time to reflect on life and the blessings we enjoy.  As you read the link below, we trust you will be blessed by the recent accomplishments that have occurred at St. Luke's.
We are thankful for a St. Luke's that brings out the best in our students.

I know you and I will find just the right time during this Holiday season to let your children "know how much you appreciate and love them!"

Blessings to all,

Snow on our Beautiful Japonica Campus

Snow in Mobile.... what a treat!

From the College Counselor!
  • Our seniors have submitted a total of 137 applications
  • We have 76 acceptances, 0 rejections, 61 pending
  • 100% apply/admit ratio
  • $2,170,536 in scholarships awarded so far ($47,186 average per student)
        The countdown to graduation has begun!

It's that time of year again! The holidays are approaching and you will be busy shopping for gifts, decorations, and more. By shopping at, St. Luke's can increase its AmazonSmile donations. 

Shop for everyone on your gift list this holiday at: 

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Congratulations to our 
Football Team
for an incredible season!!

These young men worked hard all season and achieved the best Football record, in the history of our program. 

They have brought the St. Luke's Football Program into the 
forefront of 2A Football. 

At the end of the Scholar's Bowl season, both Varsity and JV finished with a record of 11-4. The following students received awards:

William Brandyburg
Mobile County Scholar's Bowl MVP (Varsity)
St. Luke's Top Scorer (Varsity)

Zach Haataja
Mobile County Scholar's Bowl MVP (Junior Varsity)
St. Luke's Top Scorer (Junior Varsity)

We are so proud of these young men!

 Biomedical Health Science II

The 11th grade, Biomedical Health Science II students have been spending time with the 3rd grade students to educate them about the five food groups.  The discussions about nutrition  emphasized the importance of eating a healthy diet while making smart food choices.  In addition to the presentation and discussion, the third grade students were encouraged to sample a variety of foods from the day's lesson. 

Many of them were surprised by what they 
tried and actually liked!

League of Creative Kindness (L.O.C.K)

Middle school LOCK members have painted and hidden a little over 50 rocks at the University Campus.   These "LOCK rocks" have fun designs or messages of encouragement and are sure to bring a smile to the lucky students who find one.  

When students find a rock, they are encouraged to hide it in a different location on University so that the fun keeps spreading.

Spelling Bee

The following students participated in the spelling bee:

4th grade Maddie Banks & Rishi Gupta
5th grade Zane West, Andrew Thomas
6th grade Jacob Grandquest, Olivia Howard
7th grade Kara Host, Elise Chastain, & Alex Scott
8th grade Hailey Bryant, Kate Eden, & Connor Ferguson.

Winner Connor Ferguson received 
$200 for 1st place

Runner up Rishi Gupta received $100

Conner will be Representing St. Luke's in the Mobile County Spelling Bee.
Way to go Connor!!
 Key Club

Over the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd, the Key Club helped decorate trees all around Women's and Children's Hospital.

St. Luke's students are bringing joy and love to our community!

~Merry Christmas~
A Christmas Carol 

After reading the play and novel with Mrs. Matthews, seventh grade students were fortunate to be able to watch their fellow classmate Virginia Grace Merrick perform in the dramatic presentation of A Christmas Carol by Playhouse in the Park at the Saenger Theatre. 

The 7th grade was able to see how artistic license allows directors of a play to bring the characters to life in ways that readers may not have imagined and how a play and novel may vary. It was a fantastic way to wrap up their studies and get into the Christmas spirit!

Book Report D ioramas

The 5th graders had a ball creating dioramas for their second quarter book report. They had to read a chapter book, write a report, and recreate the setting of a story by making a diorama. The fabulous fifth graders are very creative!!! 

The dioramas are currently on display until Christmas in the Japonica library. 

Archery Tournament

Congratulations to the Upper School Archery team for placing 2nd place in the Brietling Tournament with a team score of 2957. 

The Middle School team placed 5th with 2900 points ad the Elementary school team place 3rd with 2728 points. 

*Top 12 shooters for the High School team were:

1. Nolan Baxter---------- 276
2. Alli Kangal------------ 272
3. Collin Bryant--------- 264
4. Taylor Smith--------- 264
5. Will Wallace---------- 260
6. Adrian Williams------ 243
7. Jared Burnham------- 239
8. Madison Hoke-------- 235
9. Brianna White-------- 228
10. Ben Li----------------- 227
11. John St. Cyr---------- 225
12. Sarah St. Cyr--------- 224

  • Top Male shooter for the Middle School team was:
    onnor Ferguson---- 265
  • Top Female shooter for the Middle School team was: Reagan Warner---- 242

Above are all SLES students!  
Lower school wears the black shirt, upper the red.  

Congratulations to the Elementary Archery team for placing 3rd place out of six teams at the Brietling tournament with a total score of 2728 out of a possible 3600 points!

For those of you new to archery, the team score is calculated by adding up the top 12 individual scores on each team. Of these top 12 individual scores, at least four MUST be of the opposite gender. The maximum points that can be scored by each individual archer is 300 points. 

*The top 12 scorers for the Brietling tournament for the Elementary team were:

1. Murray Goodman------- 260
2. Zane West--------------- 243
3. Christopher Crawley---- 242
4. Megan McDonough----- 239
5. Matthew Pearce---------- 230
6. Shelby Stevens----------- 227
7. Sophia Lin---------------- 227
8. Madelyn Audia---------- 217
9. Rowan Yeager----------- 216
10. Kathryn Hamilton----- 215
11. Dean Chestain---------- 207
12. AndrewThomas-------- 205

Way to go Archers!

The Game Changer  is  the  name of  the  campaign that has been launched to update and improve our facilities. Both campuses, and ALL students, will benefit from  the  new enhancements.  The  timing and scope of this project have been carefully planned and approved by our Board of Trustees. 

Check out The Game Changer Video!

Colonial Christmas

The 2017 Colonial Christmas was a great success!
The 3rd grade class sang beautifully and their costumes were adorable! 

The traditions we have at St. Luke's really do bring everyone together. 

YDL Announcements:

  • KC and CUBS basketball season begins in January. 
  • YDL (3-6) Soccer registration is open Sat, Dec 9th - Tues., Jan 16th. Practice will begin after registration closes and teams have been notified. Saturday games begin Feb 3rd - March 24th.
  • YDL (3-6) Track registration is open Sat, Dec 9th - Tues., Jan 16th. Practice beginsJanuary 16, 2018 on the University campus. Meet schedule TBA.

The annual fund is the single most important fundraiser of the year.

 Thank you to all who have already given. To everyone else, please consider making a gift now or a pledge to be paid by June 1st .


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