Please Join Us for the 10th Annual Wine, Wags & Whiskers
Friday ~ May 11, 2018
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Renaissance North Hotel, Carmel

The evening features delicious hors d'oeuvres and tempting sweets, a silent auction filled with unique "experience" packages and more...
live music by American Jazz harpist, Jan Aldridge-Clark , and equally tempting adoptable animals who'll steal your heart.

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Foster Homes Urgently Needed

May & June may bring showers and flowers, but it also brings an increase in animals--especially kittens.  We depend on our Foster Home Network to not only alleviate our challenges with limited space, but foster homes are the only peaceful place for our injured or ill animals toheal. We also rely on our fosters to give dogs and cats a break from the shelter when depression sets in.

Some animals fair better than others in the shelter environment.  The daily bombardment of stressors--noise, strangers and the lack of space, light and exercise areas--begins to break them down no matter how much we love and care for them.  When that happens--finding a foster who will open their heart and home may mean the difference between life and death. 

In fact, we would not have achieved our no-kill goal without foster homes.  Foster homes save lives.  Countless animals would not have received the opportunity to complete someones family had it not been for the support of our foster network.  But with the growing number of senior animals in our care--who often need more medical attention and succumb quickly to stress-- we are in desperate need of more foster homes. 

We currently have a waiting list of old souls and broken babies waiting for someone to give them a place to heal and renewed hope.

How Fostering Works
  • Fill out an online application
  • Depending on the types of animals you've expressed an interest in fostering, we will contact you as those needs arise.
  • Depending on the animal and your living situation, we may require a "meet & greet" with your family and pet(s) to ensure compatibility.
  • HSHC will cover 100% of all medical care/expense for injured or sick animals
  • HSHC will cover 100% of the supplies needed to foster an animal if the foster requests that support.  We do, however, greatly appreciate fosters who will provide kitty litter, kitten formula, food, etc., to help off-set our cost.
  • Fosters who do fund the basic needs of their foster animals up to and including grooming and medical care, may CLAIM THOSE EXPENSES AS A TAX DEDUCTION!
  • Our Foster Coordinator and Behavior & Training Manager are available to offer support and guidance as needed--you're never alone!
  • Length of time an animal needs to be fostered depends on the animal and situation.  See the list of needs below.

Animals Who Need You the Most
  • Those recovering from a serious injury or illness (including dogs who need to be treated for heart worm disease, a non-contagious disease that is life threatening if left
  • Senior pets or long-time residents who are depressed
  • Dogs who need socialization and training/behavior work--these are often frightened puppies and dogs that have been under-socialized, neglected, or need a seasoned dog owner to help them find their courage and inner-good dog
  • Severely abused dogs with behavior challenges who are going through rehabilitation/behavior modification (Fosters who work with these dogs must go through a special training program first)
  • Motherless kittens who require bottle feeding (we offer a bottle feeding/kitten care class for our fosters)
  • Pregnant cats and dogs
  • "Forever Fosters" are currently a small group of selfless individuals with remarkable hearts that offer end-of-life care and love to super seniors.  These animals typically have an untreatable illness for which we expect they'll have a shortened life-span--but at present--are happy and enjoying life with palliative care. Forever Fosters receive continued support from HSHC for medical care as needed until the passing of the pet.  We are in urgent need of more Forever Foster Homes.
If you are interested in becoming a part of the HSHC Foster Network, please fill out a

If you are interested in sponsoring our Foster Program, please contact me at the email address below. We currently have no sponsor for this program which is 100% funded by donations and our fundraising initiatives.  We have a fantastic opportunity awaiting the business who partners with us on saving these precious lives.

As always, we thank you for supporting our life-saving efforts. 

With gratitude,
Rebecca Stevens

Tails From Home
Tails from Home
Zoey's Happily Ever After
"One day I received an email from Hamilton Co. Humane Society and there she was - my little Zoey.  She was so skinny and so scared I knew I had to go adopt her.  I couldn't get there fast enough.  When I got there I asked about Zoey and the wonderful staff knew who I was asking about.  There she was shaking and scared to death.  I asked if I could have some time with her so I visited with her in one of the meeting rooms. 

I fell in love immediately and I just wanted to take her home and let her know not to be afraid anymore. The next day I brought her potential new family to meet her and all went great so Zoey was on her way to her new home.  She came from a puppy mill and had been in a cage with 16 other dogs.  It was so crowded in the cage that her front shoulders were pushed forward.  Zoey had never been in grass before so she was petrified when I set her down in my backyard.  
Well, long story short, even though she is a senior girl who can't hear, she can keep up with her brother and sisters, no problem!!  They love her and she loves them and I love them all!"

Love, Zoey's Mom

We want to hear your happy adoption tails. 
Paws of the Month
Meet Miss Sophie
Miss Sophie has had quite a tumultuous life in her short three years. She has been shuffled between four different homes before coming to the Humane Society for Hamilton County. 
She is a very active pup, so a family that is up for walks, play time, and exercise time outdoors would be an amazing home for her. 

Miss Sophie is definitely a "people" dog. She thinks laps are the best place to sit, and snuggles are mandatory. She loves long walks and playtime - especially "fetch."

Miss Sophie has lots of love to give but would prefer a home without cats and with kids around 10 years old or older due to her size and energy. She has lived with other dogs and has done well, but it's all a matter of chemistry; a meet and greet with all dogs (and humans) in the family is always required. 

Miss Sophie is one of our longest standing canine residents.  Come visit her--we promise you'll fall in love.  Plus, her adoption fee is only $15 in May thanks to our Black & White Adoption Special! 

Meet Keller
Keller just celebrated his 1 year anniversary of being homeless.  This incredibly handsome, 7 year old is distinguished and independent, intelligent and wise. His bright green eyes are stunning against his gray coat. It's not surprising we consider him to be HSHC's Most Eligible Bachelor. 
While Keller is not one to lounge in your lap, he is attentive and enjoys being petted. He will listen to the details of your work day and share your personal space as long as you're not too needy in the relationship.  
Please come meet this gorgeous man today so the next anniversary he celebrates is with you.  
Special Recognition
Volunteer of the Month
Pat Bottorff 

Pat Bottorff has been a volunteer with HSHC since 2015 and has logged over 1795 hours of service.  She is a dog walker and transports dogs to and from daycare more than once a week.  Whenever we are short staffed, she is one of the first to  volunteer  to help with feeding.    Thank you for all that you do for  HSHC  and the animals in our care!
Thank you for everything that you do for HSHC and the animals in our care, Pat!
Interested in Volunteering? 

Employee of the Month
Megan Bousley

Megan Bousley is the Marketing Communications Specialist responsible for managing social media, grant writing, graphic design, e-communications and serves as HSHC's TV personality. 

Megan is a multi-tasking rock star who, even with her enormous work-load, still manages to help her team whenever needed.  She infuses our days with her creativity and smile.   We are so proud of her accomplishments and feel incredibly lucky to have her on our team.