Summer 2020
From the Desk of the Superintendent

It has been a challenging year, but not surprisingly the Pawling Community has come together and surmounted the challenges with grace and passion.

Our community has supported our students by endorsing our educational investment plan, the 2020-2021 PCSD Budget. We are grateful to all those, including community, staff, and Board members, who helped to encourage participation in the voting process. We are also grateful to our District Clerk, Mrs. Generoso, for managing a complex process with expert care.

It is with fond regret that we thank our retiring Board of Education members, Carollynn Costella and Inga Garbarino. Both of these women have served our community with passion and wisdom. Mrs. Garbarino concludes six years of service, including as an active member of the District Professional Development Plan Team and as Board Vice-President. Ms. Costella concludes three years of service, including as an active Policy Committee member. We will miss them both.

At the same time, it is our pleasure to welcome newly elected Board of Education members, Preeti Govindarajan and Marie Phelan Vedder. School Board service is an altruistic act of commitment to public education. We thank Mrs. Govindarajan and Ms. Vedder for their willingness to join our Governance Team.

On a similarly bittersweet note, we congratulate our Pawling High School Graduates of 2020. Our Pawling and PCSD community has embraced the celebration of this very special class with the usual outpouring of generous scholarships, totalling $99,722, and the completely novel caravan of gifts, tribute videos, personalized photographs on the village green, a drive-in movie complete with Pawling's own international star--James Earl Jones--and finally a lovely outdoor diploma ceremony. We are pretty sure the students will not forget any of it, nor will we forget them as we wish them every success in their future.

Kim Fontana, Superintendent of Schools
Focus on Learning
End-of-Year Celebration Honors Students, Tenured Teachers and Retirees
Many members of the Pawling community were celebrated at the most recent board of education meeting. To view this year’s Top Ten Students, Tenure Recipients and Retirees CLICK HERE.

More than a dozen members of the Pawling community are retiring. Together they have served Pawling for 274 years.

We thank everyone listed for their dedicated service and wish them well in their endeavors:

Lisa Anderson, custodian
Nancy Charlabakis, senior typist
Randy Ferris, groundskeeper
Ron Hollywood, custodial worker
Mary Jacques, special education teacher
Peter Jacques, physical education teacher
Carol King, home economics teacher
Terie Konchan, speech language pathologist
Louie Mazella, custodian
Sue McGowan, teacher aide
Pat O'Neil, groundskeeper/maintenance mechanic
Hernan Rodriguez (already enjoying retirement), custodian
Annie Rowe (already enjoying retirement), custodian
Neysa Sensenig, assistant superintendent for finance.

Terrific Tigers
Virtual Learning Showcases Student Talents
Students shared their virtual learning in a number of ways over the past several months. Links to everything from science research presentations to art displayed in a virtual gallery by students from all our schools are included in the links below. Congratulations to all the contributors.
Fourth graders expressed their answers to the question “What legacy do you want to leave behind?” in art form for this classwide project.

CLICK HERE to view the Fourth Grade Legacy Art Project

Students at every grade level created art which is shared in this virtual gallery. There is also a virtual wing where viewers can enjoy film presentations from students ranging from silent film to mini documentaries.

CLICK HERE to view the Virtual Art and Film Gallery
Listen to students in grades five through eight perform the Alma mater both on instruments and in chorus.

CLICK HERE to view the Learning Celebration Music
What was the best part of the year for students in fifth grade? Being in the school play, reaching a high note in band, spending time with friends, completing a project on animal rights were just some of the answers to that question. Click below to see these and other presentations on the best part of the year.

CLICK HERE to view the #BestPartofMyYear Fifth Grade Learning Celebrations
Sixth graders highlighted everything from studying ancient Greece, to making videos about the pandemic and lockdown, to mastering new math skills as the best part of their year. To see their slideshows, click below.

CLICK HERE to view the #BestPartofMyYear Sixth Grade Learning Celebrations
Learning how to express an opinion using evidence, rather than emotion. Finding poetry as an outlet for expression. Reaching out to other students in need. Developing a voice in writing. These were some of the things that seventh graders presented as the best part of their year. To see their reflections firsthand, click below.

CLICK HERE to view the #BestPartofMyYear Seventh Grade Learning Celebrations
At a time when the world is facing a global pandemic and our society is wrestling with issues of inequity, Pawling High School students explored civic engagement. Students looked at issues ranging from racial inequity to mental illness to the nature of heroism. They explored history, documented what they saw around them, and analyzed multiple points of view. They shared their results through websites, videos and mini-newspapers and poetry.

CLICK HERE to view the Civic Engagement Showcase
High school students share their science research presentations on topics ranging from Alzheimer’s Disease to Wind Turbines.

CLICK HERE to view the Science Research
Celebrating the Class of 2020
The Class of 2020 had a number of celebrations to mark its most unusual transition from Pawling High School. A feature film, shared at the Four Brothers Drive-in Graduation in mid-June, was directed by Brian Ostyn and produced by Helen Callan. Assistant directors included Steve Malone and Gillian Rinaldo. It even included a surprise message from longtime Pawling resident and award-winning actor, James Earl Jones. The final cut of the film will be available later this summer.

Fifty-five scholarships were awarded to members of the Class of 2020. CLICK HERE to view all the recipients.

CLICK HERE to view Pawling High School's Commencement Ceremony.
Pawling High School’s Virtual Awards
Students were honored in a virtual award ceremony for their many accomplishments in the classroom. You can view the many honorees here.

Honor rolls recipients were also named for the first three marking periods:
Bai, Michael
Brennan, Pierce
Buechel, Samantha
Clark, Joshua Gordon Pearsall
Clisby, Allison
Dazi, Caitlin
DeGennaro, Kelly
DelBalzo, Nicholas
DiFatta, Anthony
DiPonio, Anthony
Downs, Edward
Farquhar, Elizabeth
Feser, Kira
Furlong, Joseph
Gerber, Robbin
Governale, Juliet
Grande, Nicholas Peter
Haywood, Ruby
Huott, Daniel
Ignomirello, Michele
Irwin, Patrick
Isak, Stine
Jackson, Karen
Jeziorski, Adrian
Kern, Jordan Jackson
Krasinski, Jenna
Larocchia, Matthew Vincent
Lena, Grace
Lewick, Abigail
Lozano, Corinna
Marino, Dakota
McCarthy, Kendall
McCarthy, Morgan
McMahon, Jacob
Mendoza, Reynaldo David
Merchan, Pamela
Milne, Dana Marie
Mygan, Daniel
O'Hara, Lily
Pelegrino, Julianne Sheen
Petruso, Alexander
Potanovic, Mackenzie
Reynolds, Madison
Santana, Alex
Schmidt, Christopher
Snow, Kyra
Sullivan, Lauren
Tucci, Kiera
Valentino, Emily
Voudren, Jacob
Willis, Robert
Barraco, Grace Elizabeth
Barrett, Emily
Bekkelund, Ann
Bellucci, Thomas
Carrozza, Sofia
Chiacchia, Zachary
Clemmons, Julia
Clowry, Aidan
Fanuele, Olivia
Fiorisi, Chance Dyllan
Galindo, Ivan
Grove, Logan
Heubel, Grace
Heymach, Natalie
Housen, Hayden
Isak, Ditte
Izzo, Dustine
Kumar, Avi
Leske, Robert
Lewick, Keegan
Maiolo, Lauren
Melchor-Andrade, Justin
Odell, Julia
Pandolfo, Nathan
Ranghelli, Lana
Reynolds, Christopher
Riina, Gino
Robohn, Catherine
Savarese, Abigail
Savarese, Catherine
Sawotka, Alexandra Rose
Seitz, Anna May
Semenza, Tyler
Slattery, Jack
Smith, Susannah
Tocci, Lauren
Torres, Nylah Jae
Velasquez, Isabella
Vinciguerra, Isabella
Wahl, Haley
Wood, Celine
Zoeller, Julia
Arnold, Kendall
Brightman, Noah
Cioffi, Alessia
Colombo, Stephen
DeMarta, Samantha
Earle, Autumn
Edleman, Jocelyn
Farquhar, Emily
Feery, Harper Frances
Flanagan, Brennan
Giordano, Jake
Governale, Thomas Cole
Govindarajan, Ananya
Gregorio, Gabrielle
Hennigan, Katherine
Housen, Riley
Jackson, Marie
Keesler, Cary James
Kraemer, Grant
Krajeski, Jonathon
Lohrfink, Gabriel Joseph
Mammola, Connor
McCarthy, William
McWilliams, Lucille
O'Hara, Eamon
Pozo Montesdeoca, Luis Miguel
Sheeran, Catherine
Vargas-Rios, Daniela
Vitro, Noelle
Willis, Delia
Wolff, Joseph
Amaya, Isabella
Archer, Isabella Grace
Bai, Elaine
Barrett, Jack
Bekkelund, Heidi
Bellucci, Lauren Elizabeth
Bogus, Dominic
Bradley, Cassidy
Brightman, Caleb
Burris, Matthew Judge
DiFatta, Gianna
Fanuele, Angeline
Gallagher, Brianna
Garbarino, Magnolia
Giannantonio, Nikki
Gilroy, Keira
Giron, Cynthia
Grande, Caroline
Grove, Karissa
Guerro, Mia
Henke, Madalyn
Hickey, Julianne
Housen, Ella
Kaprinski, Emily
Knowles, Alexandra
Knowles, Sarah
Leahy, Emma
Mascia, Evan
Maston, Kara
Notaro, Rosemary Elizabeth
Ramon, Gabriela
Sanchez, Alex Matthew
Santiago, Olivia
Smith, Hailey
Talamo, Emily
Vargas-Rios, Alexandra
Vertiz, Ruby
Wahl, Kelsey
Zhang, Ivan
Zito, Isabella
Spring Athletics 

Spring athletics, which were wiped out by the current pandemic, were celebrated virtually with videos for each sport. You can view the videos highlighting spring athletes below.
Summer Meals Program
Meals are distributed on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning July 1, 2020 at the following locations:
Digital Backpack
The digital backpack is updated regularly with information from the schools and local community. You can find a link for it under the Parent tab of the homepage. It is also listed on the homepage with a date of the most recent update.
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