December 2012
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Max's Helpful Hint
Featured Pet: Zoey
Hoilday Advice from Dogs
A Cat's Point of View
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Monday - Saturday:
8:00 am - 11:00 am
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mission Mission Statement

To provide pet boarding in pre-screened private homes where your pet will get the love and attention it receives at home; providing the owner with a worry and guilt-free vacation.  
Host families are chosen based upon the idiosyncrasies and habits of each pet.
calendarMark Your Calendar

Friday, Dec. 8th

Hanukkah begins at Sundown

Dec 20th - Jan 7th
High Season at Pets Are Inn (deposit required for reservations and high season cancellation policy in effect)

Tuesday, Dec. 25th***

Tuesday, Jan 1st***  

New Year's  Day

Monday, Jan. 21st 

Martin Luther King Jr's

Birthday Observation


Feb. 14th - April 10th
High Season at Pets Are Inn (deposit required for reservations and high season cancellation policy in effect)

Monday, Feb. 19th

President's Day

*** There will be no transporting of pets.


We will not be transporting pets after noon on both Dec. 24th and 31st. 

Max's Helpful Hints

A Room of Our Own 

Give us our own quiet space to retreat to-complete with fresh water and a place to snuggle. Some of my friends are shy pups and cats and they might want to hide out under a piece of furniture, in their carrying case or in a separate room away from the hubbub.


New Year's Noise 
As you count down to the new year, please keep in mind that strings of thrown confetti can get lodged in a cat's intestines, if ingested, perhaps necessitating surgery. Noisy poppers can terrify us and cause possible damage to sensitive ears.  Remember our hearing is much better than yours!!!

Zoey Norr
Featured Pet: Zoey
Zoey is a 14 year old Chihuahua/ Rat Terrier mix.  She has been visiting Pets Are Inn since 2008. Zoey lives in Edina with her parents, Linda and Paul.
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Ann Platt 
Reservations Coorindator: 
FAX:   952-837-1876 
Customer Referrals
Earn $$$ for referring clients to us.  
Thank you for telling your freinds and neighbors about our service.  It is truly appreciate.  About 40% of our new business is from referrals, whether it is clients, vets, groomers and friends.
If a new client uses Pets Are Inn and mentions your name, we will send you a referral coupon which can be applies to your pet's next stay. 


Thanksgiving is past and as we near the end of 2012. We at Pets Are Inn are extremely grateful to our clients and friends for the loyalty and support that we have received this past year. We are truly grateful for the new pets that you have referred to us

We've met and cared for many new 4-legged friends and we have had to say 'goodbye' to some as well.  The latter is hard as we consider your pets part of our family.  Many of our new friends have been referrals from you and we are truly grateful and appreciate the new pets that you have referred to us.

Some new things at Pets Are Inn:  
  • We have a new website, Each area/franchise now has there own site.  We will be adding resource links and other information all the time so check it out and let us know your thoughts and comments and information you would like added 
  • We have a new reservations coordinator Mary, who is the sister of one of our clients.  Thank you Kathleen for sending her our way.  
  • We've set up a schedule for helpful tips for you and your pets that are posted on our Facebook page. Go to Facebook and "like" our page so you can obtain these wonderful ideas.  if you would like to recommend us to your friends you can do that; on the right column there is an area called recommendations.  You can write a review there.
As we approach this holiday season we want to wish each of you a happy holiday.  In this newsletter we have shared some tips from the dogs and cats that we care for to help them enjoy the season as well.
We are nearly booked for Christmas, which has a 5-day minimum and reservations are coming in every day for New Year's so  book now.
 Happy Holidays!!!
Thanks,  Ann

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Holiday Advice from Dogs


Be especially patient with your humans!  They may be more stressed than usual so give them long, comforting 'doggie leans' and big sloppy, wet kisses!


Be tolerant if your humans put decorations on you.  Smile in appreciation and don't worry that you look ridiculous; they think you are adorable!


They may bring a tree into the house and set it up in your special space and cover it with lights, decorations and things they call 'gifts'.  Stay on their good side and remember:

  • Don't "go" on the tree
  • Don't drink the water in the container that holds the tree
  • Don't wag your tail when you are near the tree, even if you       think you have plenty of room
  • Don't rip open the packages, even if your name is on them
  • Don't chew on the cord that connects the tree to the wall,  it's not a chew toy
  • Don't try to take the colorful balls off the tree or lay on the branches and bat at them. 

Your humans may have lots of people over.  These parties can be lots of fun, but they also call for some discretion on your part:

  • Not all strangers appreciate kisses and doggie leans or ktties rubbing up against them.
  • Don't eat off the buffet table, tempting and available as it looks
  • Beg for goodies subtly, be pleasant, and above all, don't drool
  • Let a strangers sit in your favorite spot on the sofa
  • Don't drink out of glasses that they leave right next to you    

And the most important thing of all.......A big man with a white beard and a very loud laugh may emerge from your fireplace in the middle of the night.....DON'T BITE HIM!! 

A Cats Point of View

We cats love your holiday plants!  We rarely eat them, but we do so enjoy clawing and licking them!  But remember that poisonous holiday plants could cause us tummy trouble that could ruin our holidays. Help us out and use silk or plastic holiday plants make an equally showy statement without the poison potential


Your holiday candles are irresistible for us!  You know how we love to 'paw-test' everything to see what it is!  And what cat, especially those inquisitive kittens, doesn't like to sniff and explore!  But singed paws and whiskers are very painful to us.  We surely don't want to create a fire hazard!  Try those electric candles they have, the are all the rage and are safe for all of us.  Also try to put them out of 'paw reach'.  Oh, and remember the fireplace screen - it's too hot for your furry friends and little tots!


What temptation those trees are to us!  It's natural for us to think you've bought a new climbing perch, complete with cat toys that swing, sparkle, and invite paw-pats and biting. We love heights you know and what a challenge it is for us to climb and knock the whole thing down. You would be so proud if we make to the top! 


One year my owners made it hard for me to even get close to the tree!  They put aluminum foil all around the tree, and they know I don't like that odd feeling when I walk on it! I thought the shiny surface was part of the decoration!   They are so clever that they even dipped white cotton balls in Vicks and stuck them in the tree, knowing that my sense of smell would keep me away!  It looked like real snow; imagine my surprise when I got a whiff of menthol!


But I think I have finally figured it all out!  Who needs that tree with all of those tricks!  I am purrfectly content with a few empty boxes, big ragged bows and that crinkly paper that makes such great sound! 


Pets Are Inn´┐Ż
Guidelines and Policies
  • Lodging and transportation rates are subject to change without notice.
  • A deposit is required during peak season, for new clients and for existing clients with a new pet.
  • Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. It is to your advantage to book early.
  • Pets (both cats and dogs) must be on a topical flea preventative to be administered prior to lodging. (Required during flea season; check the office when making your reservation.)
  • Changes in reservations with less than three (3) business days notice will be assessed a $10 administrative charge. This includes time restrictions. Changes and/or new reservations with less than 24-hour notice will be assessed a $25 charge.
  • Medication instructions must be in writing and meds are to be clearly identified. Instructions for the easiest method of administering are greatly appreciated.
Reservation/Cancellation Policies

Non-Peak Reservations:

New customers and new pets (existing customer) will automatically forfeit their $50 deposit per pet. Notification three business days or less of scheduled pickup results in a charge of 50% of the total reservation charge.

Peak Time Reservations:

There is a $50.00 per pet non-refundable deposit for each reservation during peak times. You will lose your deposit if you cancel. If the reservation is canceled three business days or less of scheduled pickup, 100% of the total reservation cost will be assessed. Please check Mark Your Calendar for peak times.

Changes in Reservations:

There is a $10 administration charge if changes are made three business days or less from scheduled pickup or drop off. This also pertains to last minute time restrictions. If someone is not home when we pick up or drop off, or if we have to come back, an additional charge will be assessed. A change with less than 24 hours notice will be assessed a $25.00 charge.

This includes time restrictions placed on the pickup or drop-off.