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Featured Pet: Scooby
Protect our Pet's Paws When They Are Outside!
Max's Helpful Hint: Surviving the Boredom of Colder Weather
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To provide pet boarding in pre-screened private homes where your pet will get the love and attention it receives at home; thus providing the owner with a worry and guilt-free vacation.  Host families are chosen based upon the idiosyncrasies and habits of each pet.
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Monday, Jan. 16th 

Martin Luther King Jr's

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Feb. 16th - April 15th
High Season at Pets Are Inn (deposit required for reservations and high season cancellation policy in effect)

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*** There will be no transporting of pets.


We will not be transporting pets after noon on both Dec. 24th and 31st. 

Scooby VanderVort
Featured Pet:

Scooby, a 4+ year old Great Dane loves his host families. He lives in Edina with his pet parents, Kim & Paul and 3 two-legged siblings.

Happy New Year to you and your 4-legged companions; we hope you had a wonderful holiday season.    

It is hard to belive that it is winter!  The temperature today reached 52 degrees and I heard that some golf courses were open for play.  Quite a change from last year's snow and cold

Pet Parents still are traveling and we do have openings. Spring Break is just around the corner so it is best to make your reservations now versus waiting.  The busiest week is the first week of April.


I'm always amazed with our pets.  They are happy to see us and the van when we pick them up from their home.  Before the holidays I picked up a Golden Retriever that we had not cared for in over two years due to issues with a divorce situation.  I picked Cassie up from the owner's office.  She came bounding out of his office and almost knocked me over.  Cassie's dad was surprised as she is not allowed to carry on and jump on people when she is at the office.


Referrals are important to us and we value each one of them.  Cassie's owner was a referral from a co-worker and we appreciated the word being passed.  We will reward your pet with a discount card for each new customer.



Next month we will feature more information on the 136th Westminster Kennel Club show which is being held on February 13th & 14th at Madison Square Garden in NYC.  The best of groups will be televised on the USA network and CNBC.


May 2012 be the best year ever for you and your family!      
Thanks,  Ann


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girl palying with dog in snow
Pet's Paws  
When They Are Outside!

The calendar says January but the weather says late March. The forecast is for cold and snow this week. When there is ice and snow, you can expect various melting products to be on the ground. Ice melt products are typically made of salt.

When your pet walks through the ice and snow, particles of salt, sand or even ice crystals can become lodged between the pads. Your dog may even ingest the salts by licking his paws, which can cause illness.

Most pet owners don't think about the paws and paw pads as an important part of your dog's health - but they are.

Keep your pet's paws healthy in winter by following these suggestions:


  • After each walk, wash off your pet's feet. This will remove any ice and road salt that can cause excessive dryness. You can use a bucket or bowl to dip your dog's paws in to make it easier to remove the dirt.   
  • Trim the hair between your pet's toes to reduce the chance of collecting ice and snow crystals. Please be careful not to cut the pad.
  • Petroleum jelly or a great product such as Nutri-Vet Paw Guard Wax can be placed on the surface of the pads, especially prior to walking outdoors.  Paw Guard is very soothing and really helps protect her pads. It helps protect the paws and it also helps to heal cracked paw pads and abrasions.  
  • There is also Musher's Secret wax which is an invisible dog boot that protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice, and salt with all natural 100% wax-based cream. Great for dogs who just won't wear boots.    
  • Some people have even suggested spraying the pads with non-stick cooking spray.  It will not hurt the pets if they try to lick it off their feet.
An ounce of prevention will protect your pet from undue illness or discomfort.


Max's Helpful Hint!


Surviving the Boredom of Colder Weather 



I've loved the past month's weather as I can go for a walk without having to wear boots and my jacket.  I know that is not going to last all winter so here are some tips to keep me from getting bored:
  • Mix out my toys.  I have a lot so leave two or three out for me for a couple of days and then remove those and give me different ones.  I sometimes forget that I've had them before and treat them like brand new ones.
  • Have me hunt for food.  Hide treats under rugs, in toys or small containers.  Show me what you are doing initially so that I get the idea that I'm to look for them.
  • Do a kibble scatter in a room that you don't care that you might have to mop up when I get done.  This takes me longer to eat and adds challenge to my day.
  • Be creative.  There are many toys that are designed to hide treats of kibbles.   
Exercise is important, but mental stipulation is just as important to me as well as to my feline friends.  We enjoy challenges and the addition of this interaction with you increases our dedication to you.
Customer Referrals
Earn $$$ for referring clients to us.  
Thank you for telling your freinds and neighbors about our service.  It is truly appreciated.  About 40% of our new business is from referrals, whether it is clients, vets, groomers and friends.
If a new client uses Pets Are Inn and mentions your name, we will send you a referral coupon which can be applied to your pet's next stay. 
Ann Platt, Owner
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Guidelines and Policies

  • Lodging and transportation rates are subject to change without notice.
  • A deposit is required during peak season, for new clients and for existing clients with a new pet.
  • Reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. It is to your advantage to book early.
  • Pets (both cats and dogs) must be on a topical flea preventative to be administered prior to lodging. (Required during flea season; check the office when making your reservation.)
  • Changes in reservations with less than three (3) business days notice will be assessed a $10 administrative charge. This includes time restrictions. Changes and/or new reservations with less than 24-hour notice will be assessed a $25 charge.
  • Medication instructions must be in writing and meds are to be clearly identified. Instructions for the easiest method of administering are greatly appreciated.
Reservation/Cancellation Policies

Non-Peak Reservations:

New customers and new pets (existing customer) will automatically forfeit their $50 deposit per pet. Notification three business days or less of scheduled pickup results in a charge of 50% of the total reservation charge.

Peak Time Reservations:

There is a $50.00 per pet non-refundable deposit for each reservation during peak times. You will lose your deposit if you cancel. If the reservation is cancelled three business days or less of scheduled pickup, 100% of the total reservation cost will be assessed. Please check Mark Your Calendar for peak times.

Changes in Reservations:

There is a $10 administration charge if changes are made three business days or less from scheduled pickup or drop off. This also pertains to last minute time restrictions. If someone is not home when we pick up or drop off, or if we have to come back, an additional charge will be assessed. A change with less than 24 hours notice will be assessed a $25.00 charge.

This includes time restrictions placed on the pickup or drop-off.