Payer Carve-Outs and Provider Implications
Increasingly, payers will separate ( carve-out ) specific CPT® codes from their fee schedule and pay those services at a different rate - often reduced, allowing the company to save money or increase their revenue.

These carve-outs must be identified and managed appropriately. Easily done using your CodeToolz Contract Analyzer.

The CodeToolz Contract Analyzer is a tailor-made “scorecard” to measure contracts and proposals in terms of issues important to the provider, for our purposes, reimbursements.
There are too many times to count where we’ve encountered physicians who haven’t renegotiated their payer contracts for years and sometimes never. If you fall into this category, then don’t waste another minute. 

You already know that insurance companies aren’t going to look out for you. You must look out for you so start today and get your CodeToolz Contract Analyzer.
Increasing Your Revenue

CodeToolz’s intuitive approach provides efficiency, detail, and the effectiveness to properly manage payer contracts and reimbursements.

On average, our clients increase their revenue $3000 – $5000 per payer per year* .
* Based on 2017 payer gross receipts, CA excluded.
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