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You already know we love you right? We’ve been talking about it quite a lot and we identified some of the things we love (and appreciate) the most about you and here they are:

  • Trust: you put in us to do the right thing and take care of your property.

  • Confidence: allowing us to do our job as a professional.

  • Gratitude: receiving the “thank-you”s—it means more than you know.

  • Referrals: chances are, because they know you, we’re going to love them just as much!

  • Loyalty: rewarding hard work with the privilege of caring for your property a long time.

  • Reviews: sharing your positive experience with others shows us your love!

We have more love for you: your 1099s for 2021 are in your portal!
(Far right side of dashboard under "Notes" header)

We also need to remind you of the “why” for one of our policies (and how it shows love!) When your resident provides notice to vacate, we hold the last month’s rent. Why?

On its face that doesn’t seem so loving; however, it’s in anticipation of any expenses resulting from the turn of the property so we’re ready and able to facilitate quickly and you have little to no need to come out of pocket.

It also keeps utilities and lawn care from being disrupted between residents!

Wishing you a month of love and a sweet and happy Valentine’s Day!

Love, the FPM Properties Team

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