July | 2022

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Shining a light on the people and places that make Archway so special.

A Message from the Chief Executive Officer

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In business, as in our personal lives, managing boundaries is critical to success. What are we willing to accept in relationships, business partnerships, and in obligations? It should be a simple thing: if something makes sense and fits into your plans, you go with it. If not, just say “no!” 

Well, like so many seemingly simple things, it’s quite difficult.  

Effectively managing professional boundaries and our overall goals requires us to understand who we are and what we stand for with greater clarity than we often do. If you’ve ever regretted committing to something it’s likely because you didn’t adequately consider the implications of the commitment beforehand. I know I’ve been there plenty of times.

At Archway, our success is highly dependent on relationships with many partners and the commitments we make to each other. So we have to be careful about the partners we choose and the promises we make.

Consider Robinson Place, our newest affordable housing project in Lakewood that will ultimately serve 67 older adults and formerly homeless veterans. It is not well understood how many partners are required to bring a project like this across the finish line. I count at least 13 relationships that are crucial to our success. If any of these goes sideways, the project will face consequences. These partners include our architect, the contractor/builder, the City of Lakewood, tax equity investor, a lender, Jefferson County, The Colorado Housing Finance Agency (CHFA), Metro West Housing Solutions, the Colorado Division of Housing (DOH), and the Veterans Administration (VA). Also involved are accountants, attorneys, and financial consultants.  

Given the complexity and myriad challenges inherent in an affordable housing project, it’s not surprising that many projects have failed to meet expectations. Over the past 25 years, I have seen first-hand how hundreds of affordable housing projects have performed relative to the forecasts. The trends that have emerged over time for our industry and for Archway tell a story that is both clear and compelling: affordable housing projects often cost more than everyone thinks they should to build and to operate. 

Which brings me back to the idea of boundaries. As we undertake new projects at Archway we are paying very close attention to the collaborative relationships that are so critical to our success. If we had success with a partner on one project, can we expect to repeat that success on another? How hard can we push our public funders to commit greater amounts? We know what we need is out there and we aren’t afraid to use our voice to argue for what Archway - and our residents - need. 

It’s complicated, and there are no simple answers to these questions. This is why we come to work every day and are committed to advocating for the resources we need to best serve our communities. Leaving a legacy of well constructed and financed projects for Archway is worth fighting for. As always, we welcome your support, collaboration and ideas!

Year-to-Date Impact




In the News

The former Johnson & Wales campus, purchased by the Urban Land Conservancy, has been renamed - Mosaic Community Campus! 

Archway has partnered with Starry to bring free wifi to our residents! Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, a federally funded program with no end date, Starry is able to provide internet at no cost to residents who sign up for their no-contract, no-guideline service. 

The First Plymouth Congregational Church located in Denver has chosen Archway Communities to be the beneficiary of their 'Nominate the Plate' distribution for the month of July. Thank you very much to our co-founder and board member, David Nestor, and his wife for making this happen. We are very grateful! 

Meet George Kelly!

This month we feature one of our fearless leaders, George Kelly! It is never a dull moment when speaking with George. To this day I’m not sure how he has enough time and energy in a day to be on as many meetings as I see him in while contributing both thoughtfully and humorously during each. 

It was no different for our meeting! I asked George what some of his natural skills are or things that he has always been drawn to. “Do you have an affinity for anything personally or professionally? As simple as ‘talking to others’ or as complex as ‘astrophysics.’”

George strokes his beard and looks off-screen to think, a staple move of his. “You know, I’ve always been drawn to technology even when I was small, it was both an interest and aptitude. I have more of a logical mindset and that pairs well with the mechanical side of technology.”

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Meet Becky Theurer!

Becky Theurer has been a resident at 40 West since 2018 and has been a familiar face ever since. She regularly comes down to the office to say hi to staff, attends events, and has even been a resident member of our board. 

But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began Becky’s lifestyle has been severely altered. Board meetings became virtual, resident events were canceled, and community spaces were closed in an attempt to protect residents and mitigate the spread of the virus. Add on back issues that made mobility difficult for Becky she found herself not leaving her apartment at all. 

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New Team Member Spotlight

Meet Jessica Solis!

Jessica is a Property Manager at 40 West and Flats at Two Creeks. Prior to Archway, Jessica spent 12 years working for various affordable housing entities, including LIHTC, HOME, HUD, and CHFA.

Meet Allyson Quijano!

Allyson is the interim Director of Programs and, in her short time with us, she has made a huge impact! Her primary area of expertise prior to Archway had been advising governments, corporations and institutions on strategy, development and sustainability.

Meet Marie Sanchez!

Marie is a Maintenance Tech at Foothills Green. She is responsible for completing work orders, preparing units for new residents, grounds keeping, working with vendors and residents, and making sure the property is operating at its best.

Did You Know?

Affordable rents are set based on the median income of a county. For instance, in Denver this year the median income for an individual, according to CHFA, is $82,100. Being a measurement of average, median indicates that many people fall below that average. Take a look below at the various income levels that are less than the median and therefore considered low-to-moderate incomes.

This month we held a memorial event to celebrate the life of our co-founder, Robb Lapp. 

The day was filled with Archway family and friends and featured 5 speakers that shared on the beautiful life and impact of Robb.

Villa Verde in the Spring time getting great sunlight on the courtyard and garden.

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