Payment Policy -- effective August 10th, 2020
Dear Valued Clients,

To keep BARK AVENUE moving in the right direction while still dealing with the huge toll it has taken on our small business, we will be implementing some changes on how services will need to be paid going forward.

We have been greatly affected since the March COVID-19 shutdowns but are still required to pay our operating and business expenses on time. We have been working with our accounting team and bank to insure that BARK AVENUE has the needed support to continue for our clients and employees.

With that said, we also need to revisit our current policies and practices and change a few things that will help us meet our needs and continue to push the business forward in the right direction.

Thank You in advance for your understanding!

Clients will now have three options to pay their bills on-time:

  • You can pre-pay visits.
  • You can pay on the day of the visit.
  • You can pay once a week by Thursdays.

Unfortunately, we can no longer accept delayed payments or payments made at month end.


Effective August 10th, charges for services are required to be paid as follows:

  • Weekly Dog Walks: Paid in full by Thursdays.
  • Cat Care: Paid in full on 1st day of services.
  • Vacation Pet Care: Paid in full on 1st day of services.
  • Errands, house checks or gardening: Paid in full on 1st day of services.


A late fee of $2 per day will be added to the amount due, if payment is not received in full by the 5th business day, after the payment due day.


BARK AVENUE reserves the right to suspend or cancel visits if payment is not received in full by the 5th business day, after the payment due day.


  • Personal checks
  • Money orders
  • Bank checks
  • Cash
  • Venmo
  • PayPal -- some additional fees applied
  • electronic bank checks mailed directly to the Bark Avenue office
  • electronic direct deposit from your bank to our business account


  • Clients may cancel their scheduled service up to 9am day of service with no cancellation fee. After 9am day of service, full rate will be charged.
  • If your walker arrives to work and the pup isn't home, full charge applies.


  • You may purchase visits up front or "pay in advance".
  • You will always be credited for a visit if you pre-paid but canceled on time.
  • Friday walks are always considered "pre-paid" with the week. If you cancel on time for a pre-paid Friday, it will be credited or applied to another week.

THANK YOU for your support and sticking by us while we navigate through these last few months. We appreciate all of our clients and furry friends!