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Phyllis Goldie and Associates

You have a Payroll Clerk, but do  you REALLY need an HR Professional?

Too often we go into various dealerships across the country and see the same thing:  great intentions in the payroll dept. but, unfortunately, a lack of knowledge on what exactly to do to reduce the risk for the dealer.  Ask yourself the questions below and be honest...your answers can shed light on your potential exposure to loss.
  • Inadequate employee handbooks that do not spell out exactly what is expected from your team.  When was the last time you shared your handbook with a labor attorney or HR professional?  
  • Undefined, unwritten, open ended pay plans. Does your PP have definitions as to what is and what is not commissionable?  if you change your "packs", soft or hard, do you re-do your pay plans to reflect such changes?
  • Do you have employees that do not punch out for the required lunch break?  Many states mandate this.  Here is a good resource to start with. 
  • Are you manually deducting 30 minutes for lunch or is the employee eating lunch at their desk while continuing to work?
  • Did you put someone on "salary" to avoid overtime, this can result in BIG exposure if the employee does not meet the criteria. The US DOL is very specific on this.
  • How is your 401K transmitted? Recently we discovered a dealership where the Controller uploaded the weekly payroll contributions to the TPA (plan administrator). We discovered her YTD contribution (and prior years) did not match the TPA's contributions. Why? Because she "scaled' a little bit of other employee's weekly contributions to her own account!
  • How are your benefit deductions currently managed and audited? Are they being taken out in a timely fashion? Do they match your current plan DOCS with the carriers?
Through our experience assisting and auditing dealers across the country we have gained a deep knowledge of the current HR environment. Let us help you now before you spend months of labor, thousands of dollars, and loss of reputation addressing an employee issue due to lack of compliance.
PGA Now Offers Franchise Application Processing

We are now completing franchise applications on behalf of our valued dealers.  We have a proven method of execution that results in an efficient and timely submission to the manufacturer.  Our factory contacts and checklist for success make what can be a stressful endeavor a smooth process.  This service allows you to concentrate on what really matters during the Buy/Sell process: continuing to lead your team, sell cars and generate gross profit.

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