On August 26, 2020, Peabody opened on-time and in-person for our 215 students in PreK-8th grade this year. While several families elected to participate in the remote learning option, the majority of all students are back in class.  

All members of the Peabody community wear masks, HVAC filtration systems have been upgraded, and we have rearranged all classrooms to obtain 6' distance between desk seating. Many classes are conducted outside, whenever possible, under the six new tents erected around campus. 

In addition, the school has been divided into four separate zones by grade teams (PreK; K-3; 4-5; and 6-8), which allows us to keep our teachers safe and a majority of the school open if any person in any one of the zones were to receive a COVID exposure or diagnosis.

We are very pleased with our students and their families' cooperation in keeping our Peabody community safe!