EMO's Peace & Justice enews | Oct. 30, 2020
Vote Nov. 3: Make your voice count!
Dear friends,

There are only FOUR days until the election!

The last day to safely mail in ballots was this past Tuesday, Oct. 27. If you haven't had a chance to fill out your ballot yet, do not worry! You can still take your ballot to an official drop box. Help us all do our part and remind your friends, family and colleagues to do so as well. We encourage voters to get their ballots in as soon as possible. Click the button below to find an official ballot drop box near you.
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon's Board of Directors has recommended a "Yes" vote on Measures 107, 108 and 110, with no recommendation made on Measure 109. If you would like to know more about Oregon's four ballot measures before filling out your ballot, you can watch EMO's Virtual Faith Voter Forum (watch now).

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In solidarity,
Britt Conroy
Director of Public Policy Advocacy
Don't Forget to Refer to EMO's Guide to the 2020 Oregon Ballot Measures!
We provide information, analysis and recommendations for the four measures on the state ballot. Download the full version of EMO's Voters' Guide.
Learn more about the Oregon ballot measures
Looking for a brief synopsis of each measure? We've got you covered! Below are quick snapshots of Measures 107, 108 and 110, including EMO's reasons for supporting the campaigns.
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