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You raised our goal thermometer by a whole percentage point!

Our friends stepped up to help through Giving Tuesday and personal Facebook fundraisers!

We are so grateful for each and every one of you!

But ... we really need to make this happen in 2020!
Please find additional information on the proposed property at the bottom of this email or contact Dory Pell directly for additional information and recognition.
Thank YOU!
to our Riders and their Families, to our all volunteer staff and to our wonderful, caring horses!
We had the honor of making memories together!

We saw riders break through all physical, mental and emotional barriers to achieve their greatest dreams!
We had the joy of watching show riders from local barns come out to mentor and help children with special needs.

They worked side-by-side, inspiring each other to reach their personal best.

And I believe these young show riders learned as much, were as inspired, encouraged, and gained a complete new understanding of what Horsemanship means - especially to someone who has even deeper challenges than they do!
We have had the privilege of playing a small role in helping children thrive and grow!

This little warrior began life with tremendous challenges ...

  • Premature, tiny & weak
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Visual Impairment
  • Non Verbal

(L) We work with the Occupational Therapist to help him find the proper posture to strengthen as he should. What support can we give him?

He couldn't sit up for the entire lesson, so he'd lay back on the horse, still laughing and blowing kisses to show his joy!
And he's still getting movement throughout his little body, increasing circulation, respiration, providing muscle and skeletal movement to encourage his development.

Scroll the photos as he finds the strength to sit on his own - finding his handle to support himself!

Now he rides without us supporting him! He even rides backward to establish better posture, strength and balance!

He's also learning to use his own voice! To tell his horse to walk on!!

Brother doesn't have as many challenges, but he has his own.

This year he found his own voice! He was also non-verbal when he came to us ...

it's such a privilege to hear first words!!!

Now he's commanding his horse with authority!

Walk On, Roanie! Using his own reins and stirrups like a real cowboy!

We are blessed indeed, to share in these life changing moments!!

How much longer will this perfect property be available for us?

  • For just a $5,000 Donation you'll be recognized on a permanent Wall of Gratitude inside the main barn!
  • $5-10,000 a beautiful arena banner!
  • $10-20,000 We'll name a pasture after you!
  • $20,100 or more and we'll dedicate the trails to you!
  • $50,000 or more and we'll name the entire Arena after you!
  • A $100,000 donation gets the entire BARN named for you!
  • If you wish to fund the entire project, the entire farm will be named in your honor.

Your generous support will improve the lives of many children and adults for generations into the future. And provide opportunity for more rescue horses to enjoy a purpose-filled, forever loving home.

Any donation helps! Thank you so much for your continued support and compassion!

The entire property is 35.41 acres with approximately 15 acres already in pasture and ready to use!
There is over 300 acres of beautiful manicured trails adjacent which we have permission to use for trail rides and carriage driving.
We deeply appreciate your continued devotion to our mission. Any help is appreciated.
Donations noted for the farm will be in restricted funds for the farm purchase while other amounts may be used for operating costs.

We have the same expenses any other farm has ... facility and portajon lease, equine upkeep, special equipment for our riders and drivers, insurance, etc etc etc.

We are an all-volunteer, true charity! 100% of your donations go directly to supporting the riders and horses and are tax deductible.

You may donate on this email link to paypal, our facebook page, website or mail a check to the address below.

We are blessed & grateful for you! Without you, nothing is possible!
God bless you in 2020!!
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