May 2023
Peace Education Program, Inc. Names Executive Director

Interim Director Rose Livingston named to permanent position
Louisville, KY. – Rose Livingston, having served as interim executive director of Peace Education Program, Inc. since October 2021, has been named to the executive director role by the organization’s board of directors. 

Livingston brings over 20 years of education experience to this role. She served as an assistant principal and teacher in Jefferson County Public Schools, where she saw firsthand how students benefit from Peace Education Program Inc.’s conflict resolution and peer mediation instruction. She served as a commissioner on the Louisville Metro Housing Authority Board for seven years, a role that contributed to her success in developing The Beech, a comprehensive learning center at Beecher Terrace that brought together various collaborators, including Ballard High School, Louisville Metro Housing, Jefferson County Public Schools, and Operation Brightside. 

Recent mass violence in Louisville makes Peace Education Program, Inc.’s work even more essential. “I’m in awe of the vision of the founding directors of Peace Education. Our mission is just as pertinent now as it was 40 years ago,” Livingston says. “Peace Education has always had a role, it has a role now, and it will always have a role. Conflict resolution skills are especially essential these days. There is an increased sense of urgency felt throughout our community at the reporting of each gun violence incident. We must do whatever can be done to address the need.” 

About Peace Education Program, Inc.

Peace Education Program, Inc., a nonprofit dating back four decades, is committed to strengthening communities and schools by training youth and adults in conflict resolution, peer mediation, and prejudice reduction, thereby building and sustaining positive relationships. Through learning experiences, Peace Education Program, Inc. strives to reduce violence, enhance personal integrity, and foster mutual respect. 

For additional information about accessing Peace Education Program, Inc.’s conflict resolution and peer mediation initiatives, please visit or call 502-589-6583.