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Peace Is An Inside Job

World peace is a nice idea, but when news of conflicts from around the world are so abundant on my screens I can find myself drowning in despair.

I’ve learned some simple tricks to help me foster peace in a battle-torn world. First of all, the world is not responsibility. Of course people are suffering, yet just because I know about it doesn’t mean I should do something about it. I have choices.

Someone once told me, “detachment is the key to peace.” When I read a headline about homeless people in the cold I have two choices: do something about it or let it go. Fretting about “what needs be done” or lashing out at someone with blame are generally not good choices; they just foster, well, fretting and blame.

The trick is to foster peace in my head rather than in the world. What can I do to foster peace at home, peace with myself? My trick: I draw a line between what I can change and what I can’t. I can’t change you, for instance. And I can’t change Congress. But I can be nice to you. And I can write to Congress......
Daily habits for Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage

Starts With Us is a movement to foster curiosity, compassion, and courage as daily habits to overcome the polarization, blind tribalism, and dehumanization threatening the social fabric of our communities. According to a recent poll by Morning Consults and Starts With Us, 87% of Americans are tired of how divided we are politically. These Americans overwhelmingly feel we need to make a change in our politics to preserve our democracy. Starts With Us provides practical tools for YOU yo do something about it.
Free Training Wednesday,
December 28

We all know that guy. Or gal. Or that person who just can't stop talking!

My cousin Dave recently said:
"My wife should take your course!"

If there's someone in your meetings or in your life who tends to dominate to the point of excluding others, this session is for you. We will learn some tricks to handle such behavior, with love.

As part of the session I will invite a few people from the audience to be my special guests. Maybe YOU if you want. And of course I will take your questions about all aspects of managing conversations so ALL points of view get heard.
Digital Tools
for Inclusion
and Engagement

Here's a quick start guide to understanding and adopting
new best practices in the public policy and advocacy space. It is a collection of knowledge from top experts in their fields and those who are winning on some of the toughest and most complex issues of the day. These are battle-tested pros who have been at the forefront of advocacy and legislative work. It includes best practices for using technology to facilitate coalition work, while also advancing equity.
Facilitation Training
Right Here in Maine!

Did you know that University of Maine Cooperative Extension and Maine Sea Grant offer in-person and virtual facilitation training?

And they sent me a shirt! I was the keynote speaker at their recent All Employee Gathering and they sent me this gift afterwards. Those folks are the best! And so helpful. Not just with facilitation training but with all kinds of things.

UMaine Cooperative Extension is your doorway to University of Maine expertise. For over 100 years, we’ve been putting university research to work in homes, businesses, farms, and communities — in every corner of Maine.
Heart-Warming Brag

Someone ordered 60 copies of my book and wrote this to me: "I should tell you that I’m more excited about giving your book as a Christmas gift than any Christmas gift I can think of in the past. I see it as a great way to foster peace on earth. Thanks for writing it."

It's hard to imagine a higher compliment. Thank You. 🙏🏼 🙏🏼

And I've heard other stories of people buying the book for their teams and it warms my heart. THIS is why I wrote it.

TOGETHER WE DECIDE has been an Amazon Top 10 Bestseller in several categories. It's An Essential Guide for Making Good Group Decisions.

To Help You Get Along
Written and published by Craig Freshley. Thanks for walking along with me.
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