Peaceful Protests in Lincoln Park
We Will Reopen June 3
Mayoral Speech at 6:30 p.m. Tonight
Dear Neighbors,

Yesterday and today, peaceful protests took place in our ward - one that walked to and from Oz Park, and one that has been taking place from Wrigley Field down Clark Street. I monitored both throughout and was encouraged by how everyone conducted themselves.

Our Constitution protects everyone's right to protest peacefully. The death of George Floyd demands the passionate, peaceful outrage I have seen from so many protestors.

I am a law and order person. Our 18th and 19th District Police Officers, who have demonstrated great care and respect in these marches.

I also strongly believe the police should follow the rules. When they don’t, they should be fired or indicted. Therefore, we must continue the path of police reform that we have begun; our new Police Superintendent intends to follow that path. The better trained and supported our police officers are, the better justice that is delivered.

Our local businesses have taken great care during this crisis. We have worked with the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce and local stores, and many businesses have taken preventative measures to board up their stores and remove valuables. We continue to encourage this activity for the time being.

And I applaud the work of so many of our neighbors to take their cans in and water down the trash. There were in fact arsons in some communities, but last night, not ours. Keep it up.

Many people here and across the city are scared. The looting and crimes of opportunity that take place in the wake of protests are frightening, dangerous, and wrong. They cause long-term damage to our communities—damage that sometimes takes decades to repair—and we need to ensure the safety of our community and our businesses.

We do not tolerate crime, and have worked with many of you over the years to fight crime in our community. We must hold the looters accountable.

Reports from the last three days are that about 20 businesses in our ward have been vandalized or looted. There were also more businesses looted in the area immediately around our Ward on Clybourn. Police have made some arrests for vandalizing and looting, including three people yesterday at the New Balance store on Clark.

Our Special Service Areas on Clark and Lincoln Avenue have private security cars that have monitored those streets and have helped police.

You have seen many many stores boarded up in our community. Except for the businesses that were in fact damaged, these board ups are preventative.

We have been through a lot this year, by continuing to come together as a community, interacting peacefully, and remaining vigilant, we will get through this as well.
Moving to Reopen June 3

Mayor Lightfoot announced we are moving forward towards a partial reopening on Wednesday, June 3. Of course this is voluntary, but the overwhelming response of small business owners city-wide is to allow reopening as scheduled, even in the wake of recent events.

Restaurants, retail, and personal services including hair and nail salons, barber shops, education and childcare services, and park facilities--excluding the lakefront--will be opening with limited capacity.

Social distancing protocols are still in place and people must wear a mask in stores, and are strongly urged to wear a mask when in public. Please keep social circles to a maximum of 10 people.

"The threat from COVID-19 is very much still with us,” Mayor Lightfoot said. “We must maintain all of the public health guidance that got us to this point.” The Sun-Times has more.

I just participated in a conference call with Dr. Arwady, and she said that we have gotten a 95% reduction in risk because of individual actions such as social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing. Here is the presentation she gave about current numbers, and another presentation about the modeling used to help make these decisions.

We do not yet know whether the CTA will reopen throughout its route and whether Lake Shore Drive and parts of the highway will reopen. Mayor Lightfoot is making at speech tonight at 6:30 in which I expect some of these questions will be answered. Please tune in to the networks, or watch the speech on her Facebook page.
Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit Application
Apply Online

The Expanded Outdoor Dining Online Permit Application is officially live on the City's Inspection and Permits Initiative (IPI) Porta l . If you need assistance filling out your application, visit the city's permit portal for step-by-step details on how to apply. For more information, visit the Expanded Outdoor Dining Permit FAQ page.

This new permit has been created specifically for temporary Phase 3 (Cautiously Reopen) outdoor dining. Existing, fully-licensed restaurants and food establishments may apply to temporarily use streets and private property to extend dining space, where proper social distancing and adherence to public health guidelines are observed.

Applications will be accepted from Chambers of Commerce, SSAs, Business Associations, or a minimum of three (3) establishments (on a contiguous city block) applying together for full-service restaurants, limited-service restaurants and nonalcoholic beverage bars to serve food, beverages and liquor for consumption. Applicant(s) may request full street closure (maintaining a 12-foot fire lane) or use of private property, as long as:
  • Establishments only allow outdoor dining and drinking;
  • Seating is for parties of 6 persons or fewer;
  • Food and drinks are prepared inside the licensed establishments;
  • The proper social distancing of six feet between customers is observed; and
  • Health guidelines set by public health officials are followed.

There is no processing fee to submit the application .
Street Sweeping Cancelled This Week

The Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) has allocated resources to parts of the city that were highly-impacted by looting and debris. We will continue to inform you of any new developments and when DSS is expected to return to their regular schedule.
No Block Party Permits - Through July 15

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), in accordance with CDC recommendations, and City and State guidance, to avoid non-essential gatherings and any gatherings larger than 10 individuals, has issued the following directive:

No Block Party Permits will be issued for dates through July 15, 2020. CDOT will begin accepting Block Party Permit applications on July 1, 2020 for dates after July 15, 2020.

Please note all summer programming and event planning, including block parties, remain under continual discussion and are subject to the evolving epidemic developments. CDOT will continue to work with the Mayor's office and public health officials to ensure the safety of our residents.
Stay safe, we will get through this,

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