Jeffrey Morrison on Overcoming Holiday Stress
November 2018
Stay Peaceful and Present through the Holidays with Focusing
Focusing is an experiential, embodied and relational process at the heart of all change. 

I have taught Focusing to therapists and other healing professionals for years. Now I want to share this amazing process with you, personally. 

Focusing promotes a healthier relationship with the person who stands in the way of change -- you! Learn to be more patient, peaceful and present as you shift your way of experiencing and shape your own process of change.

Change is not something we force. It is a way of being with our body’s innate knowing and wisdom. We all have an inner GPS, guidance system of knowing. What we lack is a way of knowing how this system works. Focusing will help you learn how: Guaranteed!

Class details and more help coping with holiday stress below!
NEW Training Opportunity!
Peaceful and Present through the Holidays: A Brand NEW Focusing Course with Jeffrey Morrison

Would you like to shift from distracted, anxious, and overwhelmed to Patient, Peaceful, and Present through the holidays? I can show you how in six weeks or your money back!

When : Six Thursdays, November 29th through January 3rd, from
6:00 pm to 7:15 pm
Fee: $125.00 (includes all material s )
To register email " Help me relax!" to Jeffrey.

FREE Drop In Meditation Class

Come meditate with Jeffrey and get centered before Thanksgiving!

When : November 15th, from
6:00 pm to 7:15 pm
Email Jeffrey to register!
Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) Q & A:
During the holidays I feel like I’m drinking from a fire hose. How can I change that?

Good question! It starts with a pause....

We are bombarded with information, requests and internal dialogue that never seems to stop. We become distracted, anxious and ungrounded. We lose touch with our own natural ability to be present and sense how we feel in a given situation.

Do you have a question about Focusing or how it is used in therapy? Send me an email with your question and I will respond.
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