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26 February 2019


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God continues to be so far ahead of us! That’s probably what happens when Jesus has been praying about this ministry and others like it for literally 2000 years…

On Saturday I attended a quickly-put-together event called "Coffee with Tass." I wasn’t even sure what a "Tass" was until I heard him speak and then had lunch with him! But the topic sounded interesting – a former PLO sniper and chauffeur for Yassir Arafat, now a Christian with a reconciliation ministry between Jews and Arabs ( www.hopeforishmael.org ). Not exactly how I spend most Saturday mornings.

As he spoke, all my bells and whistles were going off. His heartbeat is exactly the same as mine – with the minor difference that I don’t have hits out on me from people from multiple countries. Over lunch we practically discovered that we’re twins separated at birth. We literally discovered that we’re brothers in Christ who have multiple amazing points of connection. I anticipate another fascinating partner in ministry in some very tangible ways, both in Tucson and around the country/world.

One of the many notes I took from my few hours with Taysir (Tass) Abu Saada is this: “The Church is called to a ministry of peacemaking. Yet our own division negates our call. Some parts of the Church love Israel and think that means they must be against Ishmaelites. Other parts of the Church love the Ishmaelites (Palestinians) and conclude that they must be against the Israelites.” Our language here in J17? It’s a both/and, not an either/or.

Check out today’s “Collaboration Corner” for additional information about another collaborative venture that could only be birthed out of the mind and work of Christ. Whether our conflicts are 4 months old or 4000 years old, we’ve been given a ministry of reconciliation, called to be peacemakers and truth-tellers who humbly follow our Lord wherever He leads.

Dave Drum
J17 Ministries
New News about
As the name implies, J17 Ministries is all about aligning hearts with Jesus’ heart as expressed in John 17. J17 Ministries is a big idea, but with practical implications in every city.
As God continues to open up new possibilities and open doors in Tucson and around the world, it's becoming more and more clear that He's also raising up a team of people to help make it happen.

Do you have an interest in investing some time in Jesus' John 17 prayer? It may take us a bit to get back to you, but don't be shy! If you've already offered and haven't heard anything, offer again! This is proof that help is needed!

Special thanks to Desert Hope Lutheran for providing our legal covering during our startup phase, as well as all our copying services. And to Northminster Presbyterian for providing temporary immediate meeting space as our staff forms.

Be sure to follow our Facebook page, J17 Ministries for additional info.
New News about
Welcome to our many new readers from the University of Arizona (go Navigators!), Bethel Community Baptist, Hope City Church, Desert Hope Lutheran, and ministries in Florida, Kansas City, and Minnesota! And the rest of our new subscribers too!

Let us know how this format is working for you, and if you have any suggestions.

J17 Ministries has been asked to handle all the planning for Tucson's 11th annual three day spring Pastor Prayer Summit April 8-10 as well as the promotion and registration for Tucson Ministry Alliance monthly luncheons. If you have old links, don't use them! Register through J17 Ministries.

Don't forget the Essence of Biblical Theology seminar coming up on March 9! We've had a strong response, but there's still room for more. And it's free since we want to introduce this new collaborative venture of five Tucson ministries to as many people as possible!

Happy reading!
Harmony Hub
Strategic unity – part 5 of 5 on John 17’s descriptions of unity

I have four children and one grandchild (and thousands of pictures of my one granddaughter – just ask me and I’ll be glad to share.) If you asked me what I want most for each of them in life, I could tell you in a heartbeat, and nothing is competing for second place. I want them to know who Jesus is and how much God loves them. Is there anything you want more for your children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and every resident of your city or community? As followers of Jesus, what we want more than anything is for people we know and love to know who Jesus is and how much God loves them.

It's not just a coincidence that that’s exactly what Jesus says are the result of our diverse, visible, substantive, and present unity. Paraphrasing verse 23 (look it up!!), “May we be brought to such perfect unity that everyone in our world would come to know who Jesus is and how much You love them.” Jesus’ prayer is far more strategic than we’ve observed in the past.

What I’m learning tangibly through recent amazing divine appointments is that it’s strategic on every continent, too! Jesus’ prayer for unity is the best hope for peace and reconciliation among warring tribes in Africa. It’s the best hope for peace and reconciliation in the four-millenia-old-conflict in the Middle East. It’s the best hope for our own country suffering through the effects of a donkey-elephant war.

What else would we expect from the strategy closest to Jesus’ own heart right as he headed to his ultimate sacrifice and demonstration of love on the cross?! Of course it’s strategic for every generation and every group of people – he even prayed that in verse 20!

John 17 is Jesus’ strategy for fulfilling His own Great Commission! Sounds important!!

Harmony Hub Contributor:
Dave Drum, Founder J17 Ministries
Collaboration Corner
IWMC - International Wholistic Missions Conference

Integration and wholism. Local ownership. Participatory learning. Reproducible and transferable strategies. Servant leadership. Sustainable development. These are the core values of IWMC. And they are principles that we should consider in everything we do.

This year, IWMC will be held April 30 - May 2 in Lenexa, KS. The vision of the conference is "that those who attend the 2019 International Wholistic Missions Conference will be called into action , will have opportunities for collaboration with other people and organizations, and will learn tools for transformation in their own lives and in communities throughout the world."

Dave Drum, J17 Ministries' founder, will be at IWMC leading several conference break out sessions as well as a pre-conference seminar. He will be joined by Celestin Musekura (of ALARM ) and (hopefully - it's in process!) Taysir Abu Saada (of Hope for Ishmael ), men called to carry out Jesus' prayer in John 17 in Africa and the Middle East. Here are the workshops in J17 Ministries' track:
  • Mining John 17 for All It’s Worth
  • Building Collaboration Within Diverse Organizations
  • Unity as Christian Witness in Global Mission
  • The Good News of Jesus in a Donkey/Elephant War
  • Practical ways to be unity evangelists in your community

Would you consider joining Dave, Celestin, and Taysir at IWMC as they look at the John 17 Strategy for Mission ? Some people are called to go to another place to be missionaries; all are called to be on mission wherever God has placed them. In either case, we are invited to carry the Good News in collaborative works with others. 
You can learn more about IWMC by clicking HERE . Or, if you are ready to meet fellow John 17-minded people from around the world and see how God is using each one in a unique way, REGISTRATION for the conference is already open. I hope to see you there!

Collaboration Corner Contributor:
Tasha Campbell, J17 Ministries Community Liaison
Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen
your faith and connect with the community.
If you are part of an area event promoting unity and collaboration among the citywide
Body of Christ and beyond and would like it included in an upcoming newsletter,
please click HERE to submit your request.
Connections For Everyone
Thursday,  February 28
6:30 - 10:15 am
Student Union Roundabout
1303 E University Blvd. | Map

We wanted to create time before work for you to come and pray over the campus with InterVarsity! Meet us at the student union roundabout off of Mountain. (If you're coming from off campus you can park at the 2nd Street garage.) We will do four 45-min prayer walks:
  • 6:30-7:15 am
  • 7:30-8:15 am
  • 8:30-9:15 am
  • 9:30-10:15 am
No matter who you are, if you love the campus and want to invest spiritually in the students, here's your chance! Consider signing up in advance for a time slot. We will have breakfast items too!
Friday-Saturday,  March 1-2
Pantano Christian Church
1755 S Houghton Rd . |  Map

This conference is for worship leaders and team members for churches of all sizes with special emphasis on churches of 150 and smaller. There will be general sessions, breakout classes and extended times of worship through music. Tucson Worship Conference exists to Encourage, Equip, and Connect churches in Tucson and the surrounding area.

The dream for TWC started seven years ago when three Tucson area worship pastors started talking about the need to train worship ministries and the high cost of that training. The question was asked, “Why can’t a group of local worship pastors provide an affordable worship conference using local talent and experience?” The obvious answer was, “No reason at all, let’s do it.” A conference was born.

Come be a part of the sixth annual Tucson Worship Conference. It’s a worship conference by local worship leaders for local worship leaders. The registration price includes lunch on Saturday, snacks and resources.
Saturday,  March 9 | 9 - 11:30 am
GAP Ministries

All wives of area pastors are invited to attend a special brunch in your honor. You, too, play a very important role in the church and we wish to take this opportunity to celebrate yo u! Join us and hear from  Carolyn Anderson, from Living Water Ministries, as she speaks on the topic of "Lioness Arising". Cost is $10 at the door; dress is business casual.

Editor's note: We recognize that many churches have female pastors as well as male. No one event serves everyone!
Saturday,  March 9 | 9 - 11:30 am
Habitat for Humanity Meeting Hall
3501 N. Mountain Ave. | Map

Is theology relevant to one’s daily walk in Christ or is “theology” just another word for abstract, religious philosophy? In this seminar, we will consider these questions and begin an exploration of how the Bible presents us with the answers. Dana Yentzer, Director of Ministry Resources Institute, and Dave Drum, Founder of J17 Ministries, will lead the conversation, helping apply the theological principles found in the Old and New Testaments to real life issues. In addition, each participant will receive a resource package designed to help them apply biblical theology in their own life. Join us for this exciting opportunity to understand the shape of biblical thought and how to apply it in the world today! Click HERE for a downloadable flyer.
Thursday,  March 14
11:30 am - 1 pm
Fountain of Life Lutheran Church
710 S. Kolb Rd. |  Map

Topic: "Kingdom Courage, Part 1"
We all need encouragement to press on in spite of life's difficulties. But what does "Kingdom Courage" look like in Business, Government, and as Churches? Our next TMA presentation focuses on the business community, and how we can empower the business people we know toward the courageous call on their lives to build God's kingdom in their context.
Do you know a business person who has felt like his/her gifts and calling were not understood? Invite them to join you for this special TMA!
Sunday, April 21
6 am
Living Water Ministries
4343 E. 22nd St. | Map

Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance invites everyone to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ together. Guest speaker is Pastor Otis Brown. Let us worship together and celebrate the good news of Easter Sunday!

50/50 Raffle Ticket: $1.00 each
Contact: Heather Evon
Email: Chance4success2017@outlook.com
Phone: 520.440.5194
Connections for Pastors
Monday-Wednesday,  March 4-6
Calvary Chapel Tucson
8711 E Speedway Blvd. | Map

Theme: "Dear Pastor"

We will all gather together to be equipped and refreshed with the word of God. Join us for all three days, just one day, or even a single session. You can find the schedule of speakers and sessions HERE . It will be a great time of worship and fellowship!
Thursday,  March 7 | 11 am - 1 pm
The Journey Church

Understanding and Effectively Using the Unique Rhythms of Our Tucson Culture

Join us this month as we explore this topic, with speaker Glen Ellio t. There are clear, unique and predictable seasonal rhythms in Tucson. A church must understand, use and program appropriately to maximize our spiritual impact by aligning with those rhythms.

Monday-Wednesday, April 8-10
Mt. Lemmon Community Center
12949 N. Sabino Canyon Parkway | Map

All pastors are invited to this three-day retreat, Tucson's 11th annual three-day pastor prayer summit. No ministry fair booths. No sermons. No advertisements. The main attraction is God Himself. Join us for three days in seeking God in unity, praying for revival and spiritual awakening in our city, and having our tanks filled as we worship and pray.

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Upfront costs are significant, and some cabins we've used for free are no longer available.
  • If you know someone with a cabin, please let us know.
  • Please either RSVP or register TODAY so we can more accurately guess how many cabins to secure.
Click HERE for more upcoming events.
John 17 Weekends
Victory Reunion
Saturday, March 2
1:00 - 4:00 pm
Have you participated in a John 17 Weekend? Or would you like to learn more about the next weekends coming up? Come out for a fun-filled victory reunion with Christian brothers and sisters from all around the Tucson area! There will be a potluck-style meal (sign up forthcoming). Bring your chairs and blankets to hang out on the lawn around the ramada, enjoy the nearby playground, and plan to fellowship through food, singing, and communion.

Reid Park, Ramada #1
E. 22nd St & S. Country Club Rd.
Church of the Week

Journey Church
Pray for the Body!

Pray for these specific requests .
Holy Land & Oberammergau
June 1 - 13, 2020
Informational Meeting
& Newsletter

Are you interested in learning more about the Holy Land 2020 trip? Have the news bits posted here been intriguing and you would like to receive regular updates?

There is an informational meeting coming up on February 28, at 7:00 pm at Pantano Christian Church, in Building #1 - Room 10 (upstairs). We would love to have you come and ask any questions you might have!

You can also sign up for the special newsletter that will be dedicated solely to the Holy Land 2020 trip and updates.