May 2019   Volume XII, Issue V
Buy any smoker and get a FREE all-weather cover and a FREE dual probe thermometer!

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Now is the time to build that  great outdoor kitchen you always wanted!

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Smokin Tex 3-2-1 Ribs
3-2-1 Ribs
This is a very informative video by SmokinTex customer Stemfighter.


SmokinTex Products



SmokinTex Cover

New Cover This all-weather cover protects your smoker from the elements.



Seafood Tray

seafood grill The stainless steel seafood grill is great for smoking small items that could fall through larger grills.

Jerky Dryer
The SmokinTex drying system sits on top of any SmokinTex  smoker, over the smoke hole. It has a 12 volt exhaust fan that draws the air from the bottom drip hole up past the wood box and thru the jerky, drying it.

SmokinTex Cart
Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel cart made especially to hold the SmokinTex Pro Series models 1400 and 1100 smokers. Has fold down side shelf and stationary shelves for easy storage of wood and accessories.


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SmokinTex Thermometers


Thread the probes through the smoke hole. 

An internal probe thermometer is a must have for smokin!



Rib Hooks
Ideal for hanging ribs, sausage, and meat in the SmokinTex
Pro Series and other smokers.
Set of 12

Non-stick Grill Mat

Perfect for fish filets, boneless chicken or turkey breasts. Anything requiring a tighter mesh to provide additional support and/or a non-stick surface.






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SmokinTex Forum is a great resource for all things smoked. There you will find thousands of posts -- some with recipes and pictures. We have great members who answer questions and point you in the right direction.

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How Can I Order Parts?
You can order parts such as a heating element and/or thermostat by calling our office. We can assist you in getting the right part.
888-922-1511  M-F 9-5
Need Help?
If you have any questions, comments, pictures, or videos of your SmokinTex experience please contact us at:

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Thanks for your business and happy smokin!
By Mark Shore

"This is a Snake River Farms Wagyu black label brisket. Probably the nicest brisket I've ever handled. Really flexible.

I used a new brisket rub for the first time. Oakridge BBQ Black Ops Brisket Rub. It's pretty good. Has coffee in it. No MSG and not much sugar.

Video: Smoking The Perfect Brisket
Smoking The Perfect Brisket by SmokinTex Video by SmokinTex
Smoking The Perfect Brisket by SmokinTex Video by SmokinTex
"These were extra loin baby backs I get at Costco since they sell those that have the membrane already removed (that's huge!).

The rub I use is called John Henry's Pecan Rub. The BBQ sauce I use is Corky's out of Memphis, TN. I buy it by the case. I get both the regular taste and the honey BBQ. My method is I sprinkle, not rub in, but sprinkle the rub onto the meat till all covered.

Since I have the SmokinTex 1400, I'll put whole slabs on each rack starting at very top.  So what if the ends are crunched up a little, that goes away because of the fat loss.

3-2-1 Method for Ribs  Video by Stemfighter

Video: Smokin Ribs with 
Scott Wallace
Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex
Smokin Ribs with Scott Wallace of SmokinTex
"If anyone is on the fence about this smoker let me tell a story.

I use this smoker constantly and always treat it well. When my wife and I separated I didn't manage to get it out with me.

Two months of Iowa snow ended up on top of it when she finally told me to come get it. 

She "lost" the cover for it. Plugged it in to smoke the other day and nothing....but I was plugged into an extension cord. Turned out the extension cord was bad, rectified that and it turned right on.

When they say "built to last" they 100% mean it. Don't hesitate, buy the thing, it is worth every penny."

Darrell K.
Chad used a combination of apple and hickory wood for this great appetizer.

  This is our best Father's Day Package!

Order any smoker and you get:
(Excludes model 1100.)

1 FREE All-Weather Cover
1 Dual Probe Thermometer
1 Seafood Grill
4 Standard Grills
4 Wheels (2 locking)
1 Stainless Steel Drip Pan
Break-In Wood

This is a huge savings!


We Honor Veterans Every Day
SmokinTex salutes all our veterans and active duty military on Memorial Day and every day.

We offer a discount off any SmokinTex smoker to all active duty military and first responders.

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SmokinTex supports our troops - thank you for all you do!

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