Weekly Update: October 24, 2022

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'We can no longer keep it repaired': Mayor Learnard on replacing Riley track 

Check out our new series, Mondays with the Mayor.

This week, Mayor Kim Learnard talks about the action City Council took on Riley track at their October 20, 2022, City Council meeting. She shares citizen feedback on the rear golf cart decal idea and explains why it's being considered by City Council. Mayor Learnard also reveals some staffing changes coming to Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center.

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Upgrades to the Fred start ahead of 2023 season

Visitors to the Frederick Brown, Jr., Amphitheater may notice a few changes when they return for the 2023 concert season.

Construction started on erecting stairs in the lawn seating area. The Fred's upgrade includes new lights guiding patrons down these stairs. Public works also plans to re-sod the lawn.

The 2,500-seat amphitheater hosted over a dozen shows in 2022. Performers like Travis Tritt and Chris Kirkpatrick of ‘NSYNC wowed crowds throughout the spring and summer.

We hope all future guests enjoy the new upgrades at the Fred.

Visit the Fred's website for more on the upcoming 2023 concert series.

Watch: Peachtree City promotes its firefighters

Peachtree City elevated several of its firefighters to leadership positions last week.

The October 18, 2022 promotion ceremony at Peachtree City Christian Church is the first since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020. Family and significant others participated in the time-honored tradition of pinning the new rank and badge onto the firefighters' uniforms.

Watch Chief Clint Murphy and Assistant Training Chief Wil Harbin share the meaning behind the department's promotion rituals.

Peachtree City Special Election Early Voting Continues

Advance voting for the November 8, 2022, Peachtree City City Council post-three special election continues this week. The special election will be held in conjunction with the statewide November general election.

Below are the total numbers of ballots cast as of COB Saturday, October 22, 2022, these numbers will be updated daily and can be viewed by visiting Peachtree City's election page.

Peachtree City Special Election Absentee In Person (Early Voting) Ballots Cast:

Fayette County Elections Office: 34

Fayette County Library: 26

Peachtree City Library: 2,335

Tyrone Former Police Office: 317

Total: 2,712

Absentee By Mail Issued: 132

Absentee By Mail Returned: 29


The general and special elections are on the same day, but they’re being conducted separately. Peachtree City voters will use separate ballots and voting machines at every polling location. Voters wishing to cast ballots in both elections must notify election staff of their intentions when arriving at their precinct.

Any Peachtree City voter who experiences issues at the polls may contact the Fayette County elections office at 770.305.5408. Provisional ballots are available for those who may feel that their information is not accurately reflected on the voter rolls.


Advance voting dates and times are available below:


Monday- Friday: October 24-28 (9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.)

Saturday: October 29 (9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.)

Monday-Friday: October 31-November 4 (9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.) 


Advance voting locations are as follows:












TYRONE, GA 30290

Absentee voting by mail is also available for the special election.


Voters in Peachtree City can request an absentee ballot from the Fayette County elections office using the state-approved form: https://fayettecountyga.gov/elections/pdf/2022_Absentee_App-9721_2.pdf.


To vote by mail in the special city council election, residents must request a separate absentee ballot application and specify that it is for the November 8, 2022, Peachtree City municipal special election.


More details about the election, including sample ballots, can be found by visiting: https://fayettecountyga.gov/elections/ 

Follow these tips to help avoid potential collisions: 

  • Unpredictable: Always remember deer are wildlife and therefore, can be unpredictable. A deer calmly standing on the side of a road may bolt into or across the road rather than away from it when startled by a vehicle.
  • One Deer Usually Means More: Take caution and slow down when a deer crosses. Deer generally travel in groups, so if one crosses, be prepared as others may follow.
  • Time of Day: As deer are most active at dawn and dusk, they typically are seen roadside during the early morning and late evening—the same times most people are commuting to and from work.
  • Time of Year: While deer-car collisions can occur any time of year, the fall breeding season is a peak time for such accidents. Road shoulders generally provide green food both during extremely dry times of the year and following a long, hard winter.
  • Minimize Damage: If it is too late to avoid a collision, drivers are advised to slow down as much as possible to minimize the damage—resist the urge to swerve to avoid the deer, this may cause further damage, sending drivers off the road or causing a collision with another vehicle. If an accident occurs, alert the police as soon as possible.

2022 Hocus Pocus & Festive Fall Porch Parades

Whether you are looking for fright or delight, enjoy some of Peachtree City's most spooky and fall festive homes in this year's 2022 Hocus Pocus and Fall Porch Parade. Homes were entered into this year's contest, to win the top prize of the people's choice award. Check out the homes by clicking here to see the fall porch tour itinerary or view the hocus pocus map here

Fire Fighters' Annual Pumpkin Sale Continues

We're counting down the days until Halloween. There's still time left to pick up your pumpkins for carving jack-o-lanterns.

The Peachtree City Fire Department has different size pumpkins, from petite to jumbo, available for purchase at station 81 (110 Paschall Road, Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269). Come pick out that special gourd while giving back. Proceeds from the sale help the fire department fund training and buy equipment for our first responders.

The firefighters' annual pumpkin sale ends on October 31st.

Resident Renewals

The 3-year renewal notices for 2023 - 2025, totaling $45, are due by December 31, 2022. A $20 late fee will apply to all late renewals.

Non-Resident Annual Renewals

Non-resident renewals for 2023 will be mailed out on December 12, 2022, and are due by January 31, 2023. The new supplemental sticker will be valid until January 31, 2024. Non-residents pay the $15 annual registration PLUS a $235 path user fee. A $20 late fee will apply to all late renewals.

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Peachtree City Meetings

Council Meeting

November 3, 2022, at 6:30 pm

City Hall Council Chambers

151 Willowbend Road

Planning Commission Meeting\

The Planning Commission meeting previously scheduled for October 24, 2022, is canceled due to a lack of agenda items. 

The Planning Commission scheduled its next meeting for November 14, 2022, at 6:30 pm.

City Hall Council Chambers

151 Willowbend Road

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