Peak Hurricane Season 
A Message from Richard Porth          
President/CEO of United Way of Connecticut  

Peak hurricane season in Connecticut began in mid-August and runs through mid-October.
Preparing for emergency weather can help keep you and your loved ones safe, organized and informed during a weather emergency. 

What simple steps can you take today?
What other steps can you take?

United Way of Connecticut 2-1-1 is a gateway to services related to emergency/disaster response and recovery as well as a statewide resource for emergency-related information collection and dissemination. Call 2-1-1 or visit  for access to services and to stay informed during any extreme weather episode.

2-1-1 also maintains several eLibrary papers that can help you get prepared and stay informed including: How to Prepare and Safely Weather a Hurricane/Tornado, and How to Prepare and Safely Weather a Flood.

running-backpack-children.jpg September is School Attendance Awareness Month

September marks Attendance Awareness Month. Attendance awareness is an ongoing campaign to address chronic school absence.
Chronic absence is a sign that students and families may be experiencing barriers to getting to school or are disengaged. Chronic absence is defined as missing 10 percent or more of the school year (on average 2 or more days a month) for any reason (excused or unexcused absences). Chronic absence is an early warning indicator of academic trouble and effects a child's ability to perform at grade level. It can also impede progress throughout a students schooling and even in their future careers.
School success starts with regular attendance, and Connecticut United Ways and their community partners are committed to providing our youth with the tools they need to be successful in school. Contact your local United Way to learn more about programs geared toward school readiness and success as well as volunteer opportunities in your community.
To learn more, download the 2019 toolkit Count Us In! Working Together To Show That Every School Day Matters and read 2-1-1's eLibaray paper, Why Attendance Matters.

Back to School Supplies and Clothing
school supplies
As summer comes to a close, make sure students in your community have the supplies they need for the classroom. 2-1-1's eLibrary paper School Clothes and School Supplies can help students, parents and teachers access resources such as backpacks, shoes and school uniforms. 

To learn more about what resources and assistance may be available, visit and search School Clothing or School Supplies or dial 2-1-1 to speak with a contact specialist that can help you find local resources.

Connecticut United Ways Help ALICE Save

Connecticut's United Ways have joined together to promote financial stability for working families by launching ALICE Saves. ALICE Saves combines SaverLife, a proven savings product from the nonprofit EARN, and Trusted Advisor, a financial counseling program operated by Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners.

Savings provide a way for families to prepare for short term emergencies and to build long term assets, for a college education or a home. To learn about ALICE Saves, visit

The 2018 Connecticut United Ways ALICE Report revealed that 40% of Connecticut households struggle afford basic living expenses while 46% do not have enough savings to cover expenses for 3 months. Click HERE to sign up for ALICE Saves and earn $60 just for saving money!

Interested in partnering with Connecticut United Ways to offer ALICE Saves to the individuals you serve?  Click HERE  to access the ALICE Saves Partner Toolkit.

To learn more about ALICE visit