Success Stories
Advocating for Resources
Our Reentry team recently worked with a consumer who was depressed because of his living arrangements. We worked with them to search for income-based housing, food resources and provided peer support.

The consumer became motivated to obtain housing as well as accomplish his other goals. He obtained housing, got his driver's license and a vehicle through his motivation and assistance from staff!

The Strength of the Independent Living Community
Our Community Inclusion Specialist has worked diligently with a consumer for nearly a year. The consumer was not happy with her current living situation but would not express the reason. The CIS discovered she was in a domestic violence situation after receiving an emergency phone call. Our staff member helped the consumer leave the domestic violence situation within 24 hours and located a safe place for them to stay until they could find permanent housing.

The CIS found affordable housing options for the consumer after months of calling, waiting, and countless denials. The CIS then found resources to assist the consumer in furnishing the apartment. The Green Chair Project worked with our staff in providing living room and bedroom furniture and kitchen accessories.

The consumer is now living safe, happy, and worry-free. Her Community Inclusion Specialist continues to work with her to achieve her goal of getting a power chair

The consumer would like to thank the Green Chair Project, Extended Stay and Suites, and ADANC for empowering her to live independently and safely in an environment free from domestic violence.

Our Vision is to see North Carolinians who experience a disability live in the communities of their choice and be empowered to address their own needs.

With your support, we can make that vision a reality!

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Alliance of Disability Advocates: In the News
Thank you to our Community Inclusion Specialist, Ashley Large, for speaking with ABC 11 on the challenges of accessibility in the workplace.

"The anniversary, near the end of Disability Pride Month, is a reminder that although law mandates access for people who are disabled, they must still overcome many hurdles to both getting to and inside the workplace."
On anniversary of ADA, some with disabilities worry...

Monday marks 31 years since the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA took effect. The anniversary, near the end of the Disability Pride Month, is a reminder that although law mandates access for people who are disabled, they must still overcome ...

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Find Your Spot, Take the Shot

4 COVID 19 vaccine bottles and pfizer logo in background
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for people 16 and older.

People aged 12 and older are eligible for the vaccination. A booster shot is available for certain immunocompromised individuals.
ADA staff can provide assistance to scheduling an appointment and help address any health concerns someone with a disability may have including arranging transportation or other assistance getting to the appointment.

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Fill out our COVID-19 Vaccine form today.
For Questions, email us at:

Hurricane Readiness
Satellite hurricane image. Text over the image "Are you Weather Ready?"
Visit for instructions on building a kit, and creating a family emergency and communication plan.

Remember to include hand sanitizer, face coverings, and sanitizing wipes in your kit.  

Residents interested in learning about their pre-determined coastal evacuation zone should visit  
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