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March 18, 2022

Vol. 5

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Dr. Tucker's Nutrition Advice

Peanut Butter VS Almond Butter

You and your metabolism are unique. Your favorite “healthy” food may be something causing you glucose spikes or may even be a food you are sensitive to (different than a food allergy). This causes low grade inflammation, leading to joint or muscle pain. Your favorite snack could be causing blood sugar spikes and mid-day energy crashes that hold you back from peak performance. An optimal diet should focus on foods that minimize blood sugar spikes. This is key for stable mood and energy levels and avoiding the risk factors for many common chronic diseases.


CHOOSE Organic Almond Butter (1 tablespoon) 

95 calories

8 g fat (1 g saturated)

4 g protein

3 g carbs

2 g fiber

Almond butter is a good alternative to peanut butter. Almond butter contains more bone-strengthening calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Almond butter typically has less mold than peanut butter. Plus, it's spared the sugar and hydrogenated fats added to many commercial brands of peanut butter.

Monitoring Your Glucose Levels

At a minimum, to find out more about your glucose, ask your doctor to test your HbA1c when you get your next blood test. HbA1c refers to glucose and hemoglobin joined together. Red blood cells live for up to 4 months, so HbA1c gives an indication of how much sugar there has been in the blood over the past few months.

If you want to do a deep dive into monitoring your blood glucose levels in real time, I recommend using the KETO-MOJO test kit. Keto-Mojo produces state-of-the-art blood glucose and ketone testing meters and strips at affordable prices for people living on a ketogenic diet. Be sure to use Dr. Tucker's link for $5 off your purchase with KETO-MOJO.

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Dr. Tucker's Tips For Working Out 

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TIP ONE - Perform body weight squats at least twice a week

For those of you in really good shape do them at the beginning of a workout as a warmup, or the end of each workout as a finisher. Your first goal is to build up to doing your age in reps. The second goal I tell my patients is to “build up to the number of reps that you want to live to be.” If you want to live to 100 years old, do 5 sets x 20 reps with a 30-45 second break between sets until you get the job done. 


Let me check your form so I know you are doing a proper squat. Good squats help maintain ankle mobility, lubricate the knees, are good for the hips and thoracic spine motion. Squats are good for the quads, calves and overall conditioning which will help you stay out of a wheelchair as you age.


More tip on squats: Vary your arm position. Some suggestions are arms held straight over head; arms straight out in front of your body; arms crossed over the chest; fingers interlaced and hands behind the head.


Personal note: I alternate sets of 20 reps of squats and 20 reps of pushups (usually to 200-300 reps depending on the amount of time I have) every Sunday. This is my rest day and I do this just to make sure I don’t lose my ability to do these important exercises.

Please make an appointment by calling (310) - 444 - 9393 if you'd like Dr. Tucker to check your form to ensure you're doing a proper squat.

TIP TWO - Train barefoot

This makes a big difference with squats, lunges, and deadlifts. I like the feel and I can practice watching my foot and ankles move easier. Being barefoot helps me practice stability and balance better. I also feel more ‘body’ connected on all my exercises when shoe free (even flat shoes such as Converse All Stars). I know it’s hard to go barefoot in a public workout facility so go with ‘minimal sole’ shoes.


For a bonus have a cup of coffee or black tea before working out. A little caffeine before workouts offers further enhancements. I also take two caps of MitoCore (ORDER BELOW) an hour before my morning training. Both help with focus and training intensity.

Dr. Tucker's Exercise Tips

Relieve Spine Restriction

In this video, Dr. Tucker walks you through some simple stretching exercises to relieve tightness and restriction. Get back to feeling like yourself again and seize the day by relieving your body's restriction.

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Relieve Fatigue And Stress With MitoCore

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Relieve Post Work-Out Soreness With PHYTO-ZOL

Don’t be fooled by CBD products that don’t penetrate the skin.

In addition to stretching, hemp-derived topicals such as PHYTO-ZOL are being used for pain relief. I recommend rubbing PHYTO-ZOL serum into tight areas on the body for injury prevention before and immediately after workouts.

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Dr. Jeffrey Tucker In The Media


The Biohack Doctor Podcast - Hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Tucker

Check out Dr. Jeffrey Tucker’s new podcast, Biohacking The Body - Light And Sound Therapy. In each episode, host, Dr. Tucker, brings in guests for discussion on things such as sound therapy, and the connection between mind and body. 

In the third episode of Biohacking The Body, Dr. Tucker brings in Sports Doctor, Dr. Jim Stray-Gundersen, to speak on B-Strong’s blood flow restriction bands and their incredible benefits in targeting muscle gain. 

Listen To The Podcast Here!

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker - The Biohack Doctor

This is a regular feature from Dr. Jeffrey Tucker that helps put you in the driver's seat when it comes to your health care. This is called Biohacking and Dr. Jeffrey Tucker is The Biohack Doctor!

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