Andi Holland
Executive Director
Welcome to our first issue of Peanut's Gallery! 
We are so excited to bring this new form of communication to you! Since moving to our new home in Yukon, God is expanding our program in truly miraculous ways! So many good things are happening that we want you to know about and be included in.

We are now touching and changing the lives of 54 riders and their families – all at no cost for our valuable services. Along with that comes a growing waiting list. As we continue to increase the number of instructors and add more volunteers, more classes will be added to the schedule to help meet demand. Speaking of the volunteer force, and I do mean force, our volunteer ranks have grown from 60 to 125! We are so grateful! What a difference location makes!

In addition to an exploding program, facility improvements are taking place at a record pace! So many of you have stepped up, offered up and showed up to check off a very long list of improvements that help our facilities look and work better for those we serve. There are way too many individuals to name in this message, but because of your passion and generosity towards this program, we now have a pavilion, an ADA restroom, improved plumbing, flowerbeds, white buildings and lots of white fence with more to come in the front pasture, improved footing in our arena and in our drive and walkways, security lighting and a completely renovated mobile home to help with staffing needs.

We are truly humbled to be a part of all God is doing for and through Savannah Station Therapeutic Riding Program. We are so grateful to have you on this journey with us. Thank you!

“Where is Lilly? Where is Lilly?” Lilly’s teachers sang countless times over 5 years, waiting for her to respond back with no success. Lilly, non-verbal and on the Autism spectrum, had yet to find effective treatment … until Savannah Station.

Riding in the Savannah Station program, Lilly has shown true progress. She now has a place to feel safe and a new-found friend in Tule, the horse she rides. One day, after riding, she returned to school and something amazing happened. When Lilly’s teachers sang, “Where is Lilly? Where is Lilly?” Lilly found her voice for the first time. She responded, “Here I am! Here I am!” The power of therapeutic riding is truly amazing. Thank you, Savannah Station, for helping my daughter find her voice and providing a place where she can feel comfortable to be herself.
Sheilah Mantooth, Savannah Station Parent
Capital Campaign UPDATE
Our Forever Home is a dream come true! We are constantly pinching ourselves! We have had a Grand Opening Celebration, a Family Picnic, a Ribbon Cutting, and now, our mission of Hope and Healing with Horses is in full swing.

Our new location has afforded us incredible growth. Savannah Station is grateful to be here! Every time we turn around, there is something else to be thankful for. You have an open invitation to tour our facility. Please give us a call at 580-278-6657.

Thank you to our many generous sponsors! Knowing you have joined our team and are supporting our riders gives us the determination we need to face the challenges that come with change. We are almost halfway to our financial goal. Please consider joining our mission.

There are many ways to take part in our growing mission and many capital campaign sponsorship opportunities are still available to help us reach our goal. Please click the box below for a full list.

Our riders are adjusting and loving our new forever home. Please consider helping Lilly and her friends stay OUTLOUD in the saddle.

Savannah Station would not exist without your support. WE COUNT ON YOU. Thank you for being a part of our family.
Upcoming Event
Sponsorship opportunities are now available! 580-303-2028

Make a difference in the lives of our special riders!
The Galloping for Hope Annual Barn Party is Savannah Station's major fundraiser of the year. This fundraiser keeps our riders in the saddle receiving their weekly equine assisted therapeutic services at no cost to their families. This fun-filled event includes a live and silent auction, dinner, dessert auction, cash bar, and lots of ways to help our special riders!
Spring Classes are
winding up!

We are working on gaining balance and strength. This month’s challenge for our riders was a butterfly pattern. We asked, “What does a caterpillar turn into?” Karly recognized the pattern without assistance and pointed, "Butterfly." Our riders are simply amazing. They are brave and find the best in every moment.
Hold onto Your Horses!

The TrailBlazers are here! We have begun our Senior’s-in-the-Saddle program for senior adults age 75 and above. The focus of the class is strength building, flexibility and memory retention. Watch out World!
Rubee was born in 2000 and is a rescued, Sorrel American Quarter Horse.
Rubee is a treasured save from a kill pen. Since joining the healing team she has won our hearts with her sweetness and quiet temperament. She has her own special need with only one eye that has added a new dimension to our classes. We have paired riders who have eyesight challenges with Rubee and it is so special for the rider to know they are not alone. Their horse, Rubee, totally understands how they feel.

Reagan’s Story. One of Rubee’s riders has transformed before our eyes. Before Savannah Station, Reagan was so very quiet and would not interact, but after just a couple sessions... Reagan was much more vocal, speaking clearly, and her school work improved. The teachers loved that what they saw happening on a horse at Savannah Station was carrying over into the classroom.
Q & A with Volunteers
1. What inspired you to volunteer? Loving God, people, and horses. The mission statement of Savannah Station inspires you to want to volunteer your time.

2. My favorite part is seeing the riders so happy when they ride. I love to see the weekly progress and interacting with the other amazing volunteers. It is truly a family. And of course... Wearing my cowboy boots!

3. What would you say to someone considering volunteering here? Just do it. You will love being a part of the Savannah Station family. The blessings you receive will far outweigh the time you give.

4. What do you like to do outside of your time at Savannah Station? Work, Read, walk, travel, kayak, be with family and friends.
1. What inspired you to volunteer? When I heard that Savannah Station was looking for volunteers, I jumped at the opportunity. I had recently experienced a catastrophic life change, and was desperately looking for a purpose. Savannah Station’s vision touched my heart and eventually my whole life, by giving me both.

2. My Favorite part is the progress and joy on a child’s face, the encouragement that another volunteer or staff member experiences, and the pride I see in the eyes of a horse as he works. I feel fulfilled and my faith grows.

3. What I would say to a person considering volunteering;  Volunteering is well worth the time, commitment and hard work that you will put into this. You will be cold, hot, tired and dirty. It will also inconvenience you and your daily schedule at times. It is not just a job, it is a dedication. It will do more than give you a way to be ‘doing good’ for others; it will change your life as it changes others. You will see God at work, a rare blessing. You will gain a family who will always have your back, both on and off of the Savannah Station ranch.

4. Outside of time at Savannah Station; I enjoy my family and friendships. I read and write, walk, stay outdoors as much as possible and engage in adventures such as scuba diving and zip lining whenever I can. Working at Savannah Station is my favorite regular activity. My life goal is to ‘love God and love people’, and when I am at Savannah Station, I get to do both!
Where miracles happen
in every class