September 2015 



I hope all of you had a fun and relaxing summer.  The girls are back at college, Sam in her senior year (yikes!) and Nicole, a junior.  Change is coming next year for both when Sam graduates in May and Nicole graduates in December, a full semester early!  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel for the college bills :)

Classic Fauxs & Finishes is also going through some changes.  As you can see, we have a new logo!  A shout out to Samantha Wilder Oliver Graphic Design for the awesome, contemporary design. Along with the new logo, CFF is getting an updated, more streamlined website.  The new site is being designed by Samantha Wilder and Lisa DiOrio of ITS Custom Web Solutions.  It will launch around the third week in October.  How exciting!!

Like the summer, fall is looking to be just as busy; the schedule is filling up pretty fast.  Also, I just returned from Chicago, having taken a cabinet and wall finishes class at the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes.  It was a very fun and informative class where I did six amazing cabinet finish samples and 7 new wall finishes. In addition, I got to meet many other decorative painters and artisans, see my friends at the studio in Chicago and eat dinner at Michael Jordan's Steakhouse!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the month.  Enjoy these last days of summer!



Peal Mica and Glitter Accent Wall

This accent wall is one of three wall finishes I did in a gorgeous, contemporary home in Acton.   I was initially called to redo a faux finish in the media room and hallway that had a lot of water damage from ice dams.  The ragged walls in both areas had been done 20 years ago and the homeowner liked the simplicity of the finish.  We chose to do something similar for the media room, but the hallway is getting a more contemporary, metallic textured finish.  It's being done this week so you'll have to wait until next month's newsletter to see it.   The accent wall shown here is part of the hallway.  After looking through my portfolio and seeing this beautiful, glitzy finish, the homeowner just had to have it. The accent wall was the perfect place for it.  The finish has pearl mica flakes, white glitter and silver glitter mixed into a wax.  A specialty primer was applied first.  The wall was then painted with a pale silver metallic paint and the mica and glitter mixture troweled on over that.  The result is a stunning and shimmery finish that the homeowner loves!




This is the sample that was done using the same materials.  It looks a little different because the photo was taken from above whereas on the accent wall, the light is more indirect.

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About Donna Flecchia

Donna Flecchia is owner and designer of Classic Fauxs and Finishes.  A detail-oriented professional with a passion for inspired decorative painting and design, she is dedicated to creating your design vision.  With her expert eye, she can help you enrich the ambiance of your home or business space.  Donna's passion for color and design has been lifelong.  She has studied various techniques including stenciling and decorative painting at The Massachusetts Institute of Surface Design, in Boston, MA and through Royal Design Studios, Chula Vista, CA.  She is a member of many professional artisan organizations including International Decorative Artisans League, Color & Paint Professional Group, International Decorative Painters & Faux Artists, Talk Faux International, and WIBC.  Donna was a partner of DM Faux Designs prior to launching Classic Fauxs and Finishes.  Donna's decorative finishes can be seen at the Burlington Swim and Tennis Club as well as in many private residences.  See her LinkedIn profile for more information about Donna. 


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