July 23, 2020
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New School Start Date
Tuesday, Sept. 8th

Summer Office Hours
July 13th-August 28th
9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.

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Due 7/27/20
Updates from Mrs. Moore
I am happy to announce that Pearl is filing for an elementary school waiver with the state and still plans to open in-person, on-campus in the fall. In order to make this happen, we are delaying the start of school until Sept. 8th. I am also excited to announce our new 3 tier plan explained below. Also look for a new school calendar soon on our Pearl News Page which will include a new ending date as well as an adjusted tuition payment schedule. First tuition payments are now due Aug. 15th. If you already paid in July, your next payment is not due till Sept. 15th.

The LA County guidelines seem to be pretty much what we were expecting with the addition of cloth masks for all students 100% of the time except when eating. We know the governor said 2nd grade and below won't be required to wear masks, but LA County is sticking firm to requiring all students to wear masks. We will adapt as guidelines change, but we must follow LA County guidelines.

Parents will be able to choose any of the 3 tiers listed below and can change weekly according to their comfort level. Parents need to notify the office by the Thursday before in order to make a change for the next week in order to give the teachers time to prepare.

Tier 1. In Person- Students will come to school every day. They will be 6 feet apart and wear masks. The school day would go from 8:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m. or 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. daily. Instruction will include all regular classes including Spanish, Music, Art, Honors (by grade) and PE. Morning and Afternoon Dolphin Club would be available through the annual plan, but not as a daily option. That includes no complimentary DC for Kare members as we cannot run shuttle buses.

Tier 2. Hybrid- Students will come to school every day from 8:00-11:00 a.m. for K-2 and 11:30 for 3-5. During this time, students will be kept 6 feet apart with masks in the classroom with no free play time. They will have one 20 min. supervised break where they will be closely monitored for washing hands with soap and water, eating a snack and have their choice of sitting and talking 6 feet apart or running laps without a mask 12 feet apart if they want a little exercise. (Note: This is not necessarily a smaller class, it only deducts the students that are doing all distance learning. It simply takes out the risk of activities like lunch and PE as well as cutting down the time they have to wear masks.) Teachers will focus morning instruction on any new material along with assignments that need to be done in person like tests or work the students need more help on. Each day hybrid students will be sent home with age appropriate afternoon work they should be able to do independently. Hybrid students will not receive live instruction in Music, Art or PE, but will have access to the Encore page on Gradelink for activities they can do on their own.

Tier 3. Distance Only- Students will follow a similar plan as hybrid, but will need to expect to be on Zoom all morning with the same schedule as hybrid including the same 20 min. break. This means the teachers can see them and students would even be able to take tests etc. simultaneously with the in class students.

Catch the
Reading Bug!
This summer's reading incentive theme is "Catch the Reading Bug." Students are challenged to read 10 hours and can put one bug sticker per hour in their bug jar. Students who complete the challenge will receive a prize when we come back to school in the fall. Contact the Pearl Office if you do not have your form and stickers yet.
Summer Learning Ideas
It is really important, especially this summer to keep your children doing something educational to avoid the typical summer learning loss. There are lots of online programs available right now and all the Honors & Encore Class links will remain available on Gradelink and our Pearl Distance Learning website.
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