July 1, 2020
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Back-To-School News Page
Updates & Survey Follow-up from Mrs. Moore
I want to thank everyone who took the time to participate in our recent Back to School 2020 survey. We had almost 100% of our families participate. Please note that we know things are constantly changing and we will be asking you again in a month to complete another survey to let us know where you are at that point. Planning guides from the state along with your feedback are very helpful as we prepare for the fall. But, this is a fluid situation and things change daily. We still haven’t received official regulations and realize that it will be an ongoing process. With that said, here is where we think we are at currently:
1.        The majority of our Pearl Parents want to return in-person to school. With that said, we are still proceeding on that premise for the fall as we can meet the current state guidelines to do that. We also realize there are parents who are not ready to do that yet. Please know that we are committed to work with you and are looking into ways to video class sessions and provide curriculum for them to do at home until you feel comfortable having them on campus.
2.       Masks are causing a current state of contention throughout our country and our Pearl families reflect that. However, this is something that will be set by the state and county guidelines which seem to constantly be changing and I cannot predict what that will be on August 17th. Based on the current research and trends, I would encourage you to find comfortable masks for your child(ren) and find ways to help them get used to them as I am assuming masks will be mandatory at some level come fall.
3.       Dolphin Club - We realize that many of you are working parents and need this resource. We plan to offer Dolphin Club for regular monthly participants at the standard price of $160 a month. Based on current guidelines, you would need to commit to pay for a monthly plan, so that we can keep everyone in consistent small groups of 10.  From survey feedback, it looks like we can create a group with an earlier check-out time that would be offered at a discounted rate. Morning Dolphin Club could potentially operate on the same premise with $60 regular monthly rate and a discounted rate for those arriving at 7:30 a.m.
4.       We are currently looking at school hours of 8:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. to stagger times for pick-up/drop-off. You would be able to drop-off your child starting 15 minutes before that. Those staying at Dolphin Club would need to be in the later time. We would not have late start Wednesdays on this plan, but rather keep start times consistent every day.
5.       Under Covid-Regulations, Bus Shuttles to Kare/RHP and Free Afternoon Dolphin Club for Kare members may not be feasible. However, we are still planning on the East Bus run from Upland and Wingate Park. This is just a heads up, not an official statement.
6.       We usually do a Back-to-School packet of forms in July. We have decided to move into the 21st Century and be “Green” and “Covid” friendly by doing these forms online. This will also make it possible to adapt quicker as things change. So, look for links on our Pearl News page where we will strive to give you the latest “intel.” This will also be where we will post our family friendly Pearl Back-to-School 2020 Video with what to expect as we return. We might even get a guest appearance from “Professor Egghead”.
Catch the
Reading Bug!
This summer's reading incentive theme is "Catch the Reading Bug." Students are challenged to read 10 hours and can put one bug sticker per hour in their bug jar. Students who complete the challenge will receive a prize when we come back to school in the fall. Contact the Pearl Office if you do not have your form and stickers yet.
Summer Learning Ideas
It is really important, especially this summer to keep your children doing something educational to avoid the typical summer learning loss. There are lots of online programs available right now and all the Honors & Encore Class links will remain available on Gradelink and our Pearl Distance Learning website.
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