Weekly Updates: Tuesday, April 9th
Pearl News
Special Open House Edition
Math Contest
The 3rd-5th grade competed in the Noetic Learning Math Contest last week. Congratulations to our top students who will go on to compete nationally.
3rd Grade - Joshua Fairley, Midori Lo, Isaiah Soto & Thomas Gallegos (tie for 3rd)
4th Grade -Nathan Marshall, Jazmine Murrieta & Elias Har
5th Grade -Ethan Lo, Lu En He & Michael Young-Bowers
Coming Soon
PAL is planning a Disney Themed Teacher Appreciation Week coming up on April 29th. PAL has planned some fun activities for the week. Look for a flyer following Easter Vacation.
The final reading incentive outing of the year will be to Chuck E. Cheese on Tuesday, May 28th for all those students who make their 50 hour goal. So keep reading everyone!
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