Weekly Updates: Tuesday, Jan. 29th
Pearl News
This Week at Pearl-Jan. 28th

Joe "The Trick Star"
The students enjoyed a great assembly last week put on by Joe Odhiambo, the World's Greatest Dribbler. He broke a Guinness Book World Record here at Pearl and we will be listed in the next printing. Check it out in the video.
Pearl Now Enrolling
Pearl Prep is now accepting applications for Fall 2019 Enrollment. Please help us spread the word! There are new flyers now available in the Pearl Office. Remember you can earn a $100 tuition credit for referrals that attend Pearl in the Fall.
Coming Soon
Reading Incentive
We want to encourage everyone to keep reading as the 30 Hour Reading Prize is the ever popular breakfast at Flames Restaurant! The 30 hour deadline is this Friday, February 1st, so don't miss out! We will be going to Flames on Tuesday, Feburary 5th.
PI Family Night
PAL Family Night will be the start of our Pearl PI Day. We will be having pizza and fun math games which will end with our spring play, "It's Elementary School, My Dear Watson" You won't want to miss the fun. Save the date March 13th!
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