Weekly Updates: Tuesday, Oct. 8th
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School Drop-Off
Our number one priority in the school parking lot is your child's safety. Follow these guidelines when dropping off your child to ensure all our children's safety:
1 . Enter in the driveway on S. Peck Rd and exit on Longden during the busy time, 15 min. before school starts.
2.  Drop your child off quickly by the crosswalk by the walk-in gate or park and walk them across the parking lot.
3 . Do not park in areas designated "No Parking". Especially across the front of school where you would have to back-up into the line of traffic.
Grandparents' Day
The annual Pearl Grandparents' Day will be held on Nov. 7th. Please let your child's grandparents know to save the date. The students are marking invitations this week to mail. Let us know if you would like an adopted grandparent for the day. Please return your addressed envelopes right away if you have not done so. We are having a circus theme this year and the students' are already practicing a medley from "The Greatest Showman."
Honors Arts Robotics
Coming Soon
PAL Contest
The PAL Membership Contest continues! Thank you to all those who have donated. Every class to reach 100% by Oct. 11th will get a "No Homework Pass". Current top 3 classes: 4th 80%, Kinder 77% and 5th 76%.
Parent Conferences
Parent Conferences are this week on October 8th-10th. Please be prompt and go into your classroom at the designated time to help teachers stay on track. School will dismiss at 11:30 on Oct. 8th & 10th. Dolphin Club is available.
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