Pebble Mine's Toxic Threat to Alaska - Public Comments Due July 1
A Note From Les Gara
June 20, 2019

Dear Alaska Friends and Neighbors,

I don't believe in trading the world's greatest wild salmon and trout waters, and a way of life in Bristol Bay, for a foreign-owned toxic mega-mine. There are 1.4 billion tons of reasons why a toxic Pebble Mine is the Wrong Mine in the Wrong Place. 

They begin with a Trojan Horse plan that would store 1.4 billion tons of toxic sludge and earth near two of Bristol Bay's most important Salmon drainages. Toxic sludge that, with the presence of tons of mined pyrite, can turn to sulfuric acid when exposed to air and water. That's just the first phase of a mine the owners admit will eventually be expanded eight-fold to store 11 billion tons of toxic waste, sludge and removed earth.

Public comments on this mine, and our concerns, are due July 1. Please share this newsletter with friends, and note there is a link if people would like to sign up for future newsletters , which you might want to share with friends. Thanks!

Writing Public Comments

I've written on this mine, and the details of the dangers it poses. I'll include that link here.

Here is a list of sources you can use, both easy ones and ones with more detail, if you need them to write your own comments . Or you may have enough information on your own. Whatever you choose as your source, please write something.

Public Comments : You can send your comments to

Easiest Links: Three groups have easy links to help you write comments. You can go to (United Tribes of Bristol Bay Website), or to view more information and comment links. 

One group details the information that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may find most relevant in comments, and my May Newsletter also details the dangers the Pebble Mine threatens.

The links to those are:

My May Pebble Newsletter: Wrong Mine Wrong Place

And the Most Comprehensive Website For Finding Information to Use in Comments:

Thanks for speaking up!

And let me know if you have questions (

My Best,

Les Gara