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October — 2019 
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by Ed Hazelwood — Co-Acting President PPTC
It is worth it to note the many things that former president, Bob Bernstein, has contributed to our club over the years and to thank him for it.
With that I want to say a hearty thank you to Bob for his devotion to PPTC over the years and recognize many of his efforts.
Personally, I have always considered Bob my friend. We met in the early 2000s when I first started riding with the club, mostly on rides in Maryland.
Bob was one of the people I met very early in my association with PPTC. It started with joining Maryland rides he was leading. Before long he and others inspired me to take a crack at leading rides myself. I remember asking Bob for advice before signing up to lead my first ride out of Harwood. He showed up to watch the process and ride.

Bob has led many club rides over the years. One of his signature rides is the ride on Kent Island on the Eastern Shore. Flat and always a headwind.

After years as a ride leader Bob become more involved in PPTC becoming chairman the first time in 2012. The following year he also ran the Back Roads Century. A very challenging job. Bob has more than 15 years of involvement with the club in a variety of capacities such as:

  • Ride Leader (2003-Present)
  • MD B Ride Coordinator (2005-2010)
  • ExCom member (2209-2010)
  • Century Chair (2013)
  • Chair Elect (2011)
  • Chair, and President (2012, 2017-2019)
It’s a lot to ask of a person to devote that much of their time and energy to a volunteer organization. The key here is Bob really cares about PPTC. He also helped drive some of the development of the club. There are a number of things he is particularly proud of.
  • Creation of standardized "Policy Memos" to document ExCom decisions for future ExComs
  • Balancing the budget after years of overspending
  • Approval of a Club jersey (the one with the wheel on the back) and Club 50th Anniversary jersey
  • Participated as an Ex-officio member of Governance Committee. Suggested present ExCom organization
  • Ensured that vice presidents had not only the responsibility but the freedom to run their areas of responsibility
  • Created the first PPTC ExCom Nominating Committee
  • Revised the By Laws to bring the Club into compliance with DC law and modern realities
  • Created the first Backroads Century Guidebook (2013)
That’s a lot of the official stuff. But there is also the riding. For a while he was doing and then leading the Midweek Madcap ride where he met his first riding group. Glad to say I made it out to Greenbelt once to join him on that ride. Another ride with fond memories for Bob was the old Ivy Lane rides on Wednesdays. Bob says the most miles he ever did in a single day was the BBC ride in Chesterton where he rode 123 miles and followed it up with dancing. Says he slept the entire trip home. I personally recall Bob doing two centuries back to back. Seagull on Saturday followed by another out of La Plata on Sunday. I know because I was nuts enough to do it with him.
With that Bob, I just want to say thank you. See you on the road and as you are so fond of saying,.. Keep the rubber side down.
Ed Hazelwood
Co-Acting President PPTC

The 10th Annual Larry’s Ride hosted by Bike Maryland will be held on Saturday, October 19th, from 7:00 AM-4:00 PM 2019 at Oregon Ridge Park in Baltimore County. Oregon Ridge Park is located at 13401 Beaver Dam Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030-21030.

Larry's Ride is named for Larry Bensky, who was struck by a car and killed while bicycling on Butler Road, near Falls Road, in Baltimore County. Please help us raise awareness of cyclists, remember Larry and bring attention to the need for increased driver awareness on our roads in Maryland. More info about Larry's Ride can be found at

Riders have the choice between four challenging and fully supported routes through the beautiful rural Maryland countryside. You may choose a distance of 16, 26, 38, or 62 miles. Departure times vary and are based on the route selected, with cyclists riding the longer routes departing earlier. No matter which route you choose, come early and enjoy a cup of coffee and a bagel courtesy of Kismet Cafe of Sykesville Then join fellow riders for a post-ride celebration, a grilled lunch, craft beer, music and a full afternoon of socializing.

Entertainment provided by Harry Abramson.

Proceeds from Larry's Ride support Bike Maryland. Bike Maryland is the voice of cyclists in Maryland and is always working to improve and protect your right to bike on the local and state level ​ and improve the bicycling experience for everyone in Maryland through educational programs, legislative involvement and safety initiatives.

Bike Maryland would like to thank Larry’s ride 2019 sponsors; Benjamin F. Edwards, Meyers and Stauffer LC. A limited number of sponsorships are still available.
Registration is open. To register please click here or visit us at

Potomac Pedalers is soliciting candidates to serve on the Executive Committee next year, 2020. Candidates will be elected at our annual meeting in November, 2019 (date to be announced). Occupants of each position serve for 2 years. There will be a special election for the president/chair. The other open positions are: at-large to be designated as vice pres/chair special events, at-large to be designated as vice pres/chair century, recording secretary, and at-large member (with no additional specified title). 
You are encouraged to nominate yourself or a person you believe will represent the interests of club members. The club is only as strong as its volunteers who serve on the ExCom and in many other roles! The only requirement is that a candidate must be a current PPTC member (dues paid). 
Please forward candidate nominations for these various positions to Carol Linden ( by October 31 , with a brief description of background and interest in serving in the position.

As of publication, the slate of candidates for the annual meeting is: (nominations are still open)

  • Anne Hyman-President
  • Ed Hazelwood-At-Large
  • Stephen Krill-At-Large
Visit our store now! Offer ends October 15 2019

by Dalis Davidson & Margaret McBride
The Back Road Century is a wrap for 2019! And a resounding success in spite of excessive heat and issues with road marking and signage. Many riders shared how much they enjoyed the routes, the rest stops and the post party. Thanks to all 910 cyclists who registered and rode!

Thanks, too, to the 125 volunteers who helped organize, place signage, load trucks, pick up riders, take calls in the command center, park cars, guide and marshal, feed us, sell merch, and so much more. This is what makes this club a club! The reward for us was meeting all these fine folks. It’s like being in a huge family united by a passion for cycling who love coming together for a fun ride and party in a beautiful area.

Thank you again for riding with us and sharing a weekend in what we love to do: cycle.

by Anne C.M. Hyman

As I was wiping sweat from my brow as the sun dropped below the Shepherdstown horizon, one of my incredible volunteers said to me, “It’s such a bummer that you didn’t get to do the Century today”.

I explained to him how I was very much at peace with both feet on the ground for the day. First, I had a 112 mile ride planned for the next weekend- sandwiched between a 2.4 mile swim and a 26.2 mile run, and that’s more than enough excitement for me for one season. But second, and more importantly, I did feel like I was out with everyone.

I felt like I rode in everyone’s wake as they left campus, after I had waved goodbye to them and instructed them on the corner of West Campus Drive.

I had spent months planning, coordinating with the steering committee and local planners to ensure that everyone on the roads had the chance for a successful day in the saddle.

I had trained my rest stop captains and the Shepherd University students to safely take care of everyone out there, and had seen their smiles that they greeted everyone with firsthand before anyone else had that experience.

After the cyclists rolled out into the foggy morning, I spent hours listening in on the SAG radios and communicating with my team, learning about the rider experiences out on the six courses as everyone rode along.

I visited the rest stops to drop off extra ice and supplies and sampled their wares. I have to say, the potatoes and tomato sandwiches this year tasted extra delicious.

I cheered on the cyclists as they rolled back into campus, and I was able to take in a moment of the fine bluegrass music under the refuge of a shady tree at the Popodicon as cyclists perused the food and vendor offerings.

So to say that I wasn’t out “doing the century” isn’t exactly an accurate assessment. I had “done” the century almost once a week, in every planning meeting, since March with the steering committee. We envisioned the day from every angle before anyone’s wheels rolled out of campus. I knew how successful we could be on that Sunday, because I had seen how hard everyone had worked for it. Without the dedication and care of our volunteers, the hospitality of Shepherd University, and the diligence of our local team, this event would never shine as it does, and I’m so proud of everyone who gave up some of their annual mileage to help fulfill other cyclists’ goals for our event.

This feeling of success, seeing all of you enjoy our events safely and happily, is what motivates me to do my best for the Century and PPTC. It may mean planning sessions starting before the roads are thawed from Winter and late night phone calls and troubleshooting well into Autumn, but to see everyone enjoy why we’re all a part of this community make it all worthwhile. Maybe next year I’ll actually join you all on the roads, but more than likely I’ll find myself doing my own version of the century again.

Anne C.M. Hyman
Acting President, PPTC
VP, Special Events, PPTC
Rest Stop Coordinator, BRC

Longwood Cycling Weekend Postponed!
by Anne CM Hyman
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Longwood Cycling weekend in the Brandywine
Valley will be postponed until Fall of 2020. Stay tuned early in the season for information
on registration for this special event!