Pediatric CRG Announcements
December 2017

RIG Prioritization Activities

The Pediatric CRG includes 5 Research Interest Groups (RIGs): Autism , Cerebral Palsy , Epilepsy , Hypertension , and Sickle Cell Disease

The RIGs launched their prioritization activities on November 21st . If you are interested in participating, please email .

Current numbers below:

2017 Successes
Global Pediatric Trials Network
With leadership from PEDSnet, the CRG provided support (21 networks endorsed the application) for an FDA proposal to establish the Global Pediatric Clinical Trials Network (RFA FD-17-014). The application was successful and the project launched October 2017.

Pediatric CRG Application Submitted November 11th
  • New funding period from January-August 2018
  • Decision announced on December 11th

2017 Membership Campaign
  • 2016 membership: 34
  • 2017 membership: 140

2018 Plans (if funded)
  • Creation of new RIGs (in the membership campaign survey, individuals provided ideas for 16 additional RIGs)
  • Future Research Projects (the Pediatric Collaborative Research Group anticipates funding face-to-face meetings for new research project teams and facilitating access to the PCORnet data network for preliminary data)
 Website.  The PCORnet Pediatric Collaborative Research Group's website is now live. Click to find out more about the CRG's active projects , Research Interest Groups ( RIGs ), and how to get involved .


  • The Autism RIG collaborated with PEDSnet, IAN, and the Autism Treatment Network on a paper contrasting each of the three networks data for use in autism research. The paper is in press with the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

  • A second paper is under development describing pediatric clinical and health services research in PCORnet and presenting results from the Table 1 query.

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