Featured Videos - May 2020
Pediatric Cardiac Videos
DHZB Lange Symposium, Berlin

ACHD Videos
BCCA 2019, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Pediatric Cardiac Videos
15th DHZB Lange Symposium
Pediatric Cardiology Featured Videos
by PD Dr. med. Evgenij Potapov; Berlin, Germany
RT 20:00
by Dr. med. Oliver Miera; Berlin, Germany
RT 22:25
by PhD Marcus Granegger; Berlin, Germany
RT 14:00
by Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Zimpfer; Wien, Austria
RT 22:10
ACHD Videos
BCCA 2019, Newcastle Upon Tyne
ACHD Videos

Dr. Robert Pass’ Pediatric Cardiology Featured Podcasts
Pediheart: Pediatric Cardiology Today, with Robert Pass, MD
A review of the latest literature and thought leaders in pediatric cardiovascular care.

ACHA Webinars for Patients and Families
ACHD Imaging: Doc, Do I Really Need All These Tests?
Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m. EDT
Presenters: Seiji Ito, MD, and Marguerite Wevers, RN
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