2018 - June Edition
Edward Curry, MD, FAAP  
President, AAP-CA2    2016 - 2018 
My term as President of Chapter 2 has ended. It has been an amazing and rewarding two years as your Chapter President. During my term, I was able to advocate for Children's Healthcare needs in Washington DC and Sacramento on multiple occasions. The Chapter has developed partnerships and collaborated with multiple organizations dedicated to the health and well being of children such as First 5 Los Angeles, First 5 San Bernardino, and First 5 Ventura County, Head Start Los Angeles and Riverside, and Preschool Services San Bernardino. We have had numerous Town Hall meetings in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties. We had a series of Town Hall meetings on Developmental and Autism Screening to help Pediatricians identify children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and connect them with resources in their local area. Our annual Pediatric Symposium had great clinical topics and provided insights on advocacy. The Symposium highlighted the research of our own Residents and Medical Students. Recently, the Chapter has partnered and is working with More LA Smiles, a UCLA-led consortium funded by CA DHCS through the California Medi-Cal 2020 Demonstration to provide dental care for Medi-Cal children thru education of medical and dental providers.
The most rewarding aspect of my presidency was meeting people from multiple walks of life, from pediatricians, parents, and nurses, to educators, administrator, and politicians who are dedicated and passionate about the health and well being of all children. Their energy was infectious and will provide me with the energy to continue advocating for the health and well-being of children.  
We just had our Chapter election and our new chapter President is Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAP. Our new Vice President is Damodara Rajasekhar, MD, FAAP, along with a new full Board of Directors. I would like to congratulate our new Board of Directors.
2016-2018 Chapter 2 President Edward Curry, MD, FAAP passes the Gavel to new Chapter 2 President Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAP 
Most importantly, I would like to thank our 2016 to 2018 Chapter 2 Board of Directors for all their support, enthusiasm, and dedication in furthering the Chapter's effort to protect the well-being of children.  
As I sign off for the final time, the Chapter and I will continue to fulfill the AAP's mission statement to attain optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. I hope you will continue to support the Chapter in this ongoing mission.
Finally, I would like to wish all the fathers a very warm and family fulfilled Father's Day.
AAP-CA2 President 2016 - 2018 
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AAP-CA2 Chapter Elections  
2018 - 2020 AAP-CA2 Board of Directors Elections Results
Paula Whiteman
Paula Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP 

Paula J. Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP
2015-18 Representative, AAP-District IX CFMC  
2014-2016 President, AAP-CA2
Chair, AAP-CA2 Nominating Committee

The AAP-CA2 Nominating Committee is please to report the results of the AAP-CA2 Board of Directors (BOD) election. The BOD is comprised of the Executive Board (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past President), Members-at-Large and Area Representatives from various counties in our chapter.  
Voting Fellows had the opportunity to vote for the elected positions on the AAP-CA2 BOD - Members-at-Large, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice President (President-elect).  The Vice President also serves as President-elect, transitioning into the role of President for the following term for institutional memory. Alice Kuo, MD, PhD, MBA, FAAP transitions into AAP-CA2 president with Ed Curry, MD, FAAP, moving into the position of immediate past president. Damodara Rajasekhar, MD, FAAP is the new AAP-CA2 vice president.
There was a very tight race for the Members-at-Large. Given the flexibility of our chapter bylaws, instead of having a runoff election, we will expand the members-at-large. Please welcome:  
Dafna Ahdoot, MD, FAAP; Cynthia Baker, MD, FAAP; Daniel Bruckner, MD; Cori Cross, MD, FAAP; Nneka Edwards-Jackson, MD, FAAP; Pallavi Kamra, MD, FAAP; Mona Patel, MD, FAAP;
Melissa Ruiz, MD, MPH, FAAP; Kenneth Saul, MD, FAAP; Leila Yoonessi, MD, MPH, FAAP; and Tracy Zaslow, MD, FAAP, CAQSM.

Please click this link for further information regarding our 2018-2020 AAP-CA2 BOD.
  • Kevin Fang, MD, FAAP is the AAP-CA2 Early Career Physicians Representative.
  • Sural Shah, MD, MPH, FAAP is the Committee Chair for our new Committee on Immigrant Health.
  • Melissa Ruiz, MD, MPH, FAAP has transitioned into the new role of CATCH Facilitator
Congratulations to all!
Laura Mabie, MD, FAAP
Helen DuPlessis, MD, MPH, FAAP
Paula Whiteman, MD, FACEP, FAAP (chair)
The AAP-CA2 Nominating Committee is formed of the last 3 past presidents, with the immediate past president serving as chair of the committee.
AAP-CA  Statewide Advocacy
LA-HPAC: Sac Capitol office
Have you visited the AAP-CA website lately?
Advocacy efforts on behalf of the four California Chapters is conducted from the office of AAP-CA CEO, Kris Calvin.

Advocacy Priorities
Universal ACCESS to quality, comprehensive pediatric care in a medical home, including access to vaccines and behavioral and mental health treatment for every child in California, including vulnerable populations such as children with special health care needs, foster children, children of immigrant families, LGBTQ youth and the list goes on.

Please visit AAP-CA.org/Advocacy to learn more about the current Advocacy Priorities and the list of High Priority Bills.
In The Community  
May 21 more LA smiles Kick-Off

2016-2018 AAP-CA2 President Edward Curry, MD, FAAP and AAP-CA2 Executive Director Tomás Torices, MD attended the kick-off of the more LA smiles UCLA Dental Transformation Initiative.

In a four year project funded by the California Department of Health Care Services, the project aims to improve oral health care for 500,000 children insured by Medi-Cal in Los Angeles County. The project incorporates Quality Improvement, clinical training, the implementation of a Dental Registry, and linking pediatric practices with the needed dental care resources.

On Left, UCLA faculty Moira Inkelas, PhD, MPH provides details on how physicians will participate in this QI project. (Pictured on right, from Left) more LA smiles Program Director Jim Crall, DDS; Care1st Health Plan Chief Medical Officer Tanya Dansky, MD, FAAP; and 2016-2018 AAP-CA2 President Edward Curry, MD, FAAP. Dr. Curry and Dr. Dansky are two of approximately 15 select professionals who serve on the Oral Health Improvement Collaborative Senior Advisory Board.
FACTS: Tooth decay is the most common chronic condition experienced by children in California.
  • In LA County, 54% of kindergartners have tooth decay.
  • 71% of California children have tooth decay by third grade.
  • Children often see their primary medical provider up to 11 times before ever visiting a dentist.
  • Only 25% of young children enrolled in Medi-Cal/Denti/Cal received a preventive dental service in 2015
Read below for an opportunity to participate in this innovative dental project in LA County. 
May 30, Los Angeles - Immigrant Health Initiative

The AAP-CA2 Immigrant Health Initiative (IHI) had its first meeting on May 30, 2018. Twenty-four members have currently joined the initiative from a range of academic, county and community health centers. Meeting attendees set priorities and goals for the IHI, including hosting a Town Hall on care of the immigrant child, developing immigrant health-related resolutions for the AAP legislative conference and pursing local advocacy efforts across institutions. Next steps for the IHI include a meeting later in the summer where members will review and discuss AAP policy statements and resources for immigrant health, and set an advocacy agenda. The IHI aims to be an action-oriented group as well as an educational resource. Interested members may join the chapter IHI here and the national Immigrant Health Special Interest Group through the Council on Community Pediatrics.

(From left) Amy Shekarchi, MD, FAAP; Lisa Gantz, MD;  Raymen Assaf, MD; Nneka Edwards-Jackson, MD, FAAP; Committee Chair Sural Shah, MD, FAAP; Alexa Monroy, MD; and Dina Brent, MD, FAAP

May 30, in Victorville - Town Hall/Dinner

Local pediatricians gathered at Thai Dawn Bistro in Victorville on May 30, 2018 for a Town Hall/Dinner Meeting organized by (On left in image shown below) Damodara Rajasekhar, MD, FAAP, AAP-CA2 Area Representative in San Bernardino - High Desert (and newly elected AAP-CA2 vice president.)  The clinical topic of the evening was pediatric skin disorders. The meeting concluded with the customary updates on the California Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  
Local pediatricians at Thai Dawn Bistro on June 30, 2018. Guest speaker Janiene Luke, MD, FAAD (left of center, in yellow dress) spoke on the management of common skin disorders in children. Dr. Luke is a dermatologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center.
May 30, in Woodland Hills -  Town Hall / Dinner
AAP-CA2 Member At Large, Ken Saul, MD, FAAP hosted a Town Hall at Roy's of Woodland Hills on May 30. Guest speaker (Bottom right on image below) Derek A. Ott, MD, Director, UCLA Pediatric Neuropsychiatric Clinic presented new therapeutic options in the management of ADHD. 
Following the feature presentation, Dr. Saul engaged the audience as usual, beginning with his Sports Trivia, and culminating with topics of interest and controversy. This event was generously sponsored by Shire.

UCLA QI Project 
UCLA Recruiting Practices for Oral Health QI Project

In an effort to improve children's oral health, More LA Smiles (a UCLA Dental Transformation Initiative funded by the California Department of Health Care Services) is offering support to providers serving children on Medi-Cal ages 0-18 in LA County.
This Oral Health Improvement Collaborative (OHIC) is inviting community clinics that have on-site dental care, or are interested in collaborating with dental care providers serving children, to participate. The OHIC is a 10 month collaborative based on the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Breakthrough Series model that provides practices with coaching in evidence-based care processes, including timely referral to a dental provider, assessing caries risk in well child care, risk-based periodicity of fluoride application, coordination of care, and effectively supporting healthy home routines.

Participating providers will receive Improving Performance in Practice (Part IV) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit as well as Continuing Education credit and stipends to partially offset the costs of personnel attending in-person learning sessions.

Informational webinar on June 20
The application deadline is July 16, 2018 for a September 2018 start date.

To apply or learn more, go to:  http://www.morelasmiles.org/quality.html  or email  moreLAsmiles@ucla.edu

Immigrant Health Initiative - IHI 

Advocating for Immigrant Children: Join the AAP-CA2 Immigrant Health Initiative!
Join the AAP-CA2 chapter Immigrant Health Initiative (IHI)! The IHI will be a dynamic local network for advocacy, education and mentorship for chapter members caring for our diverse immigrant children. We will also partner with the national AAP Immigrant Health Special Interest Group to engage in national advocacy campaigns and share resources for promoting immigrant health.
Click here to join the IHI!
Practice patterns of general pediatricians regarding counseling for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and HPV vaccination - SURVEY
As you know, HPV is a major risk factor for head and neck cancers, particularly of the oropharynx. Younger, healthier patients are increasingly being diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancers because of the rising incidence of HPV. With the availability of the HPV vaccine and the increasing knowledge of HPV in relation to head and neck cancer, we feel it would be very interesting and a great value to the medical field to understand the extent of HPV counseling and vaccination currently being provided to pediatric patients. 
Thank you in advance for your participation.
Michael Berger, MD - resident physician in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of California Irvine Medical Center
Needed: Board certified pediatricians to perform case management conferences for CCS patients in the medical therapy units in Los Angeles County. Required: 5 year's experience with children/youth with special health care needs. Part time (4-8 hr shifts). Flexible days (Mon. through Fri.). Training provided.
Compensation: $123.75/hr + mileage
Contact: Mary Doyle, MD, FAAP, Associate Medical Director, LA Co. CCS @ (626) 569-6484 or madoyle@ph.lacounty.gov
Expanded DBP Services - at UCLA  
UCLA Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics 
Our Services
Developmental Assessments & Follow-Up Care
At UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital, our experts in the UCLA Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Program care for children with developmental and behavioral disorders.
Our team includes three developmental-behavioral pediatricians, a child psychologist and a developmental-behavioral pediatric fellow.
Typical referrals to our program include:
Concern for autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning and/or developmental-behavioral difficulties, motor delay, cerebral palsy, global developmental delay, intellectual disability, and behavioral feeding concerns.
We now provide assessment, follow-up and treatment services five days a week, and have reduced our wait time for new appointments to 2-4 weeks after a family returns our Intake Form.
To make a referral or request information, please contact our program coordinator Rosaura "Chala" Cueva at DBP@mednet.ucla.edu or by calling 310-794-1456. We accept all types of insurance.
AAP-CA2 Video: We Are The AAP-CA Chapter 2 -  2017

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