There’s something delicious about poking around someone else’s house, seeing how they do things and how they live. The same holds true for gardeners. It’s fun to mosey around a person’s backyard and discover new, exotic plants or cleverly creative ways to present the tried and true.
Knowledge for Life e-News          May 2016

It's finally here; the Johnson County Extension Master Gardener Public Garden Tour. This is your chance to witness gardening at its best, up close and personal. The garden owners will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Also this month, find out; how to prepare savory veggies, what's fun for your 7 - 9 year old this summer, what's digging up your lawn and how to stop it, and what to do now that the tax season is finally over. For our AG friends, we have some tips that will help with production.

May 20 and 21: 6 Private Gardens
April tickets: $12   May tickets: $15
Public Garden Tour Not to be Missed
The gardens are prepped and at their full glory for the Extension Master Gardener Public Garden Tour. This tour only comes around every-other-year. Don't miss out on your chance to be inspired and learn from the experts. Tickets are available for purchase online, at the office or any Johnson County Hen House Market location starting May 1. Can't wait? Take a virtual tour.
Got Milkweed?
Milkweed is the food source for the monarch butterfly. Without milkweed the monarch butterflies have no place to lay their eggs. We've heard about the plight of the monarch butterfly. Here are several varieties of milkweed you can add to your garden to attract and help the monarchs.
Jump into summer!
Wild Clover Camp for Youth 7 – 9
Are you looking for a new camp experience for your child? We're offering kids 7 - 9 a 24-hour overnight camp so that younger youth can dip their toes into a positive outdoor experience. Registration details here.
Be Kind to Your Veggies: Roast Them!
Why do some veggies taste divine but others leave us cold? It's all in the preparation. Find out this simple way to prepare savory and sweet and utterly delectable vegetables.
Online Banking
Do you bank on the Internet? Is it safe? There are cost benefits to banking online. Find out if online banking is right for you.
Income Tax "After Action Review"
Now that tax season is over take a few minutes and review. Did you have to scramble for any last minute documents? Was your tax return too large? Did you owe Uncle Sam? Here are some tips you can follow this year to make next tax season run smoothly.
Moles Damaging Lawns
Are you finding mounds of soil in your lawn? Is your lawn lumpy when you mow? Chances are good you've got moles. Poison peanuts, chewing gum and other so-called remedies don't work. Find out the surefire way to get rid of moles from your yard.
Farm Financial Help: Kansas Ag Mediation Service
Farming can be like rolling the dice. One minute things are good and the next it's a losing season. Weather and commodities can impact farmers. Here's a great resource to guide you.
Call Before You Dig
Even if you think you know where the utilities are buried it's always better to be safe than sorry. One quick call can save you time and money. In Kansas call Kansas 8-1-1.
Agronomy eUpdate
Each week, agronomists from K-State provide an update on crop scouting observations and updates on a variety of timely topics. They recently were talking about the time approaching for wheat fungicides, weed control strategies, and a review of agriculture apps. If you want to see each week’s eUpdates, check out their website.

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