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Peer leadership & depression prevention
Enough with the 'winter storm warnings'. I am eager to Spring Forward beyond resetting the clocks.  Two dates keep me optimistic, what I just saw on March 17th and what is promised for May 2nd (mark your calendar).  Both dates are about people fostering emotional wellness. 

On March 17, I saw a teen group co-facilitate a train-the-trainer for their peers from communities as far as Winchendon. The two leaders pictured with posters in the header are Wellesley high school junior Mary Bevilaqua and senior Ana Natalia Epstein. The questions the teens discussed were:
  • What do you do to de-stress?
  • What is confusing about depression?
  • Why is it hard to talk about depression?
  • Why is it important to raise awareness?
In short,  the teens showed how to balance the weight of life's worries with the relief of skills a n d knowledge, including how to ask for help.  They then moved from addressin g wo rries to  addressing g ravity.   By this I mean that the 
rest of the workshop focused on steps toward breaking the Guinness world record for the largest  paper airplane!  Saturday was the design selection, which was defined by seeing whi ch paper a irplanes flew the furthest. The teens handed the winning planes to Jeff Anderson, a director of the Revolving Museum in Fitchburg. The museum will now engineer a sixty foot version. The teens and young adults are members of several Rotary sponsored groups partnering with the museum's Project Soar. It was great fun Saturday and it will be historic when the full size version flies!

On May 2nd, you are invited to Brae Burn Country Club for our annual celebration with refreshments, information, and lively conversation. The event will be led by psychologist Nadja Reilly, middle school nurse Sue Hanly, and college  freshman Ally Beard.  I very much hope you join us; register through this link for Spring Forward: Fostering Our Children's Emotional Wellness.

your daughter age 14-17 can help researchers at Mclean Hospital?    
Emily Belleau is a researcher and clinical psychologist at McLean seeking to interview all girls with some questions on mood and also to do an MRI. Your daughter will gain some knowledge, help advance science, and earn $100. To volunteer or to ask questions, contact Emily directly by phone (617-855-4245) or email (
Featured guest

Richa Gawande is the Programs and Research Manager at the Center for Mindfulness and Compassion (CMC) in Somerville. In addition to her role as a public health researcher, Richa works in primary care as a mindfulness group leader in primary care.

CMC is part of Cambridge Health Alliance, Harvard Medical School's community-based teaching hospital. It is both an academic research center and a community-based mindfulness center that educates providers and community members. For example, this Saturday they offer a parenting workshop titled, Self-Compassion for Parents.  The registration link is
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May Leonard and Ana Natalia Epstein co-facilitating train-the-trainer

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