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At the LSRCA Board of Directors' meeting held on Friday, December 18, The board voted in favour of the 5 following recommendations put forward as amendments to the original recommendations in Staff Report No. 49-20-BOD (see staff report for Friday, December 18, 2020 on this page).
  1. That the Authority discontinue operation of the dam effective December 1, 2021;
  2. That the Authority begin discussions with the Town of Georgina to transfer the two parcels of land collectively known as the Pefferlaw Dam Conservation Area (Attachment 1) and to finalize this land transfer by December 31, 2021. The legal descriptions of these parcels are as follows: PIN 03539-0059 (LT): PT LOT 23 CONCESSION 5 GEORGINA PT 1 65R4695 PIN 03539-0060 (LT): PT LOT 23 CONCESSION 5 GEORGINA PT 2 65R3240.
  3. That Authority staff work with the Town of Georgina in 2021 as a transition period for the operation of the dam, including developing funding opportunities with the Town of Georgina for LSRCA staff and Town staff to install the stop logs together in the spring of 2021, providing the Town of Georgina with all equipment required for the operation of the dam and provide training as required, and discussions on funding opportunities for other costs including any insurance and legal costs related to the dam;
  4. That Authority staff assist the Town of Georgina to move forward with preparing documents for submission to the Province affirming the Town of Georgina as having ownership and/or jurisdiction over the river and mill pond (subject to any possible crown interest in “navigable waters” and under original crown patent); and
  5. That the Authority work directly with the Town of Georgina to support any future community engagement/consultation they may wish to pursue and assist with potential funding opportunities with other levels of government.
These recommendations mean that Town of Georgina staff will begin the process to gain Council approval to support taking on ownership, management and operations of the Pefferlaw Dam before the end of 2021.
LSRCA staff will continue to collaborate with the Town of Georgina in 2021 to transfer our knowledge and equipment for dam operation purposes. The decision to operate the Dam in 2021 will ultimately be determined by the Town’s agreement to fund the operational costs and accept the associated liability for operations.
LSRCA will also support the Town’s pursuit of funding opportunities and future community engagement/consultation they may wish to undertake. 
Meeting recording available online

Board of Directors’ meetings audio recordings are public and available on this page. Click here to access the December 18 recording directly (Pefferlaw Dam segment starts at minute 33 and runs for 25 minutes).


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