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We have some updates to share.

On-site Inspection Completed, Report Pending

The engineering firm D.M. Wills Associates Limited undertook the on-site detailed inspection of the truss bridge and the dam on May 22. This included concrete sampling and a detailed review. They will be providing their assessment report to us by the first week of July 2020 . Once our board of directors has reviewed this report, it will be made available on our Pefferlaw Dam webpage, and we'll email an update as well.

Consultation is Part of the Process

Once we receive the assessment report from the engineering firm, we will need time to review, analyze options and prepare our recommendations. A fulsome evaluation of associated costs, risks and benefits will be required to move forward. Part of this process will include consultation with other agencies such as the Town of the Georgina and the broader community.

We know how important the Pefferlaw dam is to those of you who live, work and play in Pefferlaw, and you will get a chance to share your feedback in this process.

Ownership Issue Requires Resolution

The dam ownership issue remains unresolved. On May 5th we reached out to two provincial ministries in order to confirm ownership. The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change have acknowledged our letter and have indicated this is not their area of jurisdiction. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry have also acknowledged receipt of our letter and are working on this file currently. We have yet to receive more news on this matter; however, we did follow up with them on June 18th. When we find out more information, we'll let you know. Please note that in the lead up to any decisions, the ownership issue will need resolution.

We'll be in touch again soon,

Kristen Yemm
Director, Corporate Communications and Engagement
Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
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