The Pelican Point Digest
Spring 2020

Photos courtesy of Scott Russell Photography
Pelican Point HOA Annual Membership Meeting
The Pelican Point HOA Board is looking into scheduling a "virtual" Annual Meeting using GoToMeeting. The tentative date that is under discussion is May 27, 2020 at 6:00pm. After the HOA Board has its "virtual" board meeting on April 22nd, you will be advised by email and mail if the Board decides to hold the "virtual" Annual Meeting in May.
Information about the Annual Meeting will be added to the HOA website as it becomes available.
We saved you a seat! Three seats are available on the Pelican Point HOA Board of Directors. Join the Team to help keep Pelican Point a wonderful place to live. Director terms are three years and meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month.  Click here to complete the Nominee application. Contact the HOA office if you have any questions.
Pelican Point HOA Annual Dues: Invoices will be mailed in a few weeks. The invoices are due on June 1, 2020 for the 2020-21 Fiscal Year. (This does not apply to The Greens and Pelican Isle Commons residents.) New this year: Pay your annual dues online with a bank draft - No Fees!! Dues can be paid at the HOA office by check, money order, or cash; by mail with check or money order; by a bank draft online (free) or credit card online through a third party (fees apply). Unsure of what your HOA dues pay for, visit the FAQ page on the HOA website. If you are unable to pay in full, contact the HOA office to set up a payment plan.
Stay up to date with your HOA Board
There's a New Sign in Town!
The Board of Directors voted to adopt a new For Sale sign and a New Home Construction sign. The new signs are easier to install, cause less damage to the grass, and have a cleaner appearance. The updated Sign Policy is available here and on the HOA website. You will notice the old signs and the new signs throughout the neighborhood as realtors and builders make the transition to the new signs.
The HOA office has been notified by WastePro that they will be unable to provide their customers with a Spring large limb pick-up this year. The Fall large limb pick-up will be scheduled for October. When the October date is set, an email will be sent to all residents. Additionally, WastePro has stated that only items in a garbage container or recycling container will be picked up. Please do not put out loose bags or trash.
Updates from the Pelican Point HOA Committees
If you would like to join a Committee to help keep Pelican Point a beautiful place to live, please use the Contact Us form on the HOA website.

Landscape and Maintenance Committees
  • Fence along Courtyard Drive at rear exit was pressure washed.
  • Monument at rear entrance was pressure washed.
  • A refresh on the landscape beds at the entrances is planned.
  • Winter flowers will be removed to make way for summer flowers.
  • Common grounds maintenance continues weekly.
  • Electricity repaired to the flag pole at front entrance.
  • Pond and fountain maintenance is done monthly.
  • Playground cleanup and grass cutting is done weekly.
Street Improvement Committee
  • The Parish Pavement Division has completed the repaving of Royal Palms Court.
  • The Parish Drainage Division has completed work on Pelican Point Parkway near the Royal Lakes entrance.
  • The Parish Pavement Division repaired a hole on Pelican Point Parkway and put temporary patches on a few other holes on Pelican Point Parkway.
  • The Parish made repairs to two areas on Tezcuco Court.
  • Please contact the Ascension Parish Citizen Service Center to voice any concerns with the road conditions in Pelican Point, 225-450-1200. Potholes and drainage issues can also be reported online at Ascension Parish Citizen Service Center.
Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Security guard service hours have changed to 6:00pm to 2:00am for Daylight Savings Time.
  • Reminder: If you must park your vehicles in your driveway, LOCK the doors! Please do not park in the street. Parking in the street creates a traffic hazard for emergency vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles.
  • Call the Sheriff's Office to report suspicious activity and traffic violators, 225-621-8300, opt. 1 or 911 in an emergency.
  • Visit the HOA's Safety page to register for the Pelican Point Emergency Alert System and the Ascension Parish Alert System.
Social Committee
Plans for an Easter Egg Hunt in April and a Fiesta party in May were in the works but unfortunately were brought to a halt because of our current circumstances. We are hopeful that the Social Committee will be able to get back in action again soon. Stay tuned!
Want to know the best crime prevention tool ever invented?
A Good Neighbor!
Law enforcement officers can't be everywhere at once, but you and your neighbors can. You're the ones who really know what's going on! Put that neighborhood know-how to work. It's simple: just use your eyes and ears, then your telephone. If you spot something suspicious, call the sheriff's office immediately, 225-621-8300, opt. 1. Don't try to stop a criminal yourself - it can be dangerous. Neighbors working together in cooperation with law enforcement make one of the best crime fighting teams around!

Visit the Resident Directory on the HOA website to ensure your correct phone number is listed. Only registered residents can view the Resident Directory. Click here to update your information.
Follow the Restrictions = Be a Good Neighbor = Keep Pelican Point Beautiful = Everyone Wins!
  • Keep your grass cut and yard free of weeds; cut to the water's edge if you live on a pond
  • Keep your landscape beds maintained and free of weeds
  • Remove dead plant material as soon as possible
  • Park your vehicles in the garage or driveway
  • Keep the exterior of your home free of mold
  • Clean your mailbox or add a fresh coat of paint
  • Store your garbage cans in your garage
  • Place garbage at curb for pickup the night before
  • Pick up after your dogs when walking through the neighborhood & don't let your pets roam free
  • Keep basketball goals upright; keep play equipment in the backyard
  • Tell contractors working on your home that they cannot display their sign. Political signs or items for sale signs are also not allowed.
  • Remember that trailers, motorhomes, boats, vehicles, etc. cannot be stored in the street or on your lot.
If you notice a street light out on your street, make note of the address that the light is closest to and report it online at You can also contact the HOA office with the address, and an online request to Entergy will be made. Your help is appreciated in keeping Pelican Point safe and bright!
We all need a helping hand every once in awhile, perhaps more so in these uncertain times. Your neighbors in Pelican Point want to help! If you are "at risk" or unable to get to the store or pharmacy yourself, you can place your orders with Ralph's and/or Dupre Pharmacy and a Pelican Point neighbor will deliver it to you!
1)Place your order by phone and arrange payment. Orders can be placed Mondays and Thursdays between 9:00am and 12:00pm. Ralph's (225-473-1004); Dupre Pharmacy (225-257-1009)
2)Ralph's and Dupre will contact your friendly Pelican Point neighbor when the order is ready.
3)Deliveries will be made that evening. You will receive a call from your delivery person when they are on their way to your home. Deliveries can be left at your front door.

A big THANK YOU to our wonderful Pelican Point neighbors for lending a helping hand!
Letter from the Developer, Douglas Diez
We will do everything on our end to keep the Pelican Point Golf Course a true success, but we truly need the help and support of all our residents and the HOA. Many golf courses in the area have closed over the years. Statistics show that when a golf course closes, the homes lose property values. Like so many other establishments, the Pelican Point Golf Club is struggling through this pandemic, but WE REMAIN OPEN. We have had to cut back staff hours and reduce expenses to tighten our belts like many others. We have come up with some safe alternatives to keep the club going. Click here to read more and to learn about our Curbside Meals and Socially Distant Golf.

At this time of having to stay home, please take advantage of all that the Pelican Point Golf Course and Clubhouse have to offer. We sincerely appreciate it, and it will help make our community stronger.

Thank you and stay safe,

Douglas Diez
The Greens Happenings
Pictures submitted by Gabriella Hunter
March Potluck: 55 residents enjoyed irish and italian dishes while decked out in their irish-italian finest.
February Potluck: Don's Seafood was the star of the show serving the 77 attendees delicious fried catfish, shrimp, and fixins.
January Chili Cookoff: Congratulations to Jerry Arnold! First Place award for The Greens First Annual Chili Cookoff!
January Potluck: Soup, salad and dessert was enjoyed by 40 residents.
Greens potlucks and activities are on hold until further notice.
Garden Club News
The Garden Club welcomed County Agent Mariah Simoneaux to their March meeting. She gave a presentation on Louisiana Super Plants, including the new ones for 2020! It is so important to use plants that will thrive in our climate. We get so much heat and humidity and for such a long stretch of time that you can waste a lot of time, energy, and money planting things that just won’t survive here.   Check out the beautiful Flame Thrower Coleus varieties and more info about LA Super Plants.

Gardening Tip: Besides looking good, mulch helps keep weeds down, preserves moisture during dry weather, keeps the roots of the plants cooler, and as it decomposes it conditions the soil - - - it’s beneficial to our landscaping in so many ways! Now is a good time to do it before the heat really sets in.

Various studies have shown gardening is a great stress reliever and even helps reduce anxiety and depression. All that on top of the actual beauty of the plants and flowers! How can you lose?  Happy Spring, Everyone! Stay well and may you find joy, peace, and solace in your gardening activities. 
A word from our State Representative,
Clay Schexnayder
Dear Pelican Point Residents,

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, I thought it would be helpful for me to supply you with the contact list that will assist you in this time of need. Please adhere to all the CDC recommendations on social distancing and other safety precautions. We will get through this stronger and more resilient than ever. Stay safe and God Bless!

Clay Schexnayder
Speaker of the House
District 81
5th Ward Volunteer Fire Dept. Fire Chief Report
Click here to read Fire Chief James LeBlanc report on St. Amant and 5th Ward Volunteer Fire Departments. If you have not already done so, please consider donating to our 5th Ward Volunteer Fire Department. Donations should be sent to PO Box 341, Darrow, LA 70725.
All the rescues at CARA's House are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and preemptively treated and tested for the most common illnesses. You will adopt a healthy pet! Visit CARA's House on Facebook to see all the adoptable pets who would be very thankful to have a home in Pelican Point!
No matter how you are keeping yourself occupied during this quarantine, when you are outside, the team at Pelican Medical encourages and reminds everyone to wear sunscreen every day! An SPF of 30 is recommended and don't forget to re-apply often. The American Cancer Society recommends skin cancer screenings every 3 years for ages 20-40 and every year for ages over 40. Pelican Medical is located in the strip mall next to Ralph's, next to Dupre Pharmacy, 225-257-1040. Read more about their center and the services they offer. Pelican Medical - Soaring to Good Health!
$$ Money Matters $$
( submitted by Luke Trosclair, Wealth Solutions , LLC.)
When major events make headlines, it's easy to put yourself in the picture. Knowing how such events might affect the financial markets, it's also easy to wonder how your investments and retirement strategy might fare. The truth? Click here to read more...

Luke Trosclair may be reached at 225-323-8397 or
What's Up - What's Down
Michelle Smith is a realtor with Gardner Realtors and a Pelican Point resident. She will be telling us What's Up and What's Down in the Pelican Point housing market. What's Up: Currently there are 29 homes for sale in the neighborhood with an average days on the market of 171. Total assets for sale are 10.9 million. The lowest selling price is $187,500; the highest selling price is $524,000; the median selling price is around $377,975. Click here to check out What's Down in Pelican Point over the past 90 days!

To view all homes currently for sale in Pelican Point, visit Pelican Point Real Estate at
Nuisance Alligators
Not all alligators are considered nuisance alligators. The mere presence of an alligator does not qualify it as a nuisance, even if it is located in an unexpected place. Most alligators, if left alone, will move on. Alligators less than 4 feet in length are naturally fearful of humans and are generally not a threat to pets, livestock, or humans. Alligators at least 4 feet in length that present a threat to pets, livestock or humans are considered “nuisance” alligators.  Click here for information that should help you determine if an alligator may pose a threat to you, your pets, or your property. If after reading the article you determine that an alligator is a "nuisance," please contact Crystal at Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries, 337-735-8672. She will refer you to a nuisance alligator hunter in your area.
HOA Do's, Don'ts, and Did You Know's
  • Do - Get approval for exterior changes to your house (fence, pool, pergola, house, driveway additions, etc.). Visit the ACC page on the HOA website for an ACC Submittal Form and other information.
  • Do - Store your garbage cans in your garage. Garbage and debris cannot be accumulated on any lot
  • Do park your vehicles in your garage or driveway.
  • Don't park your vehicles on the street.
  • Don't let your pets roam free.
  • Don't park your boat, RV, or trailer in your driveway or in the street.
  • Did you know that it is against the law to burn household trash? If you see or smell this happening in Pelican Point, contact the Sheriff's office of the Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Did you know that the HOA has a Facebook page?
  • Did you know that dumping grass or other objects in our ponds and storm drains is illegal? View the AP Ordinance here.
Let's Get Cookin'
Soup de Five Bean
Submitted by Jerry Folse
This recipe was created in honor of my brother, Chef John Folse, and his wife, Laulie, whose Lafitte’s Landing Restaurant at Bittersweet Plantation in Donaldsonville received The Five Bean Award. This award, received on October 15, 1999, is the highest rating awarded to a restaurant in the New Orleans area by The Times Picayune Food Critic, S. M. Hahn. Perfect recipe to share with your neighbors!
Pelican Point Golf Club
225-746-9900 Ext. 2
 Curbside Meals! We will deliver to your car!
Family meals and Date Night meals!
Call 225-746-9900
Extension 2
Names and Numbers to Know
  1. Sheriff (non-emergency) 225-621-8300, opt. 1
  2. Ascension Parish Citizen Service Center, 225-450-1200
  3. Electric Gates & Access (gate opener at hwy 44) 225-389-0092
  4. WastePro 504-392-4619
  5. HOA Office 225-473-0004
  6. For lawn and landscape maintenance, pressure washing, tree trimming, etc., call the HOA office or click here for a referral list.