The Pelican Point Digest-Summer 2018
Pelican Point HOA Annual Meeting
Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Pelican Point Golf Club Banquet Room
All residents are invited to attend. Here's what's on the agenda:
  • Financial review (documents will be available for review on the website)
  • Review of the past year and the new year
  • Proposed changes to the By-Laws and the Articles of Incorporation
  • Introduction of Board of Director Nominees
  • Voting:
  • proposed changes to By-Laws
  • proposed changes to Articles of Incorporation
  • Board of Director seats
  • Question and Answer period
  • Voting results
We saved you a seat! Five seats are available on the Pelican Point HOA Board of Directors. Join the Team to help keep Pelican Point a wonderful place to live. Director terms are three years and meetings are held monthly. Click here to complete the Nominee application. Contact the HOA office if you have any questions.
Come prepared to vote - Read the proposed By-Laws and the proposed Articles of Incorporation . Do a side by side comparison of the current By-Laws and the proposed By-Laws . View a presentation made to the Board of Directors at the June Board meeting . Board of Directors nominees will also be listed on the website. Check back closer to the meeting date to read their Bios.

Per Roberts Rules of Order , only members in good standing (dues are paid in full) are eligible to vote. Each household has one vote. Owners of multiple homes or lots have one vote. For the proposed changes to the By-Laws to go into effect 51% of the good standing members in attendance will have to vote Yes. The Articles of Incorporation need the Yes from the majority of the HOA Board and 75% of the members in attendance. Board of Directors seats are won by the plurality vote. Can't attend the meeting? You can vote by proxy. Click here to print the proxy form. Email or bring the form to the HOA office by August 20, 2018.
The Pelican Point HOA Directory will be digital this year. You can view it online on the HOA website, Click Here . The page is password protected. The userid and the password are the same: ppgchoa. At the top left, you can choose to view in alphabetical order or by street order. If your phone number is incorrect or if you wish to remove your phone number from the list, please complete this form or contact the HOA office. This directory is provided as a step in making our neighborhood a safe place to live. Please treat the personal information in the directory with respect and privacy. It is only for the neighborhood and not to be used for outside purposes. 
Thank you to those who have paid your Pelican Point HOA annual dues. If you have not paid yet, please pay as soon as possible to avoid late fees (this does not apply to Greens or Commons residents) . You can pay with cash, check, or money order at the HOA office; check or money order through the mail; or make a payment online with a bank draft or credit card (fees apply). Click here to register to make an online payment.
Updates from the Pelican Point HOA Committees
Landscape and Maintenance Committees
  • Grass maintenance and landscape maintenance continues.
  • Summer color has been added to entrances and sub-entrances with irrigation systems.
  • Mulch has been added to all entrances and sub-entrances.
  • Irrigation problems tended to at front entrance.
  • Pond maintenance is done monthly; fountain maintenance is done quarterly.
  • Crepe myrtles at back entrance have been trimmed.
  • Sub-entrance signs will be pressure washed.
  • Pampas grass, trees, and fence along Hwy 44 at Mallard Cove will be addressed in Fall 2018.
  • Lighting at front entrance is being upgraded.
  • Battery back-ups are being replaced at rear entrance/exit gate.
Street Improvement Committee
The committee and HOA board members were invited to a July meeting with the Parish Infrastructure Division Director and Council members to discuss the problems with Pelican Point streets. The Parish Infrastructure Department will be putting a plan together to start investigating the issues. Until we hear more about the plan to repair our streets in the sub-division, you can report holes, cracks, or dips in the road at . Click here and follow these instructions to file your report. If you are interested in joining the Street Improvement Committee to create a bigger voice for Pelican Point residents, please contact the HOA office.
Safety and Emergency Preparedness Committee
Security Cameras:
Construction Surveillance Systems installed the cameras and is providing bi-monthly maintenance. A maintenance check was done in June, and all cameras are in good working order. Multiple cameras are installed at both entrances and exits and at The Greens. The Sheriff's Office has the capability to view footage from the cameras.

A few simple tips to stay safe in Pelican Point:
  • Lock your vehicles when parking in the driveway; park in the garage whenever possible.
  • Do not keep valuables in your vehicles.
  • Pedestrians should walk against traffic; Bicyclists should ride with traffic.
  • If walking or biking at dusk or dark, wear bright colors.
  • Children without a driver's license should not operate a golf cart.
  • If you witness suspicious activity around your house or a high volume of speeding vehicles, contact the Sheriff's Office. If you feel it is an emergency, call 911. For a non-emergency, call 225-621-8300 option 1.

Street Lighting:
The committee is currently at a standstill with Entergy and the installation of our new street lights. We are waiting for an update from their engineering team regarding installation dates and when the LED upgrades will take place. If you see any street lights out in Pelican Point or leaning poles, you can report them to Entergy . Click here for instructions.
Social Committee
The Fourth of July Celebration was a big success! Ralph's Market provided hamburgers, hot dogs, and fireworks. Pelican Point Golf Club opened the pool to all attendees and staffed extra lifeguards to keep a watchful eye on all swimmers. The fire department and the APSO Bike Patrol were also keeping a watchful eye on all festivities. Click here to see proof of a good time had by all!

October 14, 2018 - Fall Festival & Jambalaya Cook-Off
December 11, 2018 - Ladies Christmas Dinner
Lost & Found Pets
What to do if you find a pet or if you lost your pet:
Fifth Ward Volunteer Fire Company
 The "Fireman's Fundraiser Letter-Appeal" is still ongoing. If for some reason you were unable to send a donation at that time, a second reminder letter was recently sent. Click here to view the fundraiser letter. Please take this opportunity to support our firemen with a generous donation. To all the residents of Pelican Point, thank you for your continued support. 
The Greens Happenings
(submitted by Millie Matherne)
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" the theme song from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood inspired Millie to learn a little more about the folks that live in The Greens. Residents were surveyed and asked to reveal something about themselves by completing this sentence, "What my neighbors might be surprised to learn about me is ____." Click here to learn more about your neighbors in The Greens.
Garden Club News
(submitted by Bernie Howard)
Want to have fun, meet new people, and get tips on how to make your outdoor living areas more inviting and beautiful? The Pelican Point Garden Club might be just what you are looking for! Meet your Garden Club officers and learn more about the meetings, Click here.

We all have concerns about keeping our lawns looking healthy (or at least alive!) during the extreme summer heat, and so far it looks like we’re in for a hot one. Bernie thought this was timely information for all of us.... Read more
Yards of the Month
Amy Davis
July Small Yard of the Month
Russ & Deb Bailey
July Large Yard of the Month

Floyd Leblanc & Connie Evans
in the care of Barbara Darling
June Small Yard of the Month
Randy & Susan Marcello
June Large Yard of the Month
May Small Yard of the Month
Darren & Colleen Labat

May Large Yard of the Month
Robert & Pamela Fleming

"Horticulture Hints" brought to you
by the LSU AgCenter
Visit the LSU AgCenter website for a wealth of information on lawns, flowers, vegetables, and more. The Summer 2018 edition will help you manage your yard through our hot Louisiana Summer.
Have a game plan!
Here are a few links to make sure you and your family are ready to handle an emergency situation.
Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. But it's important to keep in mind that hot weather can be dangerous if proper precautions aren't taken. According to the National Weather Service, heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related fatalities each year in the United States, resulting in hundreds of deaths. That's why it's important to take precautionary measures and use good judgment to help protect you and your family for a safe, happy summer.
Neighbors with News
Rotary Club of East Ascension Awards the Lifetime Achievement Award to Sherrie Despino

Pelican Point resident and HOA Board member, Sherrie Despino, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the East Ascension Rotary Club in June. Sherrie has been a member of the club for 15 years and has perfect attendance! Sherrie remains faithfully committed to the Rotary Club pledge, "Service above self." Visit their Facebook page for more information about the East Ascension Rotary Club.
Nancy Mumford's grandson, Andrew, age 12, had some good luck in the pond behind Courtyard Drive. The catfish was nearly 30 inches!
Times, they are a'changin! Remember those cold days of winter?!
If you or a family member were in the news, have news to share, or pictures to share, please let the HOA know so it can be included in the next edition of the Pelican Point Digest. Click here or email the information to
A word from our State Representative,
Clay Schexnayder
Through much work and compromise, the Legislature approved a budget that funds our highest priorities to include health care, education, social services, public safety, and TOPS. While balancing revenues and spending was the hottest topic of the legislative season, numerous other issues were addressed. Read more.
$$ Money Matters $$
( submitted by Luke Trosclair Wealth Solutions , LLC.)
College Funding Options - Imagine your child graduating from college debt free! With the right kind of college planning that may happen. Saving early (and often) may be the key for most families. You can plan to meet the costs through a variety of methods. Here are some college savings vehicles to consider. Luke can be reached at 225-323-8397, ext 101, or
What's Up - What's Down
Michelle Smith is a realtor with Gardner Realtors and a Pelican Point resident. She will be telling us What's Up and What's Down in the Pelican Point housing market. What's Up: Currently there are 23 homes for sale in the neighborhood with an average day on the market of 77. Total assets for sale are 7.1 million. The lowest selling price is $183,750; the highest selling price is $785,000; the average selling price is around $320,701. Click here to check out What's Down in Pelican Point over the past 90 days!

To view all homes currently for sale in Pelican Point, visit Pelican Point Real Estate at
CARA's House
Companion Animal Rescue of Ascension
CARA's House fills the need of finding "furever" homes for homeless companion animals by promoting pets for adoption, and placing them in foster care while they wait for a "furever" home. On November 10, 2015, via a CEA (Cooperative Endeavor Agreement), CARA took over the operation of the Ascension Parish Animal Shelter in Sorrento, greatly increasing the scope of CARA's activities and need for manpower and donations. So, now, more than ever, CARA's House needs your help!​ You can help in many ways - adopt, volunteer, foster and/or donate. Click here for more information about CARA's House.
HOA Do's, Don'ts, and Did You Know's
  • Do store your garbage cans in the garage.
  • Do keep your animals in your yard and on a leash while walking through the neighborhood. Don't forget to pick up after your dogs while on a walk!
  • Do keep your grass cut and flower beds free of weeds.
  • Do park your vehicles in the garage or driveway whenever possible. Street parking can cause safety issues to those traveling on the roads.
  • Don't keep your trailer, boat, or motor home on your lot or in your street.
  • Don't forget to get approval from the ACC before changing the outside appearance of your house. Click here for the ACC Submittal Form.
  • Did you know that the empty lots in Pelican Point are private property? Vehicles should not park on private property.
  • Did you know that golf cart operators must be licensed drivers, obey traffic laws, and the cart must have liability insurance? Also, golf carts are not allowed to drive on private property.
  • Did you know that unpaid HOA dues will result in a lien on your house and/or a judgment filed against you?
Let's Get Cookin'
Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake
(submitted by Mary Ann Francingues)

A delicious and moist pound cake that is bursting with refreshing and amazing flavor! Perfect for a summer breakfast, brunch, dessert - well, anytime at all!
Pelican Point Golf Club
 Enjoy great food at the newly renovated clubhouse where all Pelican Point residents and their guests are welcome!
              Every week at the Clubhouse...
Kids Night
Live Music &
50% off select wine
Live Music
Names and Numbers to Know
  1. Sheriff (non-emergency) 225-621-8300, opt. 1
  2. Ascension Parish Public Works 225-250-1013
  3. WastePro 504-392-4619
  4. HOA Office 225-473-0004
  5. For lawn and landscape maintenance, pressure washing, tree trimming, etc., call the HOA office for a referral.
Looking for things to do close to home? Visit Tour Ascension for the full calendar of events.

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