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The twilight zone. Groundhog day. Another month, still shelter in place. I imagine most of us did not anticipate still being in the midst of this pandemic, but here we are. I want to commend everyone for staying inside and thank the essential workers for everything they have done. My hope is this month's newsletter provides a bit of light for everyone as we spend another month inside.
How to pay your mortgage off faster

All this time in our homes, the rapid increase of unemployment, and the ease of online shopping has many of us looking at our finances a lot these days. If you are looking to pay off your mortgage more quickly, consider these options on how to do so:
  • Biweekly payments
  • make an extra payment every year
  • save thousands in interest
  • monthly payment cut in half, so same impact on your budget
  • Make extra principal payments
  • save you interest charges
  • will add up very quickly
  • Refinance into a shorter loan-term
  • maybe refinance 30 year loan to 15 year loan
  • likely get a better interest rate
  • shorter time frame = lot less in interest
Home Improvement 101

W ith all the added time at home comes added use of our plumbing system. The last thing anybody wants to deal with right now is a slow drain, clogged pipe, or any plumbing issue. Check out these tips to prevent plumbing issues:

  1. Never flush wipes of any kind, regardless of what the label says
  2. The garbage disposal is not a garbage can
  3. Give the drains a 10 minute break between showers
  4. Opt for non-toxic drain cleaners; do not use the chemical drain cleaners
  5. Always add drain screens to catch food, hair, etc.

(More information here )
Quarantine Activities

DIY Smartphone projector movie night : flex your creative muscles building something awesome and then use it to keep create a fun movie/tv watching experience. Check out two versions of the project here !

Virtual Tours : from national parks to the galaxy to the artful wonder , there is a virtual tour of almost everything for everybody! For free!

Tackle the New York Times Best Sellers list : If you're anything like me, I have a list of must-read books that is just growing and growing. It seems I never check anything off the list. Now is a great time to tackle that list or just get into reading. I suggest starting with Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste NG, sitting at #3 on the list right now. I am in the middle of it and loving every word. Check out the list here !

Stargaze : With the decreased activity, the sky is clearer than ever. Take an evening drive away from the city lights with the kids or take a cute date night on the road to find Orion the Hunter (which disappears from view soon), Venus, and whatever else your heart desires to find in the skies above.
May the 4th be with you!

Celebrate "Star Wars Day" by whipping together some Star Wars popcorn and settling in for a Star Wars marathon! This is also the perfect addition to the DIY projector movie nights!

Find it by Two Sisters Crafting here .
Whipped Coffee

This is the beverage version of banana bread during this time: everyone is making it. Including me. Check out this super simple recipe for it here !

(Hack: I highly recommend using a milk frother or electric whisk. Otherwise your hand + arm might fall off)
Cinco de Mayo x Taco Tuesday

When 2020 started, everyone was excited that Cinco de Mayo fell on Taco Tuesday. Since you can't go out to your favorite taco shop and celebrate, bring the celebration home with this incredible taco recipe !

(Recipe courtesy of halfbakedharvest, which has several other delicious taco recipes for the whole family, from pescatarians to vegetarians or spice sensitive kiddos)