Happy Holidays Mamas!
I hope this season has been treating you and yours well. I'm very excited to announce a workshop that has LONG been in the making! In fact I taught it in China last spring and I am super excited to bring it to the Bay Area :)

Yoga for the Pelvic Floor!!! This workshop on Saturday, February 11th at POM Center will be an afternoon of potent practice around the often overlooked seat of our power as women --- the pelvic floor. Join us for this lively (and juicy) workshop. NOTE: This is open to ALL women of ALL ages. Scroll below to read more! I hope you'll be able to join me. 

+++ Just in time for the holidays I'm excited to announce a special on my prenatal yoga classes online through Udemy.com. When you purchase {Prenatal Balancing + Energizing} AND {Strengthening + Opening} get my first and my popular class - {Prenatal Yoga with Jane Austin} for FREE! 

Share these prenatal classes with pregnant friends or family. It could make a sweet holiday gift ��

See you soon!

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Jane Recommends - Mama Resources
Pelvic Steaming: A New Service for Mamas at
Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork!
Also known as a vaginal steam, v-steam, yoni steam, chai-yok, or bajo, pelvic steaming has been found throughout the world. This ancient practice is most commonly used by midwives for postpartum care to help clear out lochia (discharge after giving birth containing blood, mucus, and uterine tissue) and aid in healing of the uterus and vaginal canal after childbirth.  

Pelvic steaming also has wonderful results when used to treat problems such as cramps, heavy periods, long or short menstrual cycles, infertility, infections, fibroids, cysts, scar tissue, dryness and more.

We believe women. When they say something works, along with hundreds of other women, we believe them. And Lauren Davidson at Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork ultimately feel called to empower women to take control of their bodies, to rediscover traditional practices that work , and to respectfully honor and celebrate the health and wellness traditions of our diverse cultures through this new service.

Learn more + book a pelvic steam at noevalleyintegrativebodywork.com
(note: pelvic steaming can be added to postpartum massage package).

Watch this video by Lauren Davidson at Noe Valley Integrative Bodywork  ⬇️

Postpartum Depression, Study + Tips for New Moms
with Simal Ozen Irmak

More than 1 out of 8 new moms experience postpartum depression, which can manifest in variety of behaviors. Yet, our current healthcare practice fails quite short in supporting new parents and providing resources for prevention or timely diagnosis. 

We believe by integrating personal health and wellness data (such as sleep, activity level, heart rate, weight, mood assessments etc.) into routine postpartum care, one can predict, prevent, provide early diagnosis for and facilitate the treatment of postpartum disorders and conditions. To provide scientific evidence, we are running a research study where we collect health and wellness data of pregnant moms into 3-months postpartum period to derive predictive metrics and develop preventive strategies. We hope that utilization of such a data driven, personalized approach would improve the experience of new parents across the board and provide the ones in need that safety net.

We are currently wrapping up the recruitment phase for our study, and are incredibly thankful to all the mamas contributed in our study and to this community. As someone who frequented Jane's yoga classes, I dream that one day we will have an integrated, parent-centered postpartum care that will be as compassionate as her approach to support us in our journey to parenthood. 

For more information+ to join the study, please email postpartumstudy2017@gmail.com .

Tips on Postpartum Depression:
If you feel something is off (a persistent change in the mood or behavior), don't wait, trust your gut and act on it as soon as possible. While there are certain things one can immediately implement (such as getting enough sleep, getting out more, mobilizing support and help of family and friends etc.), there is no reason to wait for consulting your medical care provider and/or a postpartum specialist.  

3 suggestions for all moms!
  • 1-Sleep. Whenever you can. Sleep depth is the kind that you will have to pay, sooner or later often with your cognitive, emotional and physical health. 
  • 2- Go out, engage in activities with other parents and babies as well as carve some "off-duty" time catered for your own needs and preferences.
  • 3- Insist that your medical care provider adequately addresses your questions and concerns. If your current one is failing to serve you this way, find another provider.
How to Create Healthy Sleep Habits for Your Little Ones 
by McKenzie Graham, A Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Here are a few helpful tips that can be used with a baby 8 weeks & older AND for older children to help create more healthy sleep habits and success at night.

  • Nap nap nap!Naps can be challenging for many families, especially in the early months, as naps are typically short in length and inconsistent in timing. Watch for wakeful windows. Babies 6 months and younger will have short wakeful windows around 1.5 to 2 hours. Watch for sleepy cues and get those naps any way anyhow. Don't worry, "bad" habits can be changed as early as 5 months. As babies become more alert, a dark quiet room with a white noise machine (do not place right next to the crib) can be very helpful for supporting naps. As babies mature (around 4 to 6 months), their naps will begin to consolidate and lengthen. At around 6 months I begin to work with families helping them nap train their littles because oftentimes babies need some extra support learning sleep skills.

    Around 6 months or so you may be seeing two naps a day with a short third nap (just make sure they are up before 4:30/5). You can visit my website under the FAQ page to see what the average sleep needs are for your child based on age.
  • Bedtime RoutineMany parents really struggle with this, but it is a crucial component to bedtime and nighttime success.

    Make the routine short, around 10 to 15 minutes for babies under 6 months. Pick a few simple things to include. Massage, a song, cuddles, (not bath time - that should come earlier) and of course this will always include a feeding. Make it the same routine every night in the same order. Make the time leading up to bedtime routine dimly lit and as quiet as possible. Have your dark room ready with the white noise machine on and make the room as un-stimulating as possible. Nothing overhead crib for example. Make sure you have black out curtains so early light doesn't disturb your child's sleep. For babies older than 6 months, bedtime routine can lengthen a little bit, but not much. 
  • What time is bedtime?When I say bedtime it means the actual time your child is in their safe sleeping space, lights out and on their way to sleep. Please talk to your pediatrician about what a safe sleeping space includes. This is very important.

    This can be hard for many families who come home late from work but it is crucial. It is counterintuitive, but a child who is better rested at bedtime and has an early bedtime is more likely to fall asleep with ease and sleep better throughout the night even experiencing less early rising. Generally speaking for a baby 8 weeks to 6 months, a great bedtime is between 6pm and 7pm. Each baby is different so watch your baby's sleepy cues. Eye rubbing, crankiness, disinterest in interaction, etc. And watch the clock to see how long of a wakeful window they have had since waking from the last nap. For children 6 months and older bedtime can stay around 7pm. Some babies can handle 7:30
Learn more about McKenzie's work, and support offered to parents at www.peacefulsleepingbaby.com.

Plus view all of her upcoming  
workshops in the Bay Area for babes anywhere from 6 months - 2 years . Full schedule at http://peacefulsleepingbaby.com/workshops/.
New Parent Workshop at Natural Resources on Employing a Nanny
FREE workshop - 
Feb 8th from
@ Natural Resources
(1367 Valencia St) 
Hosted by Hand in Hand

When we seek the support of a childcare provider or nanny, most of us aren't prepared to suddenly become someone's "boss."   Hand in Hand brings parents together to support each other in the process of becoming employers. We provide tools, tips, and resources to help all of us build the positive, mutually respectful employment relationships we seek with workers in our homes.

At this workshop, we'll we explore what it means to employ a nanny or childcare provider.  What are the benefits and responsibilities that go along with this role?

Babies welcome and snacks provided.  Register at
https://www.naturalresources-sf.com (go to the calendar).

Labrinyth Walk: Thurs, December 21
Mark your calendars for the 3rd Thursday 
Starting at 11:45am at  Grace Cathedral
(1100 California Street @ Taylor in SF)

Join Jane Austin and Sue Baelen. We'll gather at 11:45 am and begin walking at noon as the bells start to ring. This is a time for quiet reflection, and a chance to put aside all the thoughts and chatter that busy our minds and distract us from connecting to our authentic selves.

Walking the labyrinth is an ideal way to actively meditate during pregnancy, and another step in preparing for birth.

Everyone is welcome to this FREE event.
Classes, Events & Immersions w/Jane 
A NEW Workshop with Jane for Women!

Your True Core: Yoga for the Pelvic Floor 
Feb 11th, 2-5pm
at POM Center (1452 Valencia St SF, CA)
+ $10 off reg by 1/20!

Starting as young women many of us have not been taught about our true core or the importance of a healthy pelvic floor. Unfortunately most of us ignore our pelvic floor not realizing its important role in our overall health until something happens (often unpleasant) to force us to pay attention. 

You will learn movement and breath techniques to help bring more awareness and vitality to these deep foundational tissues. Regardless of your age or ability you are invited to tap into this power resting in your true core. Beginners and seasoned yoga practitioners are welcome. Women of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Mama Tree Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Level 1

The training will explore yoga as a tool in preparation for not only childbirth, but for motherhood!

Immerse yourself in the study of yoga for the childbearing year! This comprehensive training will include how to teach yoga to women in all stages of pregnancy and throughout the early stages of postpartum. 

My Mama Tree prenatal training is unparalleled and like no other prenatal programs out there. 

"Recommended for anyone interested in women's health"
~Erika Sedin, Yoga Teacher (New Zealand)

Start your journey. 5 day prenatal immersion.
Early Bird Deadline - Save $100 by February 7th! 

NOTE: Whether or not you have the goal to teach, this training is also a fit for you if you work with women in any capacity (doula, midwife, obstetrician + gynecologists, massage therapists, etc.). Also, mamas looking for ways to deepen their own practice will find a lot of benefit in this immersion as will yoga teachers from every discipline.
NEW Audio Classes for Mamas on MoveWith.com!
I'm offering several prenatal + postnatal audio classes for mamas via  MoveWith.com 
with more added regularly! 

Featured Videos: Prenatal Shoulder Work, Prenatal Sleep Aid, Soft and Strong,
Yoga for Busy Moms, Finding Your Pelvic Floor, Happy Hamstrings + many more.
In Studio:
Mon, Wed & Fri
10:30am - Noon 
+ Saturday
9:30 - 10:55am
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(Temporary Pop Up Location: 1470 Valencia bet 25th & 26th) 

Mon, Wed & Fri
12:05 - 1:30pm 
at Yoga Tree Valencia
(Temporary Pop Up Location:
1470 Valencia bet 25th & 26th

Prenatal Partners Available Online!

I'm thrilled to offer my extremely popular Prenatal Partners Birth Prep Workshop online through Udemy.com. Purchase this digital version to practice what you learned in person 

OR take it for the very first time if you cannot make it to the workshops in San Francisco
(NOTE: extra discount available for returning mamas)! 

$30 ($10 off)

Prenatal Yoga DVD Now Streaming on Amazon.com
My most popular one-hour yoga practice can be used throughout pregnancy to maintain strength and flexibility, and prepare both mind and body for childbirth. 

If you have my DVD at home or streamed this class online I would be oh so grateful if you could write a review!

p.s. Prenatal Partners Workshop - 2018 Dates!

We always sell out for this popular Birth Prep Partner Workshop. Get your spot early. 
1/20, 2/3, 2/24, 3/17, 4/7, 5/19, 6/9, 7/14, 8/4, 8/25 + more!   Full Schedule.