Volume 81 | January 23rd, 2022
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Welcome to another edition of our weekly newsletter! We'll keep you updated on what's going on at Pemberton Farms - from upcoming events to new products, sales and more!
New to Pemberton Farms
Find something sweet for your favorite foodie this Valentine's Day - we're stocked up on goodies in every department! It's also a perfect time to treat someone to a gift basket. Don't forget to stay tuned for our Valentine's Day menu!
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Upcoming Events
Virtual Cheese Tasting Event 1/25
For the first time ever, we are hosting a virtual event! This may actually be the first of a few... The Cheese Lady has a few ideas she would like to try.
We have a great opportunity to eat cheese with one of our favorite producers, Gourmino. If you have had a cheese from Switzerland from our department, it is likely one of theirs.  
Joe Salonia is the State side rep for Gourmino. We will have an opportunity to ask him all kinds of questions about what makes cheeses from Switzerland special, learn about how cooperatives work, the practice of transhumance and more.  
To participate and taste along with Joe and Marianne, you can pick up a tasting kit as early as the day before. The cost of the kit is $5, and must be paid in advance to reserve your seat. Marianne is working with the wine and beer buyer to have some suggested beverage pairings that would be delicious with all the cheeses.
So, if eating cheese with two passionate cheese professionals sounds like a way you would like to spend a Tuesday, email marianne@pembertonfarms.com to place your kit order and get the link to the event!
On Special in the Grocery Department
Original 20oz & Honey Nut 27.2oz
Now $4.99
(Originally $9.99)
Bob's Red Mill Oat Crackers
Now $4.79
(Originally $5.79)
RW Garcia Crackers
Now $4.99
(Originally $5.49)
Butternut Farms
16 oz Maple Syrup
Now $11.99
(Originally $15.99)
Marukan Rice Vinegar
Now $.50 Off
(Originally $4.49-4.79)
Cedar's Taboule
Now $2.79
(Originally $3.29)
Ithaca Hummus
Now $1 Off
(Originally $5.49-8.99)
Boston Honey
Wildflower Raw 5.5oz
Now $6.99
(Originally $7.99)
Tonnino Tuna Filets
Now $1 Off
(Originally $8.99)
Cedar's Hummus
Now $2.79
(Originally $3.29)
Cascadian Farms Cereal & Granola
Now Buy One Get One Free
(Originally $5.99-$6.99)
Method Hand Soap
Now $3.19
(Originally $4.19)

Zack's Mighty Tortilla Chips
Now 2 for $7
(Originally $5.59)
Cedar's Organic Hummus
Now $3.79
(Originally $4.29)
Inserbo Pomodoro San Marzano
Now $5.99
(Originally $7.99)
Lightlife Tempeh
Now $1 Off
(Originally $4.19-$6.39)
Cabot Cottage Cheese
Now $2.29
(Originally $3.69)
Mauna Loa Frozen Desserts
Now $2 Off
(Originally $8.19)
Tofutti Cuties
Now $1 Off
(Originally $5.49)
Borgo de' Medici Cookies and Biscotti
Now $6.99
(Originally $8.99)
Field Roast Chao Slices
Now $1.50 Off
(Originally $7.49)
Hood Cottage Cheese
Now $2.59
(Originally $3.89)
Kozy Shack Puddings
Now $3.49
(Originally $4.29)
Tofutti Sour Cream & Cream Cheese
Now $.50 Off
(Originally $3.99-$4.49)
Al Fresco Sausages 11oz
Now $5.99
(Originally $6.99)
Miyoko's Vegan Mozzarella
Now $2 Off
(Originally $9.49-$10.49)
Sea Best Frozen Shrimp 32oz
Now $1 Off
(Originally $21.99-$26.19)
Mt. Vikos Feta
Now $1 Off
(Originally $5.99)
Half Baked VT Pizzas
Now $1 Off
(Originally $10.49)
Hu Chocolate Bars
Now 3 for $12
(Originally $5.99)
Aura Bora
Now 2 for $3
(Originally $1.99)
McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal Tin 28oz
Now $9.99
(Originally $11.99)
Gardein Ultimate Chicken Nuggets 
Now $1.50 Off
(Originally $10.35)
Kitchen Accomplice Broth Concentrates
Now $6.49
(Originally $7.99)
Illy Ground Coffee Tins
Now $2 Off
(Originally $15.99)
San Marzano Canned Tomatoes 28oz
Now 2 for $7
(Originally $4.49)
On Special in Specialty Cheese
Alexian Pate
Now $1 Off
(Originally $6)

Varieties Include: Champagne, Duck and Cognac, Truffle Mousse, Wild Mushroom, Grand Mariner
Hayden Flour Mill Crackers
Now $1 Off
(Originally $6.50)

Varieties Include: Red Fife, Blue Beard Durum, Emmer Farro, Harissa, Za'atar
News from the Garden Center
Seeds and seed starting materials have arrived in the Greenhouse! We have organic seeds from Botanical Interest and Hudson Valley Seed Co. Herbs, vegetables and flower mixes are all well represented. We carry Jiffy pots and strips in a variety of sizes, Espoma organic seed starting mix and bio-tone starter fertilizer to accommodate growing a variety of plants in your garden this years. Make Pemberton Farms your one stop shop for all your seed starting needs!
New to the bird section, we have deicers and heated bird baths available for the winter! Additionally we are fully stocked on birdseed brand favorites including Coles, Lyric and Blue Seal. We have a selection of bird feeders with an emphasis on squirrel protection, as well as bird houses to accommodate all your favorite bird species! Don't see what you're looking for? Email us at gardencenter@pembertonfarms.com and we will do our best to get it in stock!
New Product Alert
Catalina Crunch
After being diagnosed with T1 diabetes, Krishna began eating Keto to help manage his blood sugar. His new diet wasn't very satisfying, so in 2017 he began baking low carb versions of his favorite treats. The result is Catalina Crunch, a Keto, Vegan, plant-based snack line that's both high protein and low in sugar!

Sandwich Cookies: Vanilla Creme, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Vanilla, Chocolate Mint - $8.39
Crunch Mixes: Spicy Kick, Cheddar, Creamy Ranch - $7.99
Dumpling Daughter
In 1984, Sally Ling and her husband Edward made a name for themselves opening Boston's first fine dining Chinese restaurant, Sally Ling's. Now, their daughter Nadia is restoring their family history and recipes through Dumpling Daughter! Find this line of dumplings, buns and noodles in our frozen section or visit one of their restaurants, currently located in Cambridge, Brookline and Weston.

Varieties: Steamed Roasted Pork Buns, Chicken & Cabbage Dumplings, Vegetable Dumplings, Spicy Sweet Soy Secret Sauce - $10.99-$13.99
Refer a Friend Promotion
To Our Delivery Customers: We offer a Refer-A-Friend program here at Pemberton Farms. Have a friend order groceries through our curbside pickup or delivery service (delivery@pembertonfarms.com) and receive a $25 credit towards your next grocery order. Your friend must include your Full Name when placing an order to qualify. For any questions please email delivery@pembertonfarms.com

Thank you for your continued loyalty!
Curbside Pickup and Delivery Orders
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We do our very best to accommodate as many orders as possible each day. Please see the schedule below for pick-up and delivery timetables:
  • Pick-up Orders need to be submitted and confirmed by 2:00pm for same-day pickup (12:00pm on Saturday & Sunday).
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If you have a preference for morning or afternoon pickup or delivery, please let us know. However, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate every request. Requests received after the scheduled times above will be confirmed the following morning.

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Stay healthy and happy,
The Online Orders and Deliveries Team at Pemberton Farms