PACTV Pembroke Quarterly Newsletter| November 1, 2018
Government Meetings
Pembroke Special Town Meeting - October 23, 2018
at Pembroke High School
NDCAP - October 24, 2018
The Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel (NDCAP) hosts a public meeting regarding the decommissioning of the Pilgrim Power Plant .

Your Voice

Your Voice Matters
Your vote is your stand on issues that are important to you - What do the people who want to represent you plan on doing in office? We offered candidates the opportunity to tell us, in our Candidate Spotlight and Candidate Forums, and several took us up on it- click below to hear from the people who are asking for your vote!
PACTV staff quoted civic leaders to encourage people to vote in this fun PSA.
Pembroke on PACTV
The Car Doctor: Child Passenger Safety Week
AAA’s Car Doctor stopped by to give us some tips on keeping kids safe in the car.
Health of Pembroke Ponds
We spoke with Pembroke's Town Health Agent to find out what is done to keep our town's beautiful lakes and ponds healthy and and free from toxins.
Let the Music Set You Free
Singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins had a break through with her music that set her on the path to helping others conquer their fears. Through song and story Katie launched a concert series called “Let the Music Set You Free."
Pembroke Police Swearing-in & Promotions Ceremony
Pembroke Town Council held a special ceremony to celebrate the swearing in and promotion of several Pembroke Police officers
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