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  Weekly Update - May 3, 2017

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In This Issue...
WeeklyMessageWeekly Message from Our Conference Minister
Gathered Together in One Place (Acts 2:44-47)
AnnualMeetingAnnual Meeting and Synod
Call to Penn Central Conference Annual Meeting
On-line Registration Open Until May 15!

June 30 - July 4, General Synod

YOUR Church Can Be Featured! 

GrantsGrants and Opportunities
Nine Grant Opportunities!
Parish Resource Center Seeking Education Consultant
EventsEvents, Training and Resources Available
Is Posting a "Prayer Chain" an invasion of privacy?
Resources for Small Churches:
NEW 2017 Stewardship Theme Materials Available
P.A.M. Classes for Lay Leaders
Would You Like a Mystery Visitor to Come to Your Church?
Ministry Guide for Church Ushers
OrdinationsOrdinations and Installations
May and June
InvitationsCommunity Events
Harrisburg Commonwealth Interfaith Service 
A Trauma Informed School to Prison Pipeline Presentation
Invitation to Marchers Visiting DC
FaithConnectionStoriesFaith Connection Stories
Read and Share Our Faith Connection Stories!
Request from Lancaster Association:
HartmanCenterHartman Center
Have you seen the Hartman Center Video?  
Check it out here.
NewUCCMissionInitiativeNEW UCC Mission Initiative
3 Great Loves - Love of Children, Creation and Neighbor
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